Developer Interview - Nick - Game Designer

Good work overall. Though sad to say attention to details when it comes to supporter designed uniques and cards post implementation has often been lacking.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Great Job!!
Cheers. This league and it's uniques have been really fun and interesting. I'll be incredibly sad to see breach leave; I sincerely hope it makes it into the base game as a random spawn like essences or, at the very least, a Zana mod.
Nick_GGG wrote:
Pay very close attention to ... what keeps drawing you in, and figure out why. Knowing what elicits an emotional or physical response is a huge part of game design."

Very true, even more so in life in general.
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I wonder... who is that "actual crazy person" he mentioned?
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Too Sweet
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Since day 1 of breach I've thought to myself how much the breaches felt like the "upside down" from Stranger Things, it's nice to get confirmation that was the inspiration. :)

You guys (and gals) did a great job on this league! It has easily become my new favorite temp league.
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I met Chris, Jonathan and Erik back in 2010 when I was working as a game critic at a major gaming website. You know the one.

Well, maybe he knows but we sure don't. So which gaming site was this?

Apart from that, nice interview. And thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. Breach is bae! :)
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I feel like nick has been responsible for many of the major disasters in PoE history. Not a fan honestly. Cheers tho.

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