2.5.1 Patch Notes

Wow :)
181% Spell Crit Statstick!
Mirror Service Thread: 2252231
IGN: Shinuri
Completed 8/8 Challenges Ons/Ana
8/8 Challenges Nem/Dom #1 Templar Nem/Dom
6/8 Challenges Invasion/Ambush #1 Templar 2 Week Race
8/8 Challenges Beyond/Rampage & Bloodlines/Torment #1 Templar BL (lvl100)
IGN: BeerBeastTheBurninator | 8/8 Temp/Warb | 32/32 TalismanHC | 40/40 PerandusHC
nice patch
Tsulong on the PoE Xbox discord!
Join us for helpful chat and a growing community.
sweet bv nerf :)
Rip poison BV build :S
Item notes have been updated to show the price graphically, and be more readable.

is this affecting indexing tools/sites like poe.trade?
Back up plan ready to go if blade vortex is truly dead after the ''bug'' fix

1) Switch to a Mathil build

2) Get my group back [ They went to EVE ]

33 ex and 1400 chaos ready to go if my group doesn't wanna come back and help me :3
Corgi Squad
Walrus Squad
- you seem to stack Armour. dont. Armour is a shit mechanic that does nothing good to you. - Never ever listen to this post ever.
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"Fixed a bug which contributed to players being incorrectly disconnected for performing too many actions."

Sounds good!!!

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