Darkness Mystery Box Individual Microtransactions - Now In-Store!

Finally! Im interested in the gloom armour, wings and herald. Being the cheap fuck i am, i will wait it to go on sale.
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This temporary discount is another huge ethical step by GGG making their Box MTX policy even more ethical than ever before! So much love for this company!
Kasidoo wrote:
Those wing's price reminds me of a saying: "Ty for scam"

Well, I knew they would be something special, but 390 points? Holy shit ....
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WO Is here
I already have gloom Herald from the box last time without getting full set of both

and the wing look nice IMAO

Waiting for an offer now :))
Enjoy Legacy!!!!
i'm lucky that i got the wings from some boxes cheap, yes they're cool but it would be even cooler if they had a fixed "support value" attached.

them being in store for quite some money now leaves me feeling like a cheater who pretends to have spent alot of points to support the game.

it would be easier if i were a "show off" who selfishly wanted to brag around with stuff, pretending i supported alot but i sadly see mtx only from their "suppport value" point of view.
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Finally I can turn off that f***ing balls. :D
What about the Vampire wings? :O i would donate to buy that xD just saying i wouldn't be the only one!
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Finally! Please GGG, stop with the boxes. We love the game and the MTXs, but let us buy the ones we want.
Make lab optional! Give us another way to get the ascendancy points we need.

40 euro for some pixel wings are to much ggg.....

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