2.5.1 Patch Notes

ty for the patch. chayula spawns more.. gg
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so basically patching stuff that 95% of players will never take part in, go GGG

Adding an AH is way past overdue
Completed 3 ChallengesMihile wrote:
I bet all the people saying they supposedly didn't know bv was bugged were abusing it with their low budget builds - get rekt scrubs! 4Head

Saying that BV is a budget build is stupid or you're just ignorant! Iam runing BV on a atleast 10 ex gear...feel free to check my char. Its BV_Brabus_RaiGeki Occultist just look at the gear and tell me again its budget. If 10 ex is a budget build for you i wonder what's expensive lol
Fix the rubberbanding shit pls thanks
With the reappearance of talismans from Call to the First Ones, will we have any way to increase their tier, such as a new stone circle, or are we stuck with the tier 1 talismans?
Nice! I wish we could get some 3D art for Malachai's Vision and Abberath's Hooves. I wanna make my char look like a demon. :D
brabusbg wrote:
Completed 29 ChallengesGuilty1 wrote:
Why is anyone happy that some peoples builds have been completely killed in the middle of a league? It wasn't obvious to everyone that it was a bug; the wording was ambiguous, and the issue was simple enough that it should have been fixed in the first week.

Well...i assume they started investigate and fixing it when they got reports or knowledge about it. And you really think people will report anything they can benefit for?

"Hey GGG i found out about this broken thing in BV that allows me to clear all content with gear only worth 20-30c. Could you fix it fast?"...Yeah i don't think so. People will take every advantage in games like this even if those mechanics are clearly not intented. And won't report anything that they can abuse to make benefit.

Iam running bv and i havent played since tali league (they released bv back then if iam not wrong) they nerfed it couple a days before the breach league so i thought it was fixed i had no idea the skill was that broken since its 1 year old. They knew there is an issue with that skill ( or at least i can assume since thats not the first nerf that skill gets in the last month, plus i see some streamers runing it as well) so GGG not knowing about the issue earlier is not acceptable. They didn't had a fix for it? That's more likely. They had a lot of time to fix this! Why should we pay that price for something GGG couldnt fix in 1 year and now they release a fix in the 3rd week of a fresh new league?
Oh and btw saying that a bv gear costs 20-30 c is redundant. My gear so far is around 10 ex and still needs some upgrades. But there's really 20-30 c builds that are doing end game easily, so maybe GGG should look into nerfing / "fixing" them as well?
Happy holidays!!!

Ok i investigated a bit yesterday about this build my friend used. And there is build post from 2.4 in july about berserker BV obliterator. My friend made similar build to that and literally killed uber atziri and shaper + cleared all breach domains with just random rare 5link armor and 2x obliteration wands. Those wands are less than 1c each and rare 5link armor with some life doesn't cost much either. Oh and he invested 1c for doedre's elixir also. That he used to activate leech or something...don't know exactly.

So yeah...There is expensive BV builds and then there is these 20-30c BV builds that can clear everything. Sure some flameblasters are good early league builds to clear end game maps but you still have to get better gear to clear ALL content. Or maybe you don't...don't know because i haven't done that.

And what comes to GGG fixing builds, yes there was this obliterator build posted in forums but the poster didn't mention anything about uber atziri or shaper viable. But when some popular streamers mention builds it has way more impact in player base so more players starts to play this not understanding fully WHY it is so powerful. GGG is relatively small team still and they can't find every possible way the skills can be used while they test them. Thats why they usually find these broken things when huge amount of players test different things with skills etc.

Was there BV poison double dipping builds 1 year ago when the skill was released? I don't think i remember such thing ever mentioned in streams or my friends. And if there were, did the build maker mention anywhere in hes build guide that WHY that build is so strong? Did he mention anything about that BV is double dipping poison damage and thats why the damage is so insane?

If he didn't, then he made a mistake not telling the important information about WHY that build is so strong. And then some players blindly follows that guide not understanding what exactly it is doing and then GGG notices this broken mechanic and fixes it. And then players come here and yell to GGG when they actually should be yelling to that guy who posted the build in forums and didn't mention that it might be broken mechanic. Or maybe he just didn't fully understand it himself. Who knows.

And if he did mention this possible broken mechanic in hes guide then all players who used it and are now angry should just blame themselves. Sure GGG should had make it more clear in gem information that what the more damage % actually means but seriously, if you have any experience in this game, doesn't 600% MORE poison damage sound a bit broken? :D I'm not pro in this game and don't know even close to all mechanics and skills but even i can tell that 600% MORE damage sounds insane.

But now it is fixed and new day has arrived. Lets just move on to next success or failure. After all it's just a game and those orbs are just pixels :) You will get more currency easily and make something new. And maybe this fix teach us something again. Maybe we should investigate a bit more before following some build and not go all in blinded.

Cheers and merry christmas to all!
6k+ tiers and no chayula on breach...GG
I am sustained by the tears of the bv sheep...so very yummy and sweet.
Hi , I'm new beginning for this site recommend I thank you for everything.

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