MullaXul's EA godmode pwnzilla deluxe guide!

Who the hell still calls people "[Removed by Support]" anyway? lol
Crit Shockwave Totem 650k +: #1657327 / Crit VMS (1 mil DPS): #1511368 / Crit self-cast spark: #1565708
1.3 crit firestorm: #1280086 / 1.3 crit Ice Nova: #1219809 / Flame Nova (sire of shards incinerate): #1359847
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Ha Lapiz always showing up to defend his kind.
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
IGN: MullaXul
Hi all,

I have locked this thread as the discussion here has become less than ideal. Please be aware that antagonistic and hostile remarks are a breach of our Code of Conduct, any further hostility towards one another in other sub threads will result in further moderation.

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