Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part One

HUD mtx so we could use older versions would be sick
Already 4 years I've put my first step on Wraeclast.
100% I'll do it again !

Happy New Year and Thx GGG for your hard work !
I have a vision from my past 10 years :) Thank you GGG :)
I'm curious which trailer surpassed the open beta one. When I try to corrupt friends to play PoE, I always show the open beta trailer, it is the most representing of the game's mechanics to me.

Nice to see the previous trailers, I've never seen it.
Coffee & Cigarettes
Feeling Old Exile.
Is that Bex in the Witch trailer?
never saw those, awesome.

only 7 challenges really!
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1:08 of the cinematic release trailer (last one)

Yeah... I've pushed my way into that many times.

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