Path Of Exile 3.2 - Necromancer shaper kill builds! (updated 22.05.2018)

Zinisin wrote:
How are you getting your resist capped? mainly thru diff purity arua? if i missed it previous post sorry... didnt see it though and was curious.

simply through some passive nodes on the tree supplemented with 40+ dual res on gloves/belt/ring
also with zombies affected by an aura (hatred) you get +20 all resistances via commander of darkness
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hi! hatred doesnt link generosity?
leaving a comment for posible uptade on this build
Who the hell is Nana?
What do you think of using United in Dream Cutlass and the Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre?
Sorry I dont know how to link items
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Necromantic Aegis with Lycosidae on my build in hideout 236k dps on default attack and 306k on slam with United in Dreams and without Necromantic Aegis 191k on default and 347k on my question, does the cooldown is enough (1.25s) that every time the slam is working?
Don`t know whats the better choice if the slam doesn`t work on every hit.

hi.i have 1 question on my build.what should I do?
any update on this build? i really really like it
Who the hell is Nana?

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