Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part One

Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

nice, thx for that nostalgia :)
Nephalim wrote:
Why do the graphics in the templar trailer look so good?

Indeed. Awesome lightning and atmosphere. What was that? Special settings for trailer?

Anyways, great post! Some nostalgia... *sob*
I really liked a lot the witch trailer, the dialogues were creepy. The duelist one was weird.
Loved to see more of Dominus.

You can see a lot of improvements every time that a new trailer is released in comparison to the previous one, I can't wait to see a new trailer from you guys!
Love me some more old PoE!
Is it bad that I think the graphics from the first trailer (2010) were better than today's graphics? I feel those "poor" graphics fit better the theme of the game.
i am honoured to being 4 years of poe player.
it is so proudy :)

and looking forward to another 10 years :)

congarts for the great work, and thanks for the hard work.

thanks a lot.

i have to quote; "do we have a deal or do we have a problem"
it was really badass "oak"
Give me your heart,
And i will give you beauty,
Beyond your darkest dreams. -Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
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Lovely progress!
love it :D
I think I prefer those "darker times" too... The game has such a wide array of colors now from the spells and such...

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