[2.4] Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist [Tri-Curse]

Nishtha wrote:

Most of our spells are in 4L gear. We already buff the spell with GMP and we HAVE to use Cast on Stun, so that leaves us with only 2 slots left. Even without EE, I'd be willing to bet that you can't increase the damage x2 fold with just 1 skill gem in most cases. EE is just the icing on the cake here.

But one spell/elemental focus/GMP would do more damage than 2xspell/GMP. Without EE putting multible spells into a set up only makes it look prettier it doesnt add more damage.

Since the trigger spell revamp it cant cast multible spells at once linked to it.
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Since the trigger spell revamp it cant cast multible spells at once linked to it.


Well if that is the case, then yea replacing those second spells would definately make more sense.

Do you have a link to the patch notes where it says CWS gem can only run x1 spell? Because the wiki says the following:

When the character is stunned, the chance to activate supported spells is rolled individually for each linked spell, then all the spells that succeeded this chance check will activate at once.
Just wanted to update this thread with my experience of only running x1 spell per CWS gem.

So I started off by trying to keep track of each gem combination i had on my gear and see if I noticed any skills from the same gear going off at once. I did not. I then replaced all of my extra spells that were linked to CWS gems and replaced them with Life Leech gems. I did not notice any difference.

You could argue that the LL gem balanced the lower proc rates I was seeing, but having played this character for about 80 levels and having become pretty familiar with the amount of flashy lights I expect to see on teh screen when I get hit...I honestly couldn't really tell if it made any difference at all. Both in terms of damage or survivability.

While i never noticed more than 1 spell going off at once ( per CWS gem ), It's possible that if the 1st spell fails the check it would then give the 2nd spell in the gear a chance to roll for the trigger effect. I'm still not entirely sure how this works...but from my observations It would seem that it doesn't really matter one way or another if you link another spell to CWS or simply buff a single spell. The increased damage ( and therefore life leech ) seem to make up for a smaller proc rate. I think the only advantage of running multiple spell copies would be perhaps more consistency with proccing CWS. That said... I honestly didn't see much of a difference between the two.

TLDR. Run whatever you want - no noticeable difference from running 1,2+ spells per CWS gem link in my personal experience. Run a main spell in your 5L / 6L for single target DPS and better sustain because that is where this build truly struggles. The extra CWS proc you give up for a on demand single target skill should make this build even stronger. (Just make sure to remove EE from your build first!)

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so what about a single target spell like discharge? would this work somehow?
Can someone please explain the differences and advantages/disadvantages between CWDT and CWS?
Can someone please explain the differences and advantages/disadvantages between CWDT and CWS?

For a player with Chaos Inoculation, their Defender's effective max life is whatever their maximum life would be if they did not have Chaos Inoculation.

Usually u have 0 nodes of increased life and 0 stats in gear of increased life so your effective max life is your base pool(too low)

Stun chance(%) = 200*DAMAGE/Defender's effective max life

Every class starts out with 50 Life and have the following character stats and gain +12 Life per Level. And you gain +1 life per 2 Strengh

Life(total) = 38 + level + Strengh/2 + sumatory of add life(this must be zero for CWS)

So...example for level 90 witch with 155 strengh(for requierement)...
Stun chance(%) = 200*Damage/177'5 =1'13*Damage ---> for 100% stun chance a player/moster need hit u with 88'50 DAMAGE without to apply mitigations.

Otherwise CWDT level 20 say: Casts Supported Spells when you take a total of (3272) Damage

So i can say:
Advantages for CWS: easy to triggered with low life and Chaos Inoculation builds, no level requierement for supported spells. Low hit to be stunned.
Disadvantages for CWS: 69% chance to cast at level 20

Advantages for CWDT: +6% more damage at level 20, easy to triggered with armor builds.
Disadvantages for CWDT: Level requierement leveling, Big hit to cast supported spells.

In the end i can say its not too many differences between CWDT and CWS just use the proper for each build. The real question is if you can still alive to be stunned...
You use a delirium weapon. Trying to understand how much of an impact it adds.

Does the chaos DoT from delirium only stack once? So even if you hit the target with 10 different spells, itll only apply once correct? As this build picks up no DoT passives, chaos passives, doesnt use void manipulation, delirium weapon literality adds 750dps and nothing more.

It doesn't seem worth it to me. On chaos damage builds it makes sense as you scale the 750chaos dps up through passives/support gems, but for this build it is not scaled at all by the passive tree and has no support gems either?

I feel like I am misunderstanding the mechanics behind decay. It makes sense if the 750dps applies per spell, but if it stacks only once thats literality just +750dps. Youd get more from a doranyis.

Also why occulsist? I feel inquisitor would be better due to ignore resists.

gain +1curse (going inquisitor means ele weakness is useless, so the +1curse makes no difference, also have mana for something else, offensive aura or herald)

power charge generation (just throw pcoc in your 6L, or use assassins mark, or blue dream jewel)

very minor chaos damage scaling and mob explosion on death which from experience, makes no difference to actual clearspeed (may be wrong here, just personal experience)

and much higher ES, which is nice but the negatives outweigh the positives.

Again am I misunderstanding something here or is this build just badly optimised?

Another thing I noticed, zealoth oath flask with vaal pact? lol okay now my questions are just answering themself. 2 movement flasks. mana flask? to cast spells with? Looks like you forgot to update half your build guide

Found yet another thing. You are running 3 blasphemys and discipline = 140% mana reserved with only 12% reduced mana reserved in tree = 123% mana reserved. You're not even trying at this point, or I am very blind, or you only use 2 curses/discipline or 3 curses and have a wasted socket.

Everytime I go back to your build I just keep questioning it. Going to stop now and just assume you updated half the guide and ignored the other half.
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How does this build do with ele reflect? Are stun recovery worth investing? Can CWS still be triggered by all monsters? say lower tier monsters in twilight strand on normal difficulty?
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First of all this build is what I am looking for.Super fun, not expensive and able to do some content. Thanks for this build man.I am collecting items to make it.I have two questions though.I cant find your 15 minute sarn arena video, can you provide a link?Also is this build still the same at 2.6 or in the next update?
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.

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