We've just released the Carnage Mystery Box which will be on sale until the next Challenge League. Each box grants you one random carnage-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (25 points). There are 39 awesome prizes to win including two armour sets, three wings and other new effects! Check out this video compilation of all the microtransactions contained in the Carnage Mystery Box!

What's in the Carnage Mystery Boxes?

New Microtransactions in the Box:
  • Carnage Wings
  • Vampiric Wings
  • Carnage Shield Skin
  • Carnage Weapon Effect
  • Carnage Body Armour
  • Carnage Gloves Skin
  • Carnage Helmet Skin
  • Carnage Boots Skin
  • Gore Portal
  • Grasping Hands Pet
  • Boar Hood Helmet Skin
  • Stag Hood Helmet Skin
  • Bear Hood Helmet Skin
  • Reaper Spectral Throw

These new items will be available in the microtransaction store roughly one month after the Carnage Mystery Box sale ends. None of the items are exclusive to the mystery boxes. They'll all be available for purchase individually later on.

Existing Microtransactions in the Box:
  • Tentacle Wings
  • Gore Body Armour
  • Gore Gloves Skin
  • Gore Helmet Skin
  • Gore Boots Skin
  • Gore Weta Pet
  • Vampiric Weapon Effect
  • Gore Skull Helmet Skin
  • Gore Footprints Effect
  • Vampiric Footprints Effect
  • Extra Gore Weapon Effect
  • Blood Worm Pet
  • Demon Hand Cleave Skill Effect
  • Demonic Reave Effect Skill Effect
  • Demonic Split Arrow Skill Effect
  • Demonic Flameblast Flameblast Skill Effect
  • Demonic Blade Vortex Skill Effect
  • Gore Earthquake Skill Effect
  • Gore Sunder Skill Effect
  • Gore Lightning Arrow Skill Effect
  • Sawblade Cyclone Skill Effect
  • Gore Glacial Cascade Skill Effect
  • Crimson Weapon Effect
  • Sacrifical Shrine Hideout Decoration
  • Skin Transfer x5

Note that these Mystery Boxes have random outcomes. Some items are rarer than others. You are guaranteed to get an item that is worth at least what you paid for it and it's statistically more likely that you'll receive something of higher value (potentially up to fourteen times the value). Outside of microtransaction value, there are no guaranteed outcomes and duplicate items are possible.

How to Open Your Mystery Boxes

After purchasing some Carnage Mystery Boxes, you can find them in your microtransaction stash in-game waiting to be unwrapped. Each box costs 25 points and you'll always win something worth at least as much as you paid!

We hope you enjoy the wide variety of microtransactions that we've assembled and that you open something that makes your character look wonderfully wretched. Best of luck, and thanks for your ongoing support. We hope you continue to enjoy the Atlas of Worlds expansion!
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Grinding Gear Games
Ohh lots of cool stuff in this box.

Will there be any free boxes from buying any microtransaction item like in prophecy league?
Last edited by kompaniet on Sep 4, 2016, 8:38:44 AM
Waiting for the free Carnage Box promotion near the end of the League
WEE Nice Nice
INB4 2k points and no wings :(
rip points
Also known as: Noxterous
Another one...sheesh...
Lets see,.. I hope I get some armor pieces!
So the Gore Portal is new or old? Or is there a Gore Portal that I've been unaware of?

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