[2.4] Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist [Tri-Curse]

How is this build doing in PVE?
How is this build doing in PVE?

Very well thank you very much. T12+ Rare Maps Solo no problems, and group play is definitely possible now with the switch from CWDT >> CWS.
Had fun doing Leo daily sending in the Golem bomb squad. Fun build!
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Hahahaha! Brilliant :)

I too love sending in the golem bomb squad... and once others in Sarn Arena discover what you're doing they start trolling other people too (using their own Golems) or even the other persons :P
Is essence of delirium weapon required for this build?
To be more specific, how effective would my character be in PVP without the 1000 chaos dmg per second for 10 seconds?
-Not required
-Very effective without Delirium too :)

*I've currently respec'd out of Delerium and running a combo of high spell damage wand + shield or a 5L Staff.

I'll update build accordingly.
iam playing this build its fun :D

for pve is cwdt or cws better?
didnt try the stun one yet cause it seems kind of rare (iam just in cruel)

whats the deal with the cws?
how does it work?

thanks for the build :D
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Figured I'd help explain the difference between CWDT and CWS for this build, having switched a few days ago.

Without stun avoidance, characters get stunned frequently by most types of damage. Cast When Stunned has only a 50-69% chance to cast the supported skills, while Cast When Damage Taken always casts the skills when the character takes enough damage. However, in the late game, you get stunned enough that Cast When Stunned will still cast your skills more frequently than Cast When Damage Taken, thus increasing your damage output.

Additionally, CWS makes playing in a group easier. Using CWDT it can be hard to get your gems to trigger because enemies can be pulled away from you by other players, preventing you from taking the required damage to trigger CWDT. When using CWS your gems will trigger more frequently.

I made the switch from CWDT to CWS very late, at level 81. I would recommend leveling with some mix of both until you're able to buy 20% quality CWS gems at level 17+. To be fair, CWDT is still quite effective, so if you find CWS gems hard to find or buy it's not the end of the world to keep using CWDT.

TL;DR: CWS is better for the build because it triggers more frequently than CWDT, but both are viable options.
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allright now i get it ,thanks alot!

edit:got a bit lucky with drops so anyone got some high end recommendation?
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Hey Xenetos,

I saw your build on YT and found it very interesting. I've never done a CI build before and was curious on how yours works. You did a great job in attempting to encompass everything into your build explanation, however; a few things are missing:

1. Since I saw the videos, I don't see a link to them any more, were they taken down?
2. I appreciated your suggestions in the progression section here, they were helpful. How would you suggest someone progress through the levels and what do we do at different stages on the skill web, beyond the general 'choose a balanced path between offensive and defensive nodes'?
3. You've got jewel sockets, what did you put in them?
4. The mechanics of how your build works. (ie. how does your character get stunned by a mob attacking you?)
5. How does "The sorrow of the divine sulfur flask" work with this build, since there's no regeneration due to Vaal pact?

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