[2.5] Lacerate Starforge Slayer - Lacerforge - Atlas of World - Eng game aviable, video UP!

Can you add link for build.
poe091 wrote:
DarrkPhoenix wrote:
poe091 wrote:
Carnage Heart has a chunk of stats on it, about 50 to all.

Yeah, the new carnage heart is quite nice for the stats, res, and damage, although it's missing out on a big life roll when compared to good rare amulets.

Yeah, the lack of a chunky life roll is bad, but 50 str = 50 life, so it's not totally lacking. Terrific budget option.

WRONG: 50 STR = 25 Life and not 50...
xX999Xx wrote:

WRONG: 50 STR = 25 Life and not 50...

That's true, my mistake. Could've sworn it was 1 = 1...
Okay, I transisted to the build and bought a lvl 20/20 Lacerate. Skill does not seem to be that great. (Not dmg wise not clearspeed wise). Only Pro is its range. BUT --> The curses are way to short and you need to facetank anyway. (I have not skilled any of the increased Aura Aoe Nodes)

So all in all, I do WAY WAY better with Cyclone/Flickerstrike. At the moment I have only lvl 17/q20 curses but I doubt, that 3 gem levels will make up half of the range of my lacerate. This seems really to be an outdated build, broken by the aoe changes.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that I am using Cospris Chest because the Cherrubim Life Leech Rate is not working due to overcapping.
The whole build is not meat nor fish. The Curse AoE is to small for making lacerate shine with Cospris, and the Cherrubim leechrate is a complete waste in generall for the builds Ascendancy.

All in all, it looks like there is space for other items because you can simply use Carcass Jack/Belly/Kintsugi or a good rare. Feels bad, that I bought the Sword instead of a Atziri Axe.
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