[2.6] Atmotion's 100% fire 'Xogama' Cyclone - Fun, Easy, Cheap, Fast, Endgame Viable (No 5-6L req!)

I haven't had any problems with this Build, until I tried Chayulas Domain. I can't reach the Portal to the Boss. Can someone give me any Tips what I could improve in my Build/Equip? Sorry if I missed something obvious, it's only my second ever Character.

The rings I am wearing are only for the Chaos Resistance for this particular fight.

EDIT: Did some changes myself and made it. But coulnd't beat Chayula, well next time. :)
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Hey Atmotion, thanks for your build!! I really enjoy it. :)

I made an short video showing the build on a map. I'm lvl 70 currently, but it's a lot of fun :)


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How do you generate endurance charges?
Hello! So I've been using this build all day and am now level 75, I've got all of the recommended gears for this build. Any recommendations for things I can upgrade to to improve this build even further?
roxinom wrote:
How do you generate endurance charges?

The Red Dream jewel on the rigth place. :)
Has anyone tried

over Rare boots, say

When I found them, they seemed like an obvious fit, if you can mitigate the low resistance.
The Brinerots give me (unbuffed) -200 life, -200 armor -10% movement, and my fire resistance is no longer overspecced (it's exactly 75% in merciless), +everything tacked on them...
Dmg tooltips without auras:
Cyclone: 6977 -> 7197
Molten: 3975 -> 4479

I'm looking mainly at future boss fights here (currently mapping around T8 so I can't say much about high tier mapping).
So the math is "added dmg - survivability losses = positive or negative"?
Damn i love this build, gonna play it next league too :)
but which totem u use in normal atziri run, and why?
cant find it in your build


edit: and can u post your jewels?
ty :)
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Will work for legacy league?
seem to be still working in legacy league, still kicking ass, Ive level it up to 87 in breach league and the result look the same ( for now ) in legacy, but damn .... thats xoph blood amulet price went up , 5 ex for the amulet, at least you can replace the amulet for the passive node, and the Ngamahu's Flame is listen between 10 and 20 chaos so still good
Sorry guys, i know it's been awhile, but I'm making changes for the 2.6 for this build and updating it soon. All i can say for now is that the build in the current league is better than ever. :)
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