[2.4] Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist [Tri-Curse]

Hey Xenetos,

I saw your build on YT and found it very interesting. I've never done a CI build before and was curious on how yours works. You did a great job in attempting to encompass everything into your build explanation, however; a few things are missing:

1. Since I saw the videos, I don't see a link to them any more, were they taken down?
2. How would you suggest we progress through the levels and what do we do at different stages on the skill web?
3. You've got jewel sockets, what did you put in them?
4. The mechanics of how your build works. (ie. how does your character get stunned by a mob attacking you?)

I'm running this build as well (Currently lvl 84), Early game I used Frost Nova + Firestorm to level while focusing the life/ES nodes. I progressed fast and easy due to good leveling gear + Ledge farming and around 60-65 I took the CI and the ES nodes behind it. At this point I equipped the gems for the build and it's easy sailing from there.

Stun is no more than your character flinching while being hit so just run into the crowd and something will trigger CwS 95% of the time.

And as for the Jewels, I'm not sure what she used in her's but I'm using Energy From Within jewels for extra ES.
Thanks SevenZ for the explanation and tip!
I'd like to show my progress, however I'm not sure how I link my gear here.

I'm now lv81, completed my cruel lab, running 4 curses and some of my skills are doing close to 2k dmg each.
I've seen where this build fails me (so far), but am still eager to see how far I can push this before the ladder finishes in December.
Pvp is very amusing. Most content in pve is fairly sustainable, but there are some instances with mobs where their elemental hits are either too little dmg, constant affect, so slow to attack (they like to meander before attacking) which makes the retaliatory attacks of the build near impossible; or just painfully slow.
That being said, this build is a load of fun! I have enjoyed opening boxes, porting into a full room, unsealing essence mobs and not dying from any of these instances.
I'll list what my character has for stats tomorrow. (and if someone can tell me how to link my gear?)
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I made this build, I'm lvl 80 and the build does not work.
How is The Beast Fur Shawl for this build?
I'm a bit confused... I see that you have taken ghost reaver and Vaal Pact but i don't actually see any life leach anywhere.

What am I missing? Is it all really just warlords mark?

Would perhaps going Regen be more efficient? Maybe something like this....
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Kamons wrote:
How is The Beast Fur Shawl for this build?

The Beast Fur Shawl
Cool suggestion Kamons, but you could get better ES(700+ ES), albeit lower spell dmg(15% max), and a whole lot of resists(45%+ res all), etc, with a rare armor.

Nishtha wrote:
I'm a bit confused... I see that you have taken ghost reaver and Vaal Pact but i don't actually see any life leach anywhere.

What am I missing? Is it all really just warlords mark?

Would perhaps going Regen be more efficient? Maybe something like this....

Hey, I too had difficulty with the build. I reached 87, (just shy of 88, but died a bunch of times and didn't end up farming the level before ladder end, for Breach league).
The build is fun, innovative, and lots of people in Sarn Arena asked about how I could throw out so many spells at once, but I couldn't seem to survive high roll T8 maps.

It really is just the warlord's mark that made the leech work. (I also added an Insanity mod to amulet, .5% chaos dmg leeched as life).

Following Xenetos' build(incl. Vaalpact), I topped out at 11k ES, 175%+ res.all, 4 curses(blasphemy), spells crit ranged from 29%-37%, crit multiplier 270%, spell dmg ranged from 1.9k-3k. I had Vaal Discipline, Lightning Warp, Enduring Cry(taunt while in group hunts), used our little fire buddy(golem) to initiate other people's reflect, which would instigate our skills in pvp. Corrupted blood/bleed/fire on ground was always a problem.

A few days before league end, I thought I might be able to tweak the build, to use regen and not Vaalpact. I ended up with 10.6k ES, 135% res.all, 5.2k ES recharge/sec, 800 ES regen/sec, 4 curses(blasphemy), spells crit ranged from 11%-29%, crit multiplier 135%, spell dmg ranged from 1.7k-2.1k. Extra mana was a problem, since my 4 curses reserved it all, there was no travel skill(Lightning Warp) or Enduring Cry; Golem would have to be cast before curses in pvp, Vaal Discipline was still available, needed more for boss fights, than regular hunting. Corrupted blood/bleed/fire on ground never kept me from regenerating my ES.

The tweak afforded roughly the same amount of survivability, especially in reflect mod maps, but still nothing as great as Xeneto's success in running T12+ maps.

Although I failed somewhere with the suggested build, I'm sure I'll want to revisit this at a later date and try again; as it was a blast to play and so much fun in pvp!
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Thanks for following up and sharing your experience with the build! I really appreciate you clearing up my concerns regarding the amount of life leach and LL VS. Regen :)

I'm going to give this build a try in Breach league, Looks like a lot of fun!
Double post
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Wouldnt it be better to just buff one spell per slot if you do not use EE? The trigger gem fires multible linked spells one after another anyway.
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Perhaps in the 5L/6L chest area it might make sense to use less spells in place of a buff to one or two different spells, but otherwise it doesn't really make sense if you run the numbers.

Most of our spells are in 4L gear. We already buff the spell with GMP and we HAVE to use Cast on Stun, so that leaves us with only 2 slots left. Even without EE, I'd be willing to bet that you can't increase the damage x2 fold with just 1 skill gem in most cases. EE is just the icing on the cake here.

I personally use one of my 3L's to run Vortex for mobs that don't seem to want to proc my CWS & CWDT gems. (I'm impatient). But It may not be a bad idea to use your chest piece to link a proper on demand skill that can focus on single target damage, since that is this builds largest weakness.

Especially since there is a 250ms cooldown on the CWS gems, so overusing them might not be as effiecient as it used to be. Will definitely have to be tested!

Also - Just wanted to say that I am currently level 71 and loving this build. It was definatley rough leveling up and getting torn apart by breaches early on, but it just keeps on getting stronger and stronger the more ES I get. For anyone else thinking about playing this build, you should know that It really struggles against certain bosses w/ single target damage and being trigger reliant for most of your DPS. That said, it is an absolute blast for plowing through maps, breaches and especially PVP. I honestly think having a proper single target dedicated skill and moving some nodes around to add in % chance to avoid interruption when stunned while casting would balance this out, but again that theory still needs some testing.

Would love to hear from other users who have tried this build to see how they handle Single target DPS!

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