[No longer updated] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Hierophant

can this work with elementalist non crit?
YOu play in the video without Power Charges. But you skill a lot of in power charges. Is there any better way to genreate Power Charges?
What is the crit chance and crit multi you shoot for WITHOUT power charges? Right now I'm at 40% chance and 300% multi, all self-found but really just need better weps and jewelry
With voidbringer i´m now at 45 Crit Chance and 279 criot Multi with level 73. And 52 crit Chance with ascendency buff. Would it be better to play without Power Charges? Get more Passive Points? Because the way to get Power Charges are not so good i think
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why do we need power charges? noob question.

so we use 5 nodes to get 2 extra power charges.

so 5 charges at max in total? or 6?.. 7? and it's 4% extra spell damage per power charge, even at 7 charges that's 4*7=28 spell damage added to the multiplier.. does it work like a More?..

why don't we just take 5*10 spell damage nodes, easily within reach, for a much better 50%, and a much simpler gameplay that doesn't rely on those charges to be up?
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Per Power Charge you get 50% increased Critical Strike Chance. It help to get crit Cap. Crit boost your damage into sky.
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So I started leveling this build today, and I'm at level 32. I leveled using Flame Totem and Firestorm, with a Lifesprig and an Abberath's Horn. I'm on Act IV and just took Ancestral Bond, but Flame Totem doesn't seem to do enough damage any more, and my Flameblast Totems take a bit too long to blow. What's the best solution for me right now? Wondering if I should refund the AB keystone and keep using Firestorm? Also, what weapons should I aim for at this level? Should I just get a +2 fire gems staff or something now? Leveling to this point was super fast and easy (as Flame Totem and Firestorm usually is!) and want to keep up this pace where a single totem will take out a whole pack. I don't know if switching to Bladefall is the best idea, since I took fire damage nodes already.

Also, does anyone have a CI leveling tree? I have taken a few life nodes already and am wondering if there are more optimal choices going forward to minimize refunds, if the CI build is truly better.

I had been playing an aura summoner prior to this in Essence, and am looking forward to much faster clear speeds with this character :D
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Per Power Charge you get 50% increased Critical Strike Chance. It help to get crit Cap. Crit boost your damage into sky.

hmmm... I only see this in poe planner under Charges:

36% increased Power Charge Duration
+2 to Maximum Power Charges
4% increased Spell Damage per Power Charge

but maybe because the crit multiplier is mentioned under crit.. there are so many multipliers there I'm getting sick in the gizzard.. : D

I'm not doing this build btw, I'm going for something of my own, with flame totems and a lot of life and shield. I'll try flameblast too, for fun, I'm just not investing in casting speed.
I test now to generate Power Charges with Cast when damge taken setup.

Ice Spear shot randomly thats not so good. I test now Ice Nova or something similar wit AOe around my char.

// edit

Now i go with Blade Vortex. One Blade is enough to get fast max power Charges instant.
And i think it can be a option to get more mana back. With man get on hit jewel or mana lech physical.

Link is PCoC, Increased Duration, Blade Vortex and Increased AOE
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Feel free to look at my profile. Currently lvl 45, leveling has been pretty smooth so far. Granted I'm using a 6L in a tabula, so things die pretty fast. With elreon rings I don't even need mana potions.
From now on I'll have to focus on life for a bit, so picking up Quick Recovery, Purity of Flesh & Heart and Soul seems like a good idea until I go CI at approx. lvl 70.
So something like this: 74 points

Haven't really felt a need for more cast speed, but picking up the nodes at the templar start (Precision) is an option I might consider until I unlock Inquisitor.
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