FilterNova v2.1: Item Filter Auto-Updater / Update Notifier

Tala Moana, Exiles!

PoE 3.1 brought to us awesome new content, but also few filter-related issues, which highlighted importance of item filter actualization. Within 2 weeks after expansion's launch, most popular filters already had few critical or important updates, which may significantly change your gaming experience. In times like this checking for new version and updating your filter files may become a routine task and FilterNova can help you make it way easier.

How this works:

The tool is open-source AutoHotKey script, which uses FilterBlast API to check version of your favourite filter(s) and auto-update filter files on your PC if there is new version - or optionally only notify you about updates.

FilterBlast has many integrated filters, most of them are synchronized with the site each 30 minutes, so when a filter's author makes an update - and if there is no errors in filter's code - the filter updates at the site and the API. Each hour FilterNova gets info about filter's version and if it's changed - auto-updates your filter files and notifies you.

Also if new PoE version will come with filter-related changes but a filter will not get updated - API will mark it as outdated and FilterNova will let you know about it.


  • Configuration UI on tool's home page - no need to edit in notepad - get what you want with a few clicks!
  • Multiple presets and filters support - no limits and no troubles!
  • Notifications about updates - with option to open link (in your default browser) to the page with filter's update details. Don't miss important information and give a feedback to filter's author(s)!
  • Color and sound themes support
  • Saved Customization can be auto-applied on new versions - no need to redo it after each update (currently only FilterBlast saves supported)

New features in v2.1:

  • Reworked notification system - only Tooltips will appear if you're playing Path of Exile, but if you switch (alt+tab) or don't play at the moment - new Notification Window will appear, which collects your mirrors and displays all recent messages and clears them when you close it. There also may be tooltips with info about errors (like download issue), but those will not spam notification window.
  • ToolTipMode option - by default Tooltips will be displayed at bottom right corner of the screen, but can be located at the top or turned off completely (good choice for Hardcore players)
  • NotifyOnly option - use it, if you want to be informed about new updates, but would like to update your filter files manually (for example by customizing them at FilterBlade or FilterBlast)
  • New Menu (right click on tool's tray icon to open it)
  • (in menu) Test Notifications - mostly useful to test Tooltips and decide which mode more suits you
  • (in menu) Check for Filter Updates - if you accidently spotted new filter version before FilterNova - you can force her to check for updates right now (however don't forget that there may be up to 30 minutes delay in API update, also if new filter contains errors - API will not accept it until it'll get fixed)
  • Also now FilterNova will check for her own updates and if there is one - will offer you to visit her homepage to get new version.

Download FilterNova:

Feedback Appreciated!

Many of those features wouldn't see the light if there was no feedback. So i'll be thankful for all your comments, which would help me to make future improvements. Especially i would like to know:

  • How's good/bad are new Tooltips and should they be turned off by default or not. So far tests shown that Tooltip sometimes may cause a blink when game is in fullscreen mode (not windowed) - this is due AutoHotKey technical limitations and i couldn't find better solution yet.
  • Would you like if FilterNova would auto-update her self? :)

Also if you would like to support this tool (or my other projects) - now you can do it at my new Patreon page.

Special thanks to:

Eruyome - for feedback and help with AHK gui/tooltip nuances
Greengroove - for testing and feedback
NeverSink - for discussion, which led me to idea of notifications with links
FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters and extra features
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