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Completed 15 ChallengesAnanake wrote:
Hi, I'm using the script and find it very helpful.

However, I would love the have the ability/option to completely remove blocked users from results, and also from live searches. Any chance this option will make it into a future update?

Yes, there is a plans for it since it is a very heavily requested feature, however completely hiding may cause issues when you trying to sell an item, looking for prices to compare and don't see situation that item price is heavily manipulated. But knowing that gives your more information about market situation about this item. Also, lets say, when you get 99 search results and all of them blocked you will not see next 99 results, only an empty list.
Completed 4 ChallengesMisaMisa wrote:
I love this script, helps a lot!

It seems everytime I go to click a profile link, the link is fine but has an extra + in it.


It looks like this: ^

I tried to poke around in the script to find an extra +, but I couldn't find one.

Any chance this is happening to anyone else?

Hi, I can't reproduce this bug in two different browsers, any chance you using another script that can be a problem?

I have the same problem. I dont have any other scripts, and i dit try disablig ad-block extensions - no use.
I tried reinstalling scrip - no use.

Using Chrome 59.0.3071.115
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Thank you Misa for this wonderful tool! It really helps to streamline the process when shopping for certain items.

I also want to give a mention and thanks to TheInfiniteIce for sharing (on page 2) how he has his poe.trade userscripts set up. I have followed his example, and so far the three tools function extremely well together to assuage some degree of my frustrations as a shopper.

You can easily spot and immediately ignore the most blatant abuses (like multiple low posts that are attempting to drive price down). Misa's block button (I reworded it to say "Gray Out" to avoid confusion) is excellent for "I'm not sure" situations, to reiterate what Ice said.

Potential users should note that I had to execute the script that displays account name first, in order to avoid it getting eaten by the copy item button:

...and also thanks to Kalos for forking Porath's script and making it compatible with FF for those of us without the ability to do so =) :blush:

It's such great stuff guys, thanks so much!
This should only be used with items, people run out of currency all the time in the currency shop section and they cant answer all calls, if u start blocking them bec no answer there wont be anyone left eventually lol.
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In case that you check here more often than on github, I made a pull request.
There is no point to show russian flag near users with russian names. This feature should be completely removed. Now it's more like ethnic discrimination.
Completed 13 ChallengesK4r4k4s4 wrote:
There is no point to show russian flag near users with russian names. This feature should be completely removed. Now it's more like ethnic discrimination.

English sometimes is very confusing for them and since I know russian I can PM to them in russian. You can remove this feature if you don't like it - script is open source.
So has this been updated to remove and not just grey out people you block yet? Will use the day that udate hits.
Hey, would be great of you could change the greasemonkey link to this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/

Yours opens the russian version^^
where is the blocked profiles list stored?
I want to be able to manually view and edit them all.
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