Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part One

I too enjoyed the darker, grittier elements of Closed Beta and early POE. However, I would not want to go back to 3 levels of Piety, the Coves, the desync, getting lost in Solaris Temple, two levels of submerged passage before getting to the Ledge, the two levels of the Vaal temple, the long grind in Prisoner's Gate. The game flows so much better now.

Of course, I miss the Life/Mana Girls!
Nice to see some of the trailers I missed when I didn't know about the game!

Any chance to get that fireball back ? It looked so much better than what it is now.
To learn is to live...
Cinematic Release Trailer (October 2013) -- due knowledge of game, that cinematic with Kamils music is a bit better than others :).
All this path traveled, enormous!
The Open Beta trailer makes me so sad. I just want my ladies back.
pathfinding wrote:
Interesting, I like these behind the scenes posts.

I really wish I played in the slow days btw. I bet there were many cons, desync etc., it also doesn't look as responsive as today (maybe just due to the overall slowness of motion). BUT, as someone who plays rather slowly anyway and can't stand the current "hurry fast clear don't stop" approach, these videos make me want to try the dated versions of PoE.

Oh you would love to die while walking only to realize that you were stuck on a wall 2 rooms behind you for the past 15 seconds. Every half hour if you didn't manually resync. Or dodging touch of god and actualy being 3 feet to the left and die.
Desync in poe was the worst one i've seen in a game,fixing it was the best improvement.
It was nice but i couldn't go back to it now.
Maybe only for buying ex 1:20 chaos.
Globe Girls! XD

Well i loved that darker Style too, the Game has become very "purple" ! :O
Casuals have eaten my Hobby
So only Templar original voice acting remain until now?
Any place I can download them?

Got the open beta trailer lying around. No idea how I got it.
Heart of Purity

The sense of challenge, danger and mystery has been replaced by a feeling of entitlement, security and predictability.
Mirek Le Fou -
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Bring back our girls... Please!

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