Developer Interview - Nick - Game Designer

Will breaches be removed once breach league concludes? Or will it stay in the game? :)
By the way Stranger Things is cool, at least for one reason - one of it's love stories doesn't end up like almost everything I saw before in teen movies. Don't want to give any more spoilers, but it is really worth to watch.
Ascendancy is the best Path of exile update since 1.0 and Labyrinth is the best optional content so far.
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Jerle wrote:
Good work overall. Though sad to say attention to details when it comes to supporter designed uniques and cards post implementation has often been lacking.

Oh I thought I was the only one who noticed that some of the supporter designed uniques look unpolished. Also much of the armor/weapons are unevenly designed, like some look really nice, and others look really aweful like they were created by different people and no one took the time to look at them.
Good job guys :)
I may be designing monsters and their AI

not sure should i laugh or take him serious... the HUGE data requirement for true AI would render GGG's god vericode unuseable.. (laaaagggggg wait while we verify each millisec)
a few lines of scripted code is AI now.. ok, i see (minimum lag)

you trigger me when you say things that are actually not true.. hence the salt, its NOT AI
Exile009 wrote:
I met Chris, Jonathan and Erik back in 2010 when I was working as a game critic at a major gaming website. You know the one.

Well, maybe he knows but we sure don't. So which gaming site was this?

There are so many great things in PoE which can be partly attributable to Nick. I hope we would see many more good things come from you in future.
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Thank you so much for your time Nick! Much appreciation for all the effort you put towards trying to achieve the maximum level of success with PoE!

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So what did I learn from this?

* Nick is an ex game reviewer, specialized in MMO
* Apparently pizza is the greatest thing ever
* Breach league was inspired by Netflix Stranger Things, no Stranger Things, no Breach leagues
* Names are very important
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mattislouie wrote:
Cool, first time on the first page. :D

doesn't count if you edit your post

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