FilterBLAST :BETRAYAL: hub with up-to-date filters, visual preview and customization + Auto-Updater

Completed 26 ChallengesDissolator wrote:
Completed 11 Challengessindalee wrote:
would love to see this filter added back

It's back now. The author didn't set up auto-update file (i'll ask him again to do this) and i had no time to check for manual updates at the start of this league.

I have a problem with zero again)
I want to implement the option to add <=> remove color themes
as substitute the name of the ColorThemeTag <=> Alpha channel
With numbers 1-255 everything works as it should,0 returns the default value.

P.S. not relevant
found a more elegant solution
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1. I want to report a bug with the autoupdater filternova.
After it's been running for a while the close button disappears as you can see in the image below.

2. I can't post in the filternova thread. It says i don't have permission to post there. If i click on: poe forum thread it takes me there and it's out of order.
wrong name Prophecy "Storm on the Shore"
"Storm on the Reef" right

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