Developer Interview - Nick - Game Designer

thx for your great work Nick. amazing information thx for sharing guys
david_lister wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
I met Chris, Jonathan and Erik back in 2010 when I was working as a game critic at a major gaming website. You know the one.

Well, maybe he knows but we sure don't. So which gaming site was this?


Thanks! :)
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Nice read. Thank you Nick and the rest of GGG for some of the most interesting league uniques ever created! Now I hope they won't be ultra rare once the league finishes :(
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I am actually bit unsettled that you are taking inspiration for design of your game from contemporary popculture - movies and games. Your game is based on taking inspiration from succesful and verified classic concepts - FF VII, IX and DII to name a few - as far as game mechanics go. For lore and settings you draw directly from Lovecraft lately, which is good decision. I hope episodes like Breach can be considered non-canon to the relation of core of your game, it was intended as filler league after all, but I liked more when you tried to connect them tightly to the core lore - Perandus, Prophecy. Makes the game more consistent.

I hope Act V won't flop, I already had my issues with Malachai - over-the-top villain with no class or traits to him, someone you'd find in some D grade movie/book. To compare, Dominus is the most amazing villainous character you managed to design up to date, voice acting, his relation to exiles and interaction with them, his background lore is all great, he really should have been final boss of current story arc if you planned story arcs since beginning, but I will gladly let myself surprise with promised story gradation in act V. Shaper was pretty promising, he has pretty nice lore and traler(lol) but encounter with him feels really meek.

Anyway, what was I...right, don't lose your way. You surprised me positively with Lord's Labyrinth expansion(blatant inspiration by Planescape Torment's Lady of Pain for overall theme of Izaro's goddess - example of good inspiration I was talking about earlier). Do it again or become like rest of the games who lost their way in attempt to catch audiences they originally didn't intend on even addressing but ultimately decided to bruteforce it and address them because they wanted their money.
ProjectPT was right.
Hey i think you guys are doin an amazing job period! From a guy that has been playing your game since closed beta days i have to say, your game and your company have come a long way. keep doing what your doing guys !! im really looking forward to what 2017 will bring!!

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