Content Update 2.4.2 Patch Notes

-When you are about to apply a Sextant to a map it now previews the radius.
-When hovering over maps on the Atlas, the Sextant mod on that selected map will be displayed in a lighter shade of blue.

No uber lab enchants to new skills?
KeijoKuningas wrote:
No uber lab enchants to new skills?

i kept on being thrown out of the game this morning
or the game was stuck when i entered a new area. On
Alt-F4 and re-log in, the instance was still active.
Weird, but tt was a lot better an hour later. DX11
beta won't work for me, though. Wonder how i can fix
it. Better check if DX11.1 is installed properly. :)
Blade Flurry? Cant wait to try it :D
There is a known issue where the 64 bit client will not work if the DirectX 11.1 runtime is not installed. If you have this problem, you will need to fully update your copy of Windows with Windows Update. We will address this issue in an upcoming patch.

Dear Dev Team,
with all respect but are your serious ???

abv question says all !

Actually such an issue is the VERY first thing you should adress and not "in an upcoming patch" to be honest ... not to be mentioned "an upcoming" this can be between next week a few months???
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Anyone using steam cant run dx11 via right clicking from libraby , go to path of exile - right click > properties > local files > browse local file > run PathOfExile_x64Steam.exe . Hope this helps GLHF :)
well i have updated my vid card rivers and used winupdate to update win10 (only defender file updated) and no dice on X64bit :(
and my DX is DX12
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This is the best thing ever i'm so happy i'm crying.

i have a good pc, i7 4970k and gtx 980. Whit the DX11 client i have gone frome dipping to ~30fps on my flicker strike build to solid ~200fps.
Archwizard wrote:
Folks posting about the DX11 version:

Run the DX9 version and make sure you are not in Fullscreen mode. If you are, switch to either Windowed version. Then the DX11 should work (worked for me and many others). Do not switch back to Fullscreen.

I can't switch to windowed mode : when I try to select it, I can't save the change... when I try to make another random change in order to unlock the "save" button, I stay in fullscreen and the setting is "fullscreen" again when I check...

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