2.5.1 Patch Notes

2.5.1 Patch Notes
  • Added fifteen new Divination Cards.
  • Added 3D art for the following items: Tulborn, Tulfall, Uul-Netol's Kiss, Uul-Netol's Embrace.
  • A slider has been added to the Divination Stash Tab, which allows players to set the size of shown divination cards.
  • Item notes have been updated to show the price graphically, and be more readable.
  • Tul no longer takes reduced damage while doing her Projectile Barrage skill.
  • The Crystal Ice Spires in the Tul encounter now have less life.
  • The snowstorm skill used by the Tul Breach monsters now provides less damage avoidance to the monsters inside of it.
  • Frost Blades used by the Tul monsters now does less damage at higher levels.
  • This is intended to bring Tul more in line with Xoph and Esh. Where it is not a necessity they are all equal in difficulty we wanted Tul to be brought more in line with the other bosses of her level.
  • Chayula Breaches are now more common in Mid (20% increase) & High (30% increase) Tier Maps.
    Improved the performance of the Arohongui, Moon's Presence ascendancy passive skill when placing totems near multiple monsters.
  • Blade Vortex's "More Damage per Blade" modifier has been changed to apply only to spell damage instead of all damage types. This will remove a double-dipping effect that should not have been occurring.
  • Fixed an interaction with weapon swapping and Abberath's Hooves, where players would step with every weapon swap, allowing much more frequent use of Abberath's Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where completing the prophecy "A Gracious Master" with Leo can cause the wrong prophecy to disappear from the prophecy page.
  • Rare monsters from the Esh breaches should no longer prevent players from gaining souls.
  • Fixed an issue with Shaper's Touch where accuracy was not applying to off hand weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the life regeneration on Voll's Vision bypassed restrictions from map mods.
  • Fixed a bug with The Red Nightmare where the block chance granted by All Resistance would only apply if you had another form of block.
  • Fixed various targeting and namelocking issues, with some skills, while interacting with items.
  • Fixed a bug where Tul would become idle while taunted by a Decoy Totem.
  • Fixed a bug which contributed to players being incorrectly disconnected for performing too many actions.

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