Content Update 2.5.0 Patch Notes

RIP Wormblaster the third.
Hey, I am a pretty new player, altho I've played a bit before the last league ended. Got to like lvl 20 with a Ranger. I've been using this build(people told me it's a good one):
My question is this, is the build still good? Is the class still good? Any other recommendations? Generally I like ranged DPS characters, like Archers and Mages.
I've read through 10 pages of comments, but sadly I don't understand 95% of it since I am kinda new.
Thanks and have a great day :)
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so in correlation to the srs revamp, did you change the spirits hp as well?
You guys really need to stop making new skills and fix current ones , Melee splash builds are still garbage , cleave aoe is garbage , all these skills need work
awesome patch
Crit facebreaker builds on suicide watch
Still crashing... A lot. Doesnt matter which divX I use. Its ridiculous. Why am I supporting this game when its not even stable ? I have alpha tested more stable games than this. I'm getting tired of making excuses to myself as to why I keep playing this game. Fix the problem GGG! We all deserve better than this.
Most things GGG nerf is actually pretty good. I just wish they change the text instead of the mechanics of Cospri and Mjolnir slimier to other changes so they are fair in new leagues and ppl own them won't complain that much. Some ppl like op staff so they stay in standard and that's fine,it won't affect ladder and competitive prospect of the game, lot's of things are already broken there.

I saw some ppl say its unfair for the new player to have legacies exist and I disagree because since POE is extremely based on gear and grinding, I can understand the frustration they may have when the gear they earn by grinding a long time end up being unusable. POE is a MMORPG after all, and I believe ppl spent long time in this game should be rewarded.

If new player want to try legacy op staff, sure, but they have to pay for the time old players spent. I am pretty new in POE and cannot afford the legacy uniques for now, but I'm glad GGG made this a thing so it gives me options to try them eventually.
my SRS...RIP

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