Darkness Mystery Box Individual Microtransactions - Now In-Store!

Glicense wrote:
Fcken bs this shoud be exclusive only for pple like me who riped 4k pts to get em on misery box

I love seeing these posts. They always say the mtx will be available 1 month after box stops.

People just see box, mtx and go click happy. Then bitch that it should be exclusive.

Please read entire post on box announcements before you dump 4k pnts
You can be cool by spending 4k points if you get some MTX set that nobody else can have at that time, so there is the fashion advantage every one wants. Keep up the good support for GGG :)
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Forum announcements they call it..
yet 95% of the so called announcements is about mtx crap..

stop making games & go into politics, you'll shine even more there.
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Holy crap 390 points for Gloom wings.... THAT IS 39 DOLLARS..

let that sink in for a moment...
39 dollars...

for a mtx for a single digital Skin...

those are 39 Cheeseburgers at McD.cks (just a random example)
it's basicly a whole week of food in at the supermarket for me...

As you can see ============================================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

i've bought many supporter packs so i dont mind supporting... but This price is just Ridiculous a big scam...
When i think that i already bought for 80 bucks of boxes, drop rate of the wings where too low to rectify this price.

This literly makes me think it DOESNT goes as well with PoE as they say it is....


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RedStark wrote:
40 euro for some pixel wings are to much ggg.....

Yeah - works out to $50 CDN for wings. But if I tell my wife I spent 390 points today, she'll have no idea what I am talking about.
Some of MTX in the darkness mytery boxes are exclusives and will not be released?

For example, i can't find the Darkness Firework Hideout decoration.

Did I miss it, or it is not expected to be released in-store?

I got my answer reading the post carefully
We're also happy to announce that the non-exclusive microtransactions from the Darkness Box are now available in our store!

:( :(
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Love the gloom wings, but will wait for the special offer! Hope this is not a trend with new MTX being priced higher and higher.
Also Didnt GGG get the memo? What Micro acctualy means?

If you lower the prices 2 (for some 4) times... there are Many Many more ppl that are ABLE to buy some MTX the threshold for someone to buy a mtx is just so much lower....
It's one of the freaking reasons the Boxes sell so good..

There is also a reason the Big Companies have all kind off economic and many others kinds of experts on payroll...

this high prices is how you drive ppl away... srsly you do GGG....
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Suni wrote:
Hope this is not a trend with new MTX being priced higher and higher.

Not at all, it just shows less people buy that crap.
You can buy like 2-4 games on steam with the price of those wings, what did you expect :D

I do love to read the same message over and over again in the headers tho:
"it was a huge succes"
Spoken like true politicians :D
IGN: Bluntexile

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