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Queen of Padlocks
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Hey, I had a question about Daresso's Passion: "X% Increased Damage while you have no frenzy charges"

Is that modifier local or global?


I have an issue with pierce chance from the Drillneck quiver. It is supposed to give "10% chance of Arrows piercing" but it doesnt increase the chance to pierce, that is indicated by the tooltip of my Lightning Arrow.

Skill Tooltips intentionally only show the stats that are specific to that skill. They don't show global things that affect all skills.

If you want to see everything a skill does, including all your global stats, the character panel, not the skill popup, is the place to do that.

With the "Projectile damage increased by arrow pierce chance" mod on Drillneck, is there any way to achieve more than 100% increased projectile damage? Same question regarding "critical strike chance increased by arrow pierce chance" node from the Deadeye ascendancy.

No. The chance to pierce cannot be higher than 100%.

Assume I equip Drillneck and hit a monster which is cursed with projectile weakness with a spark/ethereal knives/.. projectile linked to the pierce gem such that I have 100% chance to pierce. How much increased projectile damage bonus is applied?

100%. Pierce chance can never be more than 100%.

Is there any difference between Scold's Bridle/Heartbound Loop damage taken, and between hiltless "reflected" damage?


If so, where exactly (aside from the fact that the reflected damage can be blocked/dodged etc..)?

The primary difference is that the reflected damage is reflected damage, which carries a whole bunch of rules baggage. Reflected damage cannot trigger on-hit effects, for example. The other two are just hits of regular secondary damage you deal to yourself. They are more different than they are similar.

Does damage taken from Heartbound Loop count as 'your hits'?

I would need to know in what context to answer this conclusively, but probably yes.

Some questions about Dancing Dervish: what are the tags of the skill (AoE/minion/melee/etc...)?

It does not have any. Tags are a feature of gems, not skills. This skill does not have a gem.

Can Dancing Dervish Support Cast on Critical Strike/Cast When Damage Taken?


Will Dancing Dervish start to cast spells linked to it?

No. The skill is a spell, not an attack, and is already triggered. Supporting it with a cast on trigger support gem would mean it would be cast on that trigger. Because it already has a trigger, the spell would then be disabled for having two triggers.

How does the Enchantment "of War" (creates an animated copy of your current weapon: interact with The Dancing Dervish when it's in Manifest Dancing Dervish?

I'm confused by the wording, as the Decree states "of your current weapon". However, when Dancing Dervish is active, it disables the weapons slots, so what is the "current weapon" at this stage? Is it still The Dancing Dervish (even though it's disabled)? Is it "nothing" (meaning that we're not getting any effect from the Decree)?

While your weapon is disabled, you are unarmed, and do not have a current weapon. Skills that require a weapon, such as the "of War" skills, cannot be used while unarmed.

Same question with the Decree Of Reflection (creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon: If this spawns a clone with the Dancing Dervish when Manifest Dancing Dervish is active, or does it spawn a clone unarmed? If I'm using Facebreaker, does the clone uses Facebreaker as well?

It will summon a Clone, but be unable to give it (a copy of) your weapon. The Clone does not have any of your other gear, so will be unarmed and deal it's base unarmed damage.

What is the damage effectiveness of Manifest Dancing Dervish? (level 15 of course)?

Being a minion skill that doesn't deal damage, it has no damage effectiveness set. This is equivalent to 100%.

I was just theorycrafting a passive tree for the Dancing Dervish new unique two-handed sword and I think I came up with the best tree for it possibly but need some technical questions answered about the weapon and the minion so here they are listed below, (DD minion=Dancing Dervish minion):

Can I swap weapon slots after DD activated and use the other weapon slots?


(Continued from above question) Is DD minion affected by minion passives such as minion damage/resists?


(Continued from above question) Does the DD minion count as a spell like golems are? Golems have a "Spell" tag but what about the minion?

Golems are not a spell, they are a minion. The skill used to summon the Golem is a spell. The same is true here - the skill "Manifest Dancing Dervish" is a spell skill. The minion itself is not a spell and does not use spells.

(Continued from above question) Do two-handed general damage and two-handed sword damage nodes scale the minion's damage as well as nodes that scale minion damage?

No. Minions are not you and do not have your passive tree. Those passives only apply to your damage with two-handed weapons, not your minion's damage with that type of weapon.

(Continued from above question) Is the DD minion's base damage the DD sword's damage or does it have its own base damage?

Like you, the damage of the weapon it's using overrides any base unarmed damage it would have.

Regarding Kintsugi's "50% increased Evasion if you were Hit Recently"


is this a funny way of saying "50% increased Evasion rating"?

Yes. I have fixed the description locally.

Since Cospri's Will is the item doing the poisoning, and not Bladefall, the tooltip for Bladefall says nothing about poisoning. Will Rapid Decay as a 6th link increase the poison DoT from Cospri's Will?

Bladefall cannot be supported by Rapid Decay.

Could you confirm that the Doomfletch (and it's fated version) mechanic "Gain 110% of Bow Physical Damage as Extra Damage" scales with flat added physical from other items?


I've made several late game Doomfletch characters, and it sure seemed like the map mod Armoured (+20% physical damage resistance) was lowering my elemental damage as well as my physical. This suggests that Doomfletch does it's bonus damage on the actual hit, not based on the weapon attack like is usual. I figured this was a result of the unusual randomness in the attack. Is this true, or am I just wrong?

You are wrong. Damage conversion does not and cannot occur after mitigation. It applies to the damage stats of the item, before they're used to calculate damage for a hit. Armour has no effect on the elemental damage dealt.

Doomfletch's Prism, the new upgrade to Doomfletch, also doesn't add the damage to tooltip, even though it's not random and could be determined like other stats.

It is not random, but due to the way it works, it also cannot be determined that way in advance. This may be possible in future if it gets refactored.

Hello, I was considering making a character centered around the Doomfletch and Doomfletch’s Prism unique bow. The wording of the latter unique’s effect reads “Gain 110% of bow physical damage as extra damage of each element.” My question is, does this gained damage based on physical damage happen before or after elemental conversions?

No, it does not. "Gain X as extra Y" is a conversion - it just also leaves the converted thing there rather than removing it. So it's simultanious with other conversion, not before or after it.

I'm not sure how exactly the damage calculation with Doomfletch Prism (or for that matter Doomfletch).

Is my train of thought correct?

I have some physical damage on the bow, and then:
1) I add flat physical damage from items
2) I multiply the sum from 1) by %increased physical damage
3) I get elemental damage equal to 110% of result from 2)
4) The elemental damage from 3) is then multiplied by the sum of %increased ele dmg, %increased matching element damage (fire for instance), %increased weapon elemental damage and %increased projectile damage, the physical damage from 2) is multiplied by %projectile damage

And the final damage is the sum of above physical and elemental damage, right?

No. No modifiers can be applied "between" conversions.
You total your base and additional physical damage, then gain elemental damage equal to 110% of that. This elemental damage has been converted from physical damage, so will be affected by modifiers to physical damage as well as elemental.
Then all relevant modifiers apply to the damage. The physical damage is affected by modifiers that apply to physical damage, while the elemental damage gained from the bow is affected by modifiers to either elemental or physical damage.
This gives the total final damage.

For example, if I were to use the skill Lightning Arrow, which converts 50% of my physical damage to lightning damage, would I still gain the same amount of damage as if I were using Split Arrow which has no elemental conversion via this mechanic?


Does Obliteration, Profane Bloom, Abyssal's Cry's explosion radius scale with aoe nodes?


For Obliteration: do I get increased damage from sulfur flasks? Is the AoE increased from passives? Do I +1 base crit chance from the Assassin subclass?

Yes, Yes, Yes. The explosions are caused by you and use your stats. The skills are just like any other skills, and you can check them in the character panel to see things apply.

How does the Obliteration wand with it's Abyssal Cry proc and Herald of Ice interact exactly? Can both the shatter chain and chaos explosion chain both proc off the same single mob. Or do they need to proc of independent mobs so they overlap their chaining abilities.

I do not understand the question. Neither of these abilities use chaining mechanics, and I'm not sure whether you're asking about a situation where Abyssal Cry is actually in effect, or whether you've misunderstood Obliteration's effect as being related to Abyssal Cry.
A single frozen monster dying can trigger both explosions from Obliteration and Herald of Ice. If the monster is affected by Abyssal Cry, it can also cause that explosion. Each explosion hits enemies separately. A monster which dies to one explosion can't be hit by any further explosions.

Hi, I dual wield Obliterations, and have the Profane Bloom passive. Do all these chances of explosion add up, or is it some multiplicative chance?

These are all providing the same chance, so yes.

Same with Abyssal Cry?

Abyssal Cry is entirely separeate.

I suppose that linking poison to the skill that will launch the explosion won't make the explosion itself poison?

If the explosion is caused by a skill (such as is the case with Abyssal Cry), then yes. If it is not (such as Obliteration/Profane Bloom), then it will not, because you can't link the Poison support gem to a passive or item, just a skill.

If a kill with an AOE skill linked to poison procs Profane Bloom's or Obliteration's chaos explosion, can the chaos explosion proc poison also?

The explosion is not from the skill, so cannot benefit from the skill's poison chance. The damage from the explosion will only be able to apply poison if you have poison chance in your stats (e.g. from gear or passives), not in the specific skill that got the kill.

Death's Oath chest, 450 chaos damage per second to enemy around. Does this DoT scale off of chaos damage in the passive tree?

No. The item directly applies the damage to enemies, your stats are not involved.

This would mean other degens (Death's Oath, Bleed, Ignite, etc) would also not count as main/offhand and so would not grant charges, correct?


Scold's Bridle and crit: Do things like "increased chance to receive a critical strike" work with the damage you get from using skills while wearing Scold's Bridle?

Scold's Bridle self-damage cannot crit.

Damage from Scold's Bridle and Heartbound Loop cant stun or crit although both of them are hits.
Is this a technical (they belong to a subclass of hits that isnt able to stun or hit) or is it a design/balance (these 2 got exception rules) reason?

Being able to stun yourself is bad and can cause infinite loops. This damage is explicitly prevented from stunning, knocking back, or critically striking (it doesn't have critical strike chance anyway).

Voidheart: why is the wording for bleed different, which says 100% chance but the poison affix is simple?

Because of a mistake made when merging multiple changes to that file, which reverted my fix. It will be correct on live soon, if it isn't already.

Much like the Melee Splash applying the "AoE" tag to a skill that normally is single target.

I understand that something like Voidheart wouldn't because the skill used, isn't directly linked to your attack or spell. It should apply the "Chaos" tag if the skill is directly linked with poison.

Melee Splash does not add any tags to linked skills. It changes the properties of the skill in such a way that it has an area, but the tags on a skill are defined only by the gem. These are distinct concepts.

With a Voidheart equipped, do your melee totems poison/bleed?

Yes (or rather, they have a chance to do so, as of 2.4.0. Whether they actually do technically depends how lucky you are).

Continuing on from the previous question, if I had a Voidheart equipped and attacked a healthy enemy, does my first hit have a 50% chance to maim?

No. You need to hit a Poisoned enemy to have that chance to Maim.

Does Flask effectiveness increase the 2% life leech from Chaos Damage on Atziri's Promise, the Onslaught from Silver Flask or the Increased Critical Strike Chance from Diamond Flask?

As above - yes, except for Onslaught, which is not a numerical property, but a boolean state. A character either does or does not have Onslaught, and 20% increased "having Onslaught" is still having it.

EDIT: As has been pointed out, this is incorrect. The question said their Diamond Flask was giving increased critical strike chance (which would be affected by this modifier), but Diamond Flasks do not increase critical strike chance, they make it Lucky, which like Onslaught, is boolean, and cannot be increased.

Let's say I'm using Blade Vortex with Hatred on. I pop Atziri's Promise. I get extra chaos scaling off my physical on Blade Vortex. Do I get extra chaos scaling off my cold from Hatred?


Does Atziri's Promise add chaos damage to the fuse/fire secondary damage from the Explosive Arrow skill?

Technically it does not "add" damage, but the "Gain x% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect" mod will apply to the explosion, yes.

If I have "increased Chaos skill duration" from Breath of the Council, how will that interact with Heavy Strike(a non chaos skill) linked with poison?

Not at all.

The new unique Breath of the Council, does the "Increased duration of chaos damage skills" apply to poison applied by those skills?

Poison is modified by skill duration modifiers, so yes.

Does Breath of the Council increase the duration of a poison, if the skill used is linked to the Poison Support Gem?

Only if the skill in question has the "Chaos" tag.

More confirmation than anything else on this one: do Headsman (Slayer Ability)/Paragon of Calamity (Elementalist Ability), Sibyl's Lament (in the appropriate slot), and Fortify all stack additively? Would that result in Physical or Elemental Reflect immunity?


I got a question about The Tempest (the fated version of Stormcloud): is the "100% increased Lightning Damage" modifier local or global?


If it's global, why does it behave differently than the "x% increased Physical Damage" modifier despite the similar wording?

Distinguishing between whether a mod is local or global is done by whether that mod could affect the base properties of the item, not other mods it has. Weapons don't have a base value of lightning damage to increase, they do have a value of physical damage to increase.

With Grip of the Council Arcanist Gloves granting minions 20% of their physical damage as bonus cold damage how effective might cold to fire gem be? Does the damage double dip?


Grip of the Council does not effect Mirror/Blink Arrow minions. Is this intended or a bug ?

You are incorrect. It does affect them, and always has.

I was wondering about Glitterdisc and its chance to Avoid Fire Damage. How does it work?

When calculating a hit of damage against you, if it would deal fire damage, you have a chance to not have that damage happen.

Is it similar to dodge but works against secondary damage as well?

It's quite dissimilar to dodge - dodge prevents hits, avoiding damage stops some of the damage of a hit. You still will be hit (even if only for 0 damage). They apply in different ways, at different times. It applies to any hit.

Does "Singularity" unique items hinder effect boost detonate dead damage?


If so, is it only for initial hit or also double dip from burn?

Only the hit. Modifiers that are conditional on some state of the enemy cannot affect damage over time.

What is the radius on "nearby" part of Singularity?

The radius of the Sigularity item aura is 25

What is the range of the Singularity platinum sceptre?

25 units.

Can Singularity be increased with modifiers to AoE from the character tree or gear?

No. The aura is a property of the item, not your character.

A couple questions about Singularity's "X% increased Damage against Hindered Enemies"; is damage calculated on cast, or is it rolled separately for every mob hit?

Each hit is independent.

Does the effect stack if dual wielding Singularities, or do I only benefit from one of them?

Yes, the damage modifier will stack.

Quick question regarding the Singularity item, the item has this line that says "Nearby Enemies are Hindered, with 25% reduced Movement Speed", there is also the Maim effect that says "Maimed Enemies have 30% reduced Movement Speed. We know that bosses have curse resist, do they have any kind of resist for this kind of debuff? Thanks for your time.

Not as a generic thing all bosses have like reduced effect of curses, no. Some specific bosses may have stats to combat Hinder and/or Maim.

I'm playing around with the new 'Ascent From Flesh' belt.

When my energy shield recharge starts, I do gain the dodge/movespeed buff. I dont visibly gain any phasing buff however - either visually (like phase run), or as an icon that represents phasing at the top of the screen.

I use no skills/Cast When Damage Taken set up that would disable phasing.

Is it just that the phase run granted from this item doesn't have an icon, or am I missing something?

You seem to be confused. This item does not grant Phase Run. Phasing and Phase Run are different things.

Phasing is the state of being able to pass through enemies. It's granted by lots of things, including the Quartz Flask effect, the buff from the Phase Run skill, and several passive skills. Some of those things also grant visual effects (such as the flask effect and the buff from Phase Run, which each have their own different visual effect).

Phase Run is a specific skill, which adds a buff to the player. This buff grants multiple bonuses, one of which is Phasing, and also applies a visual effect to the character.

Does Infractem's "arrows always pierce" modifier grant 100% pierce chance?


Is Star of Wraeclast's Illusory Warp skill considered a cold skill? What other tags does it have? Movement? Duration?

It is a Spell, Movement, Duration, Cold, and Area skill.

Is the burn damage from Hrimburn cold based or fire based? Say I hit a mob for 100 cold damage and it burns - what happens if I use Frostbite? Flammability?

Ignite (and other burning) always deal fire damage.

The new Hrimburn grants "Cold damage can burn". If you are attacking with a mixed fire/cold damage attack while wearing Hrimburn and you crit, will the resulting burn be a combined cold and fire sized burn, or will each element apply a separate burn?

A hit can only apply one instance of each status ailment, and all damage that can contribute to that status ailment does so.

I've been playing with Hiltless the new 2h Reaver Wword, and I was wondering if fortify is reducing the reflected damage it does to me.


Question about the new unique Hiltless. The unique has the following line on it "Enemies you attack reflect 100 physical damage to you".

How exactly is that handled, I'm assuming having high armor reduces the damage since it's physical and if we take increased damage like the Berserker with Aspect of Carnage the 100 physical damage will also increase.


However what about dodge/evasion; can we dodge the Hiltless' reflected damage completely or is it guaranteed to hit us?

Reflected damage from attacks can be dodged or evaded.

what if we have Lightning Coil and Hiltless, the physical part will also be converted to lightning, just like any normal physical attack damage would?

The modifier that makes you take physical damage as lightning would apply, but that is not conversion.

What if we convert some physical damage to lightning with our gear; is that affected by it at all since it isn't really our own attack or is it?

No. This isn't coming from your physical damage, it's a set amount.

Each Ichimonji give 10% increased buffs on you. How does this interact with Elemental Conflux? Are the effects more potent or does it not buff it at all? (Are the Ignites doing increased damage? Is the Shock made more potent? Is the chill slower?)

Elemental Conflux is boolean. Damage either does or does not count towards applying a status ailment - you can't increase "does" by 10%. Similarly, it makes all hits apply each status ailment, and you can't increase "applies". It's already having as much effect as it can.

How does Ichimonji interact with Golems and Liege of the Primordial? Is the 100% additive with Ichimonji?

Yes, as they are both "increased" modifiers applying to the same value (the effect of the buff).

How does Ichimonji interact with Ranger's Avatar of the Chase Onslaught buff? The 50% is additive with Ichimonji(s)? How does this interact? (Dual Wield Ichimonji as a Raider and get 70% increased effect of Onslaught?)

No. Onslaught is not itself a buff, it's a bonus that can be granted by a buff (or by other things). A buff granting onslaught is saying "you have onslaught", and this is a boolean thing which cannot be increased. Having the onslaught property grants your character some numerical bonuses, which are what Avatar of the Chase is affecting.

Are Righteous Fire and Blood Rage's degeneration effect on the player made more potent while using Ichimonji?

Yes, those are buffs, and one of their effects is dealing damage to the player.

Dual wielding Ichimonji increases these effects additively, I assume (From 10% to 20% buff effect)?

Yes. "Increased" modifiers to the same value stack additively.

Any additional hidden effects when buffs are scaled using Ichimonji? Is there unfavorable or favorable rounding involved (Arctic Armor, Blood Rage, etc)?

Rounding is done as is standard in this game, by truncating values to just the integer part. Whether this is favourable or unfavourable depends on what's being rounded and how much of it there is.

How does a multiplier to physical damage taken (Abyssus) interact with physical damage taken as X? Does it multiply the elemental damage since it in a way has been physical damage in the start of the calculation, similarily to how dealing converted damage works?

No. The point of "X damage taken as Y" modifiers is to change what things scale that damage. Increased physical damage taken will only apply to the physical damage you take, not damage of any other type.

If I socket the skill gem Elemental Focus into Whispering Ice, will my Icestorm be able to inflict status elements from elemental conflux? Not sure because it's indirectly supporting Icestorm.

No, Icestorm cannot apply status ailments while supported by Elemental Focus.

When using Mjölner is it 30% chance for ALL gems to be cast, or is it checked once per gem?

It's one chance to cast all the socketed lightning spells.

Mjölner + Romira's Banquet + Resolute Technique:

If i have Mjölner equipped with 3 Discharge gems and Romira's Banquet + Resolute Technique. Will all 3 discharges go off when I hit something? Since each discharge creates its own Power Charge that is then consumed by the next discharge gem?


How does Mjölner with 3 Discharges, Juggernaut (Unrelenting), Voll's Devotion, Romira's Banquet (and Resolute Technique/Voll's Protector) work?

Assuming starting from zero charges, and only a single enemy, within discharge range, which never dies (and taking the Resolute Technique option as it's easier to describe)
1) You hit with Mjölner, with a non-critical hit.
2) You gain a power charge.
3) First discharge triggers.
- 3a) Discharge calculates damage, based on your one power charge.
- 3b) Discharge consumes all charges.
- 3c) You lost a power charge, so gain an endurance charge, which is replaced by you gaining your maximum number of endurance charges.
- 3d) Discharge deals damage, hitting the enemy, with a non-critical hit.
- 3e) You gain a power charge.
4) Second discharge triggers.
- 4a) Discharge calculates damage, based on your one power charge and maximum number of endurance charges.
- 4b) Discharge consumes all charges.
- 4c) You lost a power charge, so gain an endurance charge, which is replaced by you gaining your maximum number of endurance charges.
- 4d) Discharge deals damage, hitting the enemy, with a non-critical hit.
- 4e) You gain a power charge.
5) Third discharge triggers.
- 5a-e) Same as the second Discharge.
6) You currently have one power charge, and your maximum number of endurance charges, and have finished your attack.

If you crit while wearing Voll's Protector, do you get 6 power charges?


Is the Romira's Banquet and Herald of Thunder incompatibility intended? (because it is, right? was hard to test, I tested without increased critical strikes supports too).

They are not incompatable. However, Herald of Thunder has the same restriction as any normal skill that it can only gain one charge per skill use, so once you've got that one charge, you'd need to refresh the Herald to get another. This is likely to be changed in a future patch.

Can Reflected Physical Damage dealt by the character (on block while The Anvil is equipped) be increased by global or global physical damage?

Reflected damage cannot be affected by damage modifiers.

I'm running a Vortex build with a Pyre ring. Is the degen base off the damage dealt or the damage a monster takes?

Those are the same thing.

Hi, I made my Righteous Fire Vortex (not Blade Vortex! That new vortex) build. I choose Pyre ring to convert all cold damage from Vortex to fire. After putting that ring, I still do not see any changes in tooltip (in damage over time, that normal damaeg is converting normally). Is that a bug? And second thing, if it will convert that DoT cold damage into fire, will burning damage affect that DoT?

Damage over time cannot be converted.

When I combine the unique Belt Auxium with the passive keynote Eldritch Battery, does it still count my ES for the chill and freeze duration?

Yes. Eldritch Battery does not say anything at all about removing your ES. It just changes what ES protects. You still have exactly as much ES as you had before taking Eldritch Battery, it's just doing something else now.

Does Auxium's "Chill and Freeze duration on you is based on 65% of Energy Shield" still work with Eldritch Battery?


When I use items like Bramblejack or non-unique items with damage return, is the damage those deal affected by my %increased physical damage or %increased damage and stuff like that?

No, reflected damage is unaffected by any modifiers (except a few rare modifiers specifically to reflected damage).

The new "Mind of the Council" helm has the following mod: "Recover 3% of Maximum Mana when you Shock an Enemy"; does shocks inflicted to already shocked enemies trigger the mod?


Does shocks reflected to you by Maligaro's Restraint trigger the mod?

The shock reflected to you doesn't trigger it, because that's shocking you, not shocking an enemy. The shock applied to the enemy does.

Can you chance Labyrinth-specific uniques outside of the Lab?

You can't chance Labyrinth-specific uniques anywhere.

I was wondering how to do the Rampage challenge with 1000 killstreak with my Summoner and I saw there is a pair of gloves to be on Rampage (Wyrmsign) and thinking how do I get a maximum Endurance Charge. So by reducing my maximum capacity of Endurance Charges, I'll be at the maximum!

However, it doesn't seem to work. Is it me that I don't understand the maximum Endurance Charge while at 0/0 or is it a bug?

While at 0/0 Endurance Charges, you are at maximum Endurance Charges, and will thus have Rampage from Wyrmsign. However, this just allows you to start Rampage Killstreaks, and the killstreaks themselves won't show up until they reach 25 kills. So I suspect you just haven't killed enough enemies to see the killstreak.

When wearing The Retch, allocating the Endless Hunger notable, and using instantaneous life leech, will the Retch's "Life Leech applies to enemies as Chaos Damage" modifier deal instant chaos damage when at full life?


When wearing The Retch, if you are leeching from many enemies simultaneously, such that your maximum leech rate is reached, so that the leech from many of those enemies are not actually giving you any further recovery, do those enemies still take chaos damage from the Retch's modifier?

Yes. Your total recovery per second from Leech is capped, but the damage to enemies has no cap.

If I'm wearing Queen of the Forest, other evasion gear and grace, will I benefit from the additional movement speed buff from Queen of the Forest or will there be no benefit due to Iron Reflexes converting all my evasion to armor?

Same as above.

If I do not pick up Unstoppable and get Art of the Gladiator instead, does it work the same way? Will I get the movement buff/penalty from Queen of the Forest?

Art of the Gladiator prevents the inherent movement speed penalty from wearing armour items. It does not interact with the explicit mod on Queen of the Forest.

I'm wondering how the Lori's Lantern mod "Enemies are Unlucky when Damaging you" affects damage taken in regards to critical strikes.

From here you say that it only affects their damage rolls. Is it possible to roll damage twice, having one roll be a critical strike, and then apply the non-critical strike (naturally the non-critical strike should deal less damage)?

No. The damage roll only rolls damage, between your minimum and maximum damage. It is entirely independent of the crit roll.

Does it roll the damage first, choose the lowest, and then roll if it crits or not?

No, crit is rolled first. This doesn't technically make a difference to your example though.

The Path of Exile wiki on Hezmana's Bloodlust states that the highest physical damage roll is 12-25. I however don't see anyone having higher than 10-25 like in poe trade. Could there be an error in the wiki?

The wiki, while a useful resource, is created by users and is not always correct. Currently it agrees with your values, so it seems likely the information there at the time of your post was incorrect.

Nowadays, if you enable the advanced mod display, you can see the ranges of any mods on your items by holding Alt (or whatever you rebound the item highlight key to).

Is the Emberwake Ring's ability to stack burning interacting with the skill on spell totems?

Yes, this modifies all ignites from your skills.
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Does Arctic Armour reduce reflected fire damage (assuming you are standing still of course)?


Vortex's Damage over Time tooltip doesn't benefit from +damage to spells (Herald of Ice etc), and also cannot have its element converted. Is that the actual functionality and/or is that intended?

This is true of all damage over time, and always has been. Flat added damage only makes sense for hits, and damage conversion cannot apply to damage over time (although that one might be able to change in the distant future).

Vortex seems to chill even if it's connected to Elemental Focus. According to the Wiki it shouldn't (Wiki: "The drawback of this gem will override all elemental-status-inflicting effects of the supported skill or passive skills, as well as buffs such as Elemental Conflux.").

Vortex (the skill) will not chill with it's cold damage while affected by this support. The ground effect it leaves behind is a spearate thing that happens to apply chill, but is not the skill applying chill.

Also some questions about Vortex. The skill gem states that modifiers to Spell Damage apply to the skill's damage over time.
1. Is it safe to assume that % increased elemental damage works with increasing the dot damage (also % increased cold damage etc.)?
2. How about putting it on a trap/mine? Will all the trap/mine damage increasing modifiers apply to the dot portion of the gem?

The answer to both these questions is yes, but that has nothing to do with the fact that spell damage modifiers apply to the damage over time. Neither of those are modifiers to spell damage, and they would still apply even if Vortex didn't have that property.

Since Vortex can be modified like spell damage, can the dot be converted to other elements or just the initial hit? Can I convert it into a fire dot with cold>fire?

No. The stat it has says that modifiers to spell damage apply to it, not that it can "be modified like spell damage". Only things that give increased/reduced/more/less spell damage are affected.

Does area damage affect the dot damage of Vortex?


I was wondering if this is a bug or if it is working as intended, but when I cast Vortex I cannot target the frostbolts created by my totems.

This is correct. You can only target your own Frostbolts.

If I use GMP Frostbolt and then cast two Vortexes from that GMP at nearly the same place, will:
1. The enemy take damage from both vortexes?


2. Would the dot created by multiple vortexes stack?


3. I noticed previously you mentioned that vortexes DoT can't be converted or modified with flat damage. Am I correct to assume that the damage from the DoT also can't be reflected?

Correct. All of those things only apply to hits.

Whirling Blades doesn't seem to be interruptible.

It's just as interruptable as any other skill.

What happens if I receive damage from a hit large enough to normally stun me while whirling?

You get stunned.

When Contagion spreads Essence Drain, is the degen order maintained or somehow changed?

For a specific example - I cast Contagion linked with Item Rarity on a group of monsters, then cast Essence Drain on one of them and they all die from Contagion spreading ED. Will Item Rarity affect them all?

First Contagion is added to the monsters, then Essence Drain. If they were not already under the effect of debuffs, contagion will be the "first" debuff on them, until that contagion runs out.

Does Abbysal Cry's explosion radius scale with aoe nodes?


I have a question about Abyssal Cry and its interaction with critical strikes.

When does critical strike check occurs? in a moment of initial cast or in a moment of monster exploding?

Checking whether a hit is a critical strike or not is always done when that specific hit is calculated, and cannot be done at any other time, because your critical strike chance can be different for different hits.

The critical strike roll is only made once, when the skill is cast, just like most skills. All hits from the same action have the same roll, but are potentially checking against different chances to crit, so may or may not crit on different enemies.

If I link Abyssal Cry with Poison and I have 100% increased Warcry duration from War Bringer, will the poison inflicted have the extra duration?

No. Poison is not a Warcry.

If I kill enemy via poison (sorce of poison - Cospri's Will) from Abyssal Cry explosion, loot from him will affected only by IR from my gear, right?

No, it will still be affected by the gem, since the poison was from that skill, provided the poison is the degen that is considered to get the kill.

If I replace in Abyssal Cry setup Void Manipulation to Poison gem but still wear Cospri's Will will it whether it will be fix scenario (IR gem not apply) described above? Or i must use another chest in order to achieve the desired effect?

This makes no difference. What matters is that Abyssal Cry caused the poison, not why it did that.

If i kill enemy via Essence Drain (not hit but degen) before poison expire (sorce of poison - Cospri's Will) will be loot affected by IR gem?

In the situation you describe, you didn't kill the enemy "via Essence Drain", but via poison, and so the modifier applies. If the poison from Abyssal Cry had run out, and the only poison left was a newer one applied by Essence Drain, then Essence Drain would be the degen that killed the enemy, and the gem would need to support it to apply.

If monster cursed by Enfeeble whether it will doing less damage from Abyssal Cry explosion?

No, the monster is not dealing the damage.

Can Abyssal Cry leech life and mana if I have for an example, Pain Reaver Berserker node?

Abyssal Cry can leech just like any other damage. However, Pain Reaver currently only grants leech from attack damage, which Abyssal Cry doesn't deal. Unrestricted sources of leech, such as the support gems, will work.

Does Hypothermia's more damage affect Vortex's DoT?

No. Conditional modifiers cannot apply to DoT, because the condition could change during the DoT.

Hi, I have some questions about Lightning Arrow. What does represent the DPS shown on the skill stats? Is it DPS per projectile or total DPS if you hit every arrow on the same target?

DPS of a skill always is shown against a single enemy, meaning it's assuming one arrow will hit that enemy once.

And finally, how does the AoE work? Is it included in the DPS, or is there an additional damage to calculate?

Lightning Arrow does not deal AoE damage - it sends out lightning to individually hit a set number of enemies within an area. This cannot include the target hit by the arrow. The damage dealt is the same as on the arrow hit.

Does the AoE proc on every target it pierces, or does it only proc on the last hit?

The lightning hits nearby enemies every time the arrow hits an enemy.

Lightning Arrow secondary "aoe": Does Concentrated Effect increase the damage that the secondary, up to 3 target hitting thing from Lightning Arrow does to nearby targets?

No. Lightning Arrow does not deal area damage.

Are the secondary damage types dealt by Shrapnel Shot and Lightning Arrow pure elemental damage?

Not unless you convert all the damage to elemental.

I have a few questions about Lightning Arrow mechanics. I've started a Deadeye, using Lightning Arrow with 100% pierce chance.

Lightning Arrow does not have the projectile tag - but it benefits from stuff like Drillneck as well as from projectile damage nodes on the tree and LMP/GMP. Therefore I assumed it might be considered a projectile but simply missing the projectile tag.

It is not missing the tag - bow attacks don't get a seperate projectile tag, because the "bow" tag is considered to include it. the arrows are indeed projectiles.

Same question for Kinetic Blast: If I link it with Concentrated Effect and I apply poison with it, do poison stacks get the 59% more damage if the poison is applied through the explosion?


Diamond flask and Assassin's Mark: How do I correctly calculate my effective crit chance against a monster that has Assassin's Mark on it and I use a diamond flask? More in detail, do I first add the flat chance to my crit chance, then apply the diamond flask math 1-(1-critchance)² or is it the other way round?

The diamond flask does not affect chance to crit. Chance to crit is worked out, inclduing all modifiers such as Assassin's Mark, then compared to the Crit Roll of the skill. The Diamond flask does nothing at this point, it affects when the crit roll is made, by rolling twice and taking the better of the two rolls.

If you have 95% crit chance and use a Blasphemy Assassin's Mark, does it allow you to bypass the 95% cap and reach 100% or will it still be caped at 95% chance anyway?

Your critical strike chance is capped to 95%, but since the modifier on Assassin's Mark doesn't modify your critical strike chance, it is seperate to that. An enemy can end up having 100% total chance to be critically struck in this case.

Is the only way to really scale Mirror/Blink Arrow to scale minion damage and trap reductions but trap increases do not apply to bow minions?

No. Trap damage modifiers do not apply to minions summoned by traps. Cluster Trap and Multitrap give "less damage", not "less trap damage" - the reason it applies is because it is not a modifier to "trap damage"

Duration of skills from Temporal Chains: Vaal auras duration increased? Summon Raging Spirit Duration increased?

The answer is no to all of these cases - Temporal Chains does not increase the duration of anything. It slows down how fast timed effects think time is passing. This affects anything which has an icon with a timer.

How do Wings of Entropy, Lacerate, and Outmatch/Outlast from Duelist interact with each other?

Lacerate when dual wielding always does a main-hand hit followed by an off-hand hit.

I know I read somewhere with Dual Strike it counted as main hand kills only.

That a) only applied to combining main-hand and off-hand hits into a single hit, which is not the case here, and b) was fixed in 2.2.0.

What exactly does the tooltip DPS on Lacerate and Double Strike mean?

Do these account for a hit both swings, discounted by accuracy/crit/etc?

Yes, they include all those things.

What's Lacerate base range?


Is it possible to play a lacerate build with a stat-stick in off-hand(type dagger)? Or does it force off-hand attack even though the weapon type is not usable? Thanks.

It will not make an off-hand attack with a weapon type it can't use. There was a bug for a while where it would do so in some cases, but this has been fixed.

Why do I find myself stunned by physical hits with Immortal Call up? Going by the formula if I take 0 damage the chance should be 0%. I specifically tested this on Rhoa charge. Is the charge an exception?

Because they are using (old) shield charge, which has built-in stunning based on distance.

With the recent changes to Spark, I imagine you can have a big excess of projectile speed and skill effect duration.

How can we verify when we have enough for the 150 unit limit?

That isn't possible. There is no amount of increased duration and/or projectile speed that ensures the sparks will definitely reach a point more than 150 units from the character. It's entirely possible for infiinite-duration sparks to bounce/circle around within that radius, and never leave it.
In general, sparks will be more likely to stay within the radius in an enclosed space with walls to bounce off, and more likely to leave it in open areas, but it's still not guarunteed.

I only forgot to ask for three days straight, but: Spark has a re-arm time of 1000 milliseconds. What exactly does this mean?

This isn't really accurate terminology. What Spark does is that every 1000 milliseconds, the set of Spark projectiles from that firing lose their memory of which things they've hit. This means anything which had previously been hit by one of those sparks can now be hit by one of those sparks again. Previously this happened when one of them bounced and hadn't happened within the past 1000ms, but that's no longer the case (and would not have any effect since it now does it every 1000ms regardless of bouncing).

Discharge has a unit cap of 30, is this a technical limitation or a balance issue?

There is not one limit that applies to all skills, but there is generally a requirement that skill have a limit for technical reasons (as well as potential balance and or performance reasons) to the number of simultaneous hits that can occur.

Why isn't this conveyed to the player in a deliberate manner? There is no target limit listed on the gem, how are we supposed to know?

You aren't supposed to know. This isn't a game mechanic, it's a behind-the-scenes detail of how things work at a low level.

Blast Rain benefits from projectile damage modifiers, but somehow doesn't get projectiles added when supported by Lesser Multiple Projectiles/Greater Multiple Projectiles. Does this then mean that Blast Rain doesn't actually shoot projectiles?

Correct. It does not fire any projectiles.

What is the formula to calculate the time between a Blast Rain's first explosion and the arrow drawn animation by the character?

There is not a formula to calculate this, nor is there a specific "arrow drawn" animation on the character.

Using Blast Rain plays it's attack animation, which includes drawing an arrow. This animation takes the attack time of the skill to complete. At the point in that animation where the arrow is realeased (which may differ slightly between classes), the skill "goes off" and starts waiting for the explosions to fall. There's a 600ms delay before the first explosions falls (which is affected by modifiers to both attack speed and projectile speed), and the falling animation takes 270ms (cannot be modified).

If not, how is it even possible for projectile damage to apply to it?

By classifying it's damage as "projectile damage", just as was done for Rain of Arrows, because this made intuitive sense.

Does Curse effectiveness increase the "Other effects on Cursed enemies expire 40% slower" from Temporal Chains or the "2% of damage leeched as life" from Warlord's Mark?

Yes, it increases any numerical quality of the curse.

What affects shield charge movement speed? Movement speed modifiers, and attack speed modifiers (at least from the faster attacks support gem) seem to. What about base attack time of weapon, attack speed on gear or tree?

Movement speed modifiers and Attack Speed modifiers. Where they come from is irrelevant.

If I use "Summon Skeletons" on a spell totem, I'm assuming the damage those skeletons inflict is reduced by the spell totem's (35 to 26% less damage) penalty.

Yes. The penalty is "less Damage", and the skeletons are dealing damage, so are affected.

Why does Summon Raging Spirits not have a tool-tip DPS? This makes it extremely difficult to judge how much damage you are doing with different passives and support gems.

You aren't doing any damage. This is the basic reason - that skill cannot possibly deal damage. It summons a minion, which, once it's been summoned and thus has it's own entirely separate set of stats that aren't part of that skill or directly calculatable from that skill, that minion uses an attack that does damage.

This is inherently not DPS of the Summon Raging Spirit skill, and cannot be displayed as such.
The calculation of damage accounts for well over 6000 lines of code. Duplicating all of that with different inputs in order to attempt to predict the damage output of a monster that doesn't exist yet and thus has no stats is infeasible and would lead to massive problems with having to maintain the two sets of calculations in parallel.

There are improvements planned for the character screen in the long term, but for now the fundamental fact that the minion's damage is not the skill's damage, and has nothing to do with the skill's damage, makes this effectively impossible.

Kinetic Blast's "less Area Damage". Is this applied to the initial AoE hit and any DoTs that are caused by the AoE hit?


Why does the aftershock from Earthquake not give endurance charges on kill when you are using Blasphemy and Warlord's Mark?

It does give charges. However, if you move on and leave the aftershock to kill things, those might not still be in the aura when they're killed. It also doesn't get around the only one-charge-per-skill restriction, so if you kill something with the initial hit and get the charge, you won't get a second charge from the aftershock.

Earthquake's "Aftershock deals X% more damage". Is this applied to the initial aftershock hit and any DoTs created by the aftershock hit?

No. The aftershock is a specific part of the skill that hits things. Degens are inherently not the aftershock.

Mirror/Blink Arrow's "Minions deal 75% more damage". Is this applied to any hit the clone deals and any DoTs applied by that clone?

Correct. "Minion Damage" modifiers work by giving the minion the eqiuvalent "Damage" modifier as a base property.

Fire Nova Mine: does this work like Earthquake's description above (Is this applied to the initial repeat and any DoTs created by the repeat?

It is the same as Earthquake, but your description of Earthquake was wrong. It only applies to the hit.

Lets say I use Earthquake linked to Rapid Decay and Hypothermia, and I wear Voidheart ring. Would those supports scale poison and bleed?

Rapid Decay would. Hypothermia would not, because conditional effects on the enemy do not apply to damage over time. The stat descriptions of such effects will be reworked in 3.0.0 to make it more clear they do not apply.

Hi I was wondering if Rapid Decay gem would work with poison and bleed from Voidheart ring?

When I use gem setup like Earthquake - Melee Physical Damage - Less Duration - Rapid Decay - Increased Area of Effect - Fortify.

Yes. Note that this support gem has been renamed to Swift Affliction Support.

Hi, I was wondering how Earthquake interacts with Melee Damage on Full Life, specifically when using Blood Magic. As I understand it, the life cost is taken before the damage is calculated, so you won't get the increased damage on the initial hit, but if you return to full life before the aftershock goes off, would you gain the bonus to it, or is the instance of damage determined with the initial hit and delayed, thus you wouldn't gain the benefit?

The damage is the aftershock is calculated at the point it starts to go off, if you're at full life.

Does Earthquake's 70% more damage from the aftershock apply to poison/bleed inflicted by it?

No. This answer may be different in 3.0.0.

Based on some testing I did in Dried Lakes, it appears that Shield Charge's "200% more damage at max charge distance" multiplier does not affect poison/bleed damage. Based on the wording, it sounds like it's an unrestricted "more" modifier on all damage dealt by shield charge. Compare that to Earthquake's "more" damage effect on aftershock, which is also an unrestricted "more" modifier and yet EQ double dips on poison/bleed while Shield Charge doesn't. Similarly, supporting shield charge with conc effect allows conc effect's "more" modifier to double dip on poison/bleed as well.

It seems like Shield Charge's actual effect is either 200% more melee damage or 200% more attack damage considering it does not double dip poison/bleed. If that's intentional, I feel like that should be specified in the tooltip.

You are incorrect about Earthquake. Aftershock Damage modifier does not apply to any DoT created by the aftershock hit - it works the same way as shield charge. Damage over Time is not an Aftershock, nor does it have a meaningful value of "charge distance" that could let it benefit from that modifier.

In 3.0.0, all such modifiers are being reviewed, and some will change to apply to DoT aplied by their hits as well, since their application to the hit no longer has a knock-on effect on ailment damage. In addition, all such stat descriptions will be being reviewed, so any modifiers like this which do not apply to Damage over Time will be more clearly described in 3.0.0.

As such, the above answer is only valid for the current state of the game, and will no longer be accurate in 3.0.0.

Flamesurge's "50% more damage against burning enemies". Is this applied to the initial hit and any Poison effect on a burning enemy (since it can't ignite)?

This is hit-only, like all conditional damage modifiers. Degen can't check those.

Shield Charge's "200% more damage at maximum charge distance". Is this applied to the initial hit and any DoTs the charge may have caused (Voidheart ftw!)?

Only the hit has a charge distance. This only applies to the hit.

Does the "Deals 50% of Base Damage" on Shield Charge affect bleed or poison damage? I know it affects the initial hit, but does it double dip onto the bleed/poison?

Currently no. As discussed in the manifesto posts on the subject, in 3.0.0 this modifier will apply to the base damage, which means it will affect the damage over time, but this will not cause double-dipping.

Does increased area of effect apply to Shield Charge's width while traveling?

It applies to the area of the small area damage that's repeatedly dealt while travelling. It does not apply to the width of the character object.

Does Shield Charge's 200% more damage apply to poison/bleed inflicted by it?

No. This answer may be different in 3.0.0.

When shield charging directly on top of a stationary enemy, which damage applies first: the travel damage, the impact damage or both added together?

If you mean you're already on top of this enemy and charge no distance to reach them, then you never deal damage while travelling, because you don't travel.

If you just mean charging onto an enemies exact location from a distance away, then I can't answer that question. It depends on your speed and AoE, and the enemy's size. At the point you hit them and deal damage at the end of the skill, then your previous instance of dealing area damage while charging either did or did not reach that enemy's location, and thus hit them first.

In any case where an enemy does get hit by both one of the smaller instances of damage while charging and the final damage, the while-charging damage hits them first, because it happens while charging, where the larger area damage happens when you stop charging.

Flameblast's "110% more spell damage per stage". Is this applied to the initial hit only and to no DoTs caused by Flameblast as spell damage doesn't affect DoTs?


While I'm casting Flameblast, does my Arctic Armour affect reflect damage if I move to cancel flameblast?

No, because you're moving at the time it deals damage.

While I'm casting Flameblast, does casting Rallying Shout affect Flameblast damage if I use Rallying Shout to cancel Flameblast cast?

No. Flameblast will go off when you start casting Rallying Cry, not when Rallying Cry takes effect, which is later.

When do buffs affect a spell like Flameblast? Say I'm using Orb of Storms to proc Elemental Overload - if the buff is triggered after I begin channeling Flameblast, does it apply since it's active for the explosion? If the buff is active when channeling begins but times out before the explosion, it doesn't apply? Likewise, is crit for Flameblast itself determined on explosion or when you begin channeling?

Debuffs (eg elemental equilibrium and curses) simply need to be active on explosion, right?

Flameblast calculates it's damage when it explodes. It couldn't possibly do it sooner since it needs to know the number of stages you channel it to to know it's damage.

Why does Cyclone not work when under the effects of Vaal Rain of Arrows when you can still Whirling Blades?

Because Vaal Rain of Arrows removes your movement speed. Cyclone moves you at your movement speed, Whirling Blades ignores movement speed and moves you based on your attack time.

What is Cyclone's 'minimum travel distance' value?


Say I cast Cyclone far enough away that my character's going to spin 5 times for 10 total hits. Is the crit check of the first hit going to determine whether or not the next 9 hits crit?

Cyclone, like almost all skills, makes the crit roll once, when the skill is used. However, that does not mean the same as what you've written here. The crit roll is made before anything is hit, and it is compared to the chance to crit against each enemy that's hit with that use of the skill. If the chance to crit against all the enemies hit is the same, then they'll either all be crits or all not, since they're compared against the same roll. As noted above, if something means that the chance to crit some enemies is different, they might not be.

Why doesn't Magma Orb work with Slower Projectiles Support?

Because that projectile is not affected by projectile speed modifiers, so that support can't apply.

I have questions regarding the interaction between Lightning Warp and Remote Mine. Does the cast speed modifier still works or the mine overrides that status and make the cast instant?

Mines (and traps) do not cast things instantly. All cast speed modifiers still apply.

Also, what run speed base does it use?

Yours. It's casting your Lightning Warp skill, so uses your speed.

Does the first stage of Flameblast deal 100% tooltip damage, then each additional stage deals 110% more? This would result in a 10 stack Flameblast dealing 9*110% = 990% more damage, or 10.9x your tooltip.

Yes. I will look into making this clearer in the stat description when I get time.

A question about Wild Strike, how are the secondary effects calculated?

Exactly the same as the initial hit, but with different sets of modifiers applying to the same base damage, such as none of them being affected by melee-specific modifiers, and the fire/cold ones being affected by area/projectile damage respectively.

What are the ratios on the chosen effects?

Each effect is equally likely.

And how exactly does it interact with support gems?

The same as any other skill.

Using Elemental Focus, with a full lightning build, I cant seem to shock or freeze, but mobs still get ignited every once in a while.

If you're certain you're not using Herald of Ash or some other igniting effect, please make a post in the bug reports forum including which character this occurs on and your reproduction steps so we can look into this.

And how exactly is the tooltip calculated, is it just based on the initial hit, or does it take in to account the secondary procs?

The tooltip accounts only for the initial melee hit.

Does crafting +2 weapon range to weapon or adding AoE gem increase acquisition distance and attack range to Ancestral Warchief? What about increase AW radius helmet enchants? What is the default Acquisition and attack range of AW?

I don't know what you mean by "acquisition distance". Increasing weapon range will increase the range he can target at. Increasing AoE will increase the size of the AoE slam, and the range it can be targeted at, since the slam is restricted such that the edge of the area must be in range, not the centre.

I posted a question (bug?) about Ancestral Warchief's mechanics when dual wielding here. Could you check it out?

Please ask specific questions in this thread. This thread is not here to draw my attention to things, and will not work well for that purpose.

Regarding the content of that thread, Ancestral Warchief definitely only cares about main-hand attack speed. It's possible that it used to be bugged, but it is working correctly now.

What do modifiers to area of effect exactly do to Bladefall? They don't seem to change its width. Do they lenthen/shorten the individual volleys and the distance between them?

Area modifiers affec radius. The volleys are effectively sections along the edge of a large circle. Increasing radius makes them "longer" (more distance from closest to furthest area covered from player). Increasing the "width" is effectivly changing the angle along that circle that's covered, which is not available as a modifier.

Do the modifiers change the chance for monsters to be hit by multiple volleys?

Both the spacing and the "length" are increased the same, so the overlapping area is increased as well (but not as much if only the "length" was increased and they kept the same spacing).

Max slow - Temporal Chains + Slows
Can monsters be slowed more than 75% when using Temporal Chains + slows like chill/tar etc?

Tar is not a slow, it's reduced movement speed. There is no cap on Slow (if there was, Freeze wouldn't work - it's a 100% slow). There is a specific cap on the effect of Temporal Chains, at 75%, but this does not affect other slows.

How does Barrage actually function, do I hit more often when I stand in melee range and how are additional projectiles added in?

The projectiles have a small amount of variance in where they aim, so they'll spread more the further out they fly. This makes hitting closer entities easier than further ones.

Additional projectiles are fired one at a time after the bse projectiles - Bararge already has the additional projectiles stat to fire more than one. adding to it just adds to the number if fires.

If A is cursed with Assassin's mark, one possible outcome is that A recives a crit and B doesn't.

Yes. In this case, you still count as having crit with the skill.

If you crit, you support firestorm with power charge on crit level 1, you have 35% chance to get a power charge.

If you crit, you support firestorm with power charge on crit level 1, you have 92.4% chance to get a power charge (because the chance to roll for a power charge is different in each hit. But with a maximum of 1 because PCOC is limited to 1 charge per cast).

Each critical strike you get has a 35% chance to generate a power charge, but you can't gain more than one. In theory this should be a 35% chance to gain a charge if you get a crit (i.e. if you get at least one critical strike on A or B), but if you fail that roll, the skill doesn't know it tried, so will re-roll on each subsequent hit - the knowledge that you've already tried to gain a power charge for the crit is only possible if you have the charge. So it will currently keep rolling on each hit.

If you don't crit, you support firestorm with elemental proliferation (0% quality), and you have 15% chance to ignite, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 15% chance to ignite the pack (and elemental proliferation is pretty much useless).

-If you don't crit, you support firestorm with elemental proliferation (0% quality), and you have 15% chance to ignite, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 62.3% chance to ignite the pack (because the chance to roll for ignite is different in each hit).

Each hit has a 15% chance to ignite the monster being hit. That ignite will be based on that hit, and will proliferate to other enemies within a small radius. It's highly unlikely that one ignite will hit an entire pack unless you've gone to effort to compact them in, and even if it can, elemental proliferation is still not useless, as every hit proliferates, and since the strongest ignite applies, more individual hits igniting means some will roll more fire damage, and thus a stronger ignite, than others. Igniting each monster individually without proliferation is less good than igniting each monster idividually with proliferation, because if one of them rolls high, all of the enemies wi proliferation range take that higher damage.

When Herald of Thunder + increased critical strikes crits, does it crit for all the bolts it launches on his duration (6.0 seconds)?

Each bolt has it's own crit roll. They are independant.

Killing a shocked enemy while Herald of Thunder is active, augments the time it is active, start a "new" Herald of Thunder's "rain" (see previous question) or works as other status ailments (active the most powerful but when it expires the weak keeps working)?

When you kill a shocked enemy, it creates a set of lightning bolts. This is not an effect on you or a status ailment. Each set of bolts is independant (and has it's own location).

Herald of Thunder + Increased Critical Strikes + Power charge on crit: How often will it roll for a power charge? Every time a bolt falls? Only once for the entire duration of the Herald of Thunder duration (and to be able to get another charge only when there is a moment without herald of thunder active)? Or basically just any of the prior iterations?

Just like the above charge-gainging cases, it will roll on eahc time the event occurs, until you get the charge.

What are the differences between Herald of Thunder and Blade vortex hits?

Most things. They are very different skills, and trying to list all the differences here is beyond the scope of this thread. I need to know what in particular you want to know about the functionality of the skills.

WIs the Vaal Righteous Fire and Spell Totem incompatibility intended or not?

Yes. Vaal Righteous Fire cannot be totemified. It's fundamental to the design of the skill that it's drawback apply to the player.

Righteous fire + Hypotermia. Why doesn't work?

Conditional modifiers to damage can't apply to damage over time.

I've seen multiple people reporting that Blast Rain can't miss. Is that the case? If so is this a bug or working as intended (due to the explosions being secondary damage or something?)?

Blast Rain was bugged and incorrectly checking spell dodge rather than regular evasion+dodge.

How does that affect crit confirmation rolls?

Not at all. The bug only applied to the initial hit check.

What is the base (average) range of a Ethereal Knives projectile (with no increased/reduced projectile speed)?

The projectiles move at an average speed of close to 120 units/s for roughly 0.25 seconds of travel before they stop colliding with things, putting their effective range at somewhere around 30ish units. Then inherently have a variation of +/-40% base speed, but the average will be around 30.

What is the base (average) range of a Freezing Pulse projectile?

Similar calculation of around 165ish speed and 0.375s travel time suggests 60ish units.

Does Herald of Ice secondary effect work when the monster is shattered with spells cast through remote mine?

No. You have the Herald buff, but didn't shatter the enemy, and the mine did shatter the enemy, but does not have the Herald buff.

How far from the character are Spectral Throw projectiles are created (in units)? Is it based on weapon range like Molten Strike projectiles?

All projectiles originate from the edge of the player object, roughly 3 units from the player's centre (but varying with angle, as units measurements can only be integer, so rounding occurs).

What is Spectral Throw projectile hitbox size (1x3, 2x5 units or so), and how is it affected by weapon type?

All projectiles (and other game entities) are squares, defined by a radius (the squares are circles defined by using manhatten distance). Spectral Throw's radius is half of the weapon's base range (rounded down).

What formula used to calculate Bear Trap immobilization effect duration?

Base duration is 150ms per % of enemy max life dealt as damage, to a maximum of 1/3 of max life.

What is the blast base radius of Blast Rain?


Is it possible for Blast Rain's blasts to overlap exactly?


What is Blast Rain's overlap area's minimum size?

Technically, the exact targeted location. If you're not reducing the radius of the Blasts, then a 3-unit circle around that location.

Does the Blast Rain animation always match the actual 'blast' position?


What T value used to calculate Vortex cold damage over time pvp reduction?


Does increased AoE (from any source) affect the distance that Contagion/Essence Drain will travel when it jumps to nearby enemies? Or is the "nearby" a set number?

Yes, Contagion spreads itself and Essence Drain within it's area of effect when an aflicted enemy dies.

If you are using Righteous Fire, which says you burn for 90% of your max life and 70% of your max energy shield, when you are using eldritch battery, does the Energy Shield still count and both will add up and burn your life for that (70% ES + 90% Life)?

Yes. Energy Shield is still Energy Shield, regardless of what it's protecting.

Is this mechanic the same with blood rage?


I'm currently using Elemental Weakness but I think Vulnerability is better. Is this right?

That depoends on what other modifiers to damage taken are on the monster, and what it's resistances are.

Based on Abyssal Cry's lack of mentioned damage effectiveness, can we assume the effect is at 100%?


Does the cold damage, or other flat added damage, actually get added to the explosion?


Would flat added spell damage like on Apep's Rage work on Abyssal Cry?

No. Abyssal Cry does not deal spell damage, so additional spell damage can't apply. The explosion is secondary (non-spell, non-attack) damage.

Along those lines, what about (Vaal) Detonate Dead and Infernal Blow? Does flat added spell damage apply to their corpse explosions too? And at 100% effectiveness?

They are the same - the explosions are secondary damage, not spell or attack damage.

I've also noticed Explosive Arrow can be supported by Added Cold. Obviously the weapon attack portion of it benefits from the support, but what about the secondary explosion? Does that get any benefit from added cold, or other "adds X to attacks" or "adds X to spells" mods? What about generic added mods like on some boot enchantments?

This is also the same.

I understand how Barrage uses the first 40% of the total 'cast time' to wind up and the remaining 60% to evenly shoot the total projectiles, however many there are.

You really seem to be overthinking this. There is no reason to call this the 'cast time', as Barrage is an attack, and is not cast. Attacks do not have a cast time, they have an attack time. The base attack time is defined by the weapon, and is modified by attack speed modifiers.

Barrage is exactly the same as a normal attack in this respect. It's not doing anything special at all, just acting like any other attack.

How is the 'cast time' for Barrage modified by attack speed?

As mentioned above, there is no cast time, nor anything like it. Barrage has an attack time in exactly the same way as any other attack - the base comes from the weapon and it's modified by attack speed modifiers. Just like (almost) every other attack.

Does base weapon speed interact at all with Barrage? I don't understand where this fits into the equation, as there is no equivalent in spells.

Yes. There's no equivalent in spells, but there is in attacks, which Barrage is.

The character is normally using Tornado Shot, but for the Atziri fight itself I swap to Barrage. This obviously to prevent the reflect-damage from the split-phases because of the arrows spreading with Tornado Shot.

But after the split phases I receive reflect damage if I shoot Barrage at Atziri herself (NOT on the split-phases!). Is this normal?


I know traps cannot leech, but if one used the Assassin's Mark Curse, is the 'life gain on hit' applied to me or the trap (ergo does nothing)?

Trap can leech, but the leech goes back to the trap, because they're the thing that dealt the leeching hit. Life on hit is the same.

I was wondering if the gem 'Physical Projectile Attack Damage' boosts both the initial projectile damage as well as'double dipping' and also boosting the resultant poison damage-the same way that generic'projectile damage' does.

No. This modifier cannot apply to damage over time becaue damage over time fundamentall cannot be attack damage. In addition, poison does not deal physical damage.

Does Sunder take accuracy into account, or is/was it bugged like Blast Rain?

Yes, it does, because it's an attack. The Blast Rain bug was specific to Blast Rain, and the two skills are not at all related.
Note that Sunder only needs to pass an evasion check to cause a shockwave on a specific enemy - the shockwave will hit all enemies in it's range, regardless of evasion.

I've read that Melee Splash granted by Slayer's Impact node cannot be supported by an Increased AoE gem. So I realized that my Glacial Hammer's tooltips didn't have "XX% increase AoE radius" anymore, which seems to be the case.

Question: When I add an Elemental Proliferation into the setup, the "XX% increase AoE radius" reappear again. Which AoE is being increased ? The proliferation radius, the splash, or both?

Both. Impact adds splash to Glacial Hammer, but it can't change the type of the skill, so it isn't an area skill, and can't be supported by Increased Area. Adding Elemental Proliferation makes the Glacial Hammer an Area skill, meaning Increased Area Support can support it, and will increase all it's AoE, including the splash.

I have a question relating to the Punishment curse.

According to the tooltip, the cursed enemy is supposed to grant you the stated buff when it gets a Melee Hit on you.

On the wiki it is claimed that skills with On Hit effects will still apply on a Blocked Hit, because a Blocked Hit is still a Hit.

However I have tested Punishment and it does not grant you the buff if you Block the mob's Melee Hit.

Is this the intended behavior of the skill (tooltip might be updated to specify it must be a damaging hit?) or is this a bug?

Blocking in general prevents the attacker's on-hit effects, but allows the defender's on-hit effects to trigger. This is a rare case of an attacker's on-hit effect that's beneficial to the defender, so this seems like something we should change. I'll make a note to discus this with a designer.

If Phase Run gem which giving 80% visual reduced to enemies also is given by Raider (while at maximum frenzy charges)?

No. Phase Run and Phasing are different things.
Phasing is the property of being able to walk through monsters. It has no other effect.
Phase Run is a buff granted by a skill. It has a specific buff icon and visual effect, and grants multiple stats, including Phasing and the reduced visibility you mentioned.

How does attack speed and increase duration affect Vaal lightning strike?

Modifiers to attack speed apply to Vaal Lightning Strike the same as to any other attack - they modify the speed with which you execute the attack.
Modifiers to duration affect how long the "charged" state lasts on the monster.

How does Lightning Strike with 0 chance to Pierce and Chain support work with Frost Wall?

As of 2.4.0, your projectiles cannot collide with your Frost Wall at all.

If I hit in Melee Range with Lightning Strike, do the enemies take 2x damage, once from melee and once from the origin of the projectiles or are they both exclusive to range/melee?

The projectiles cannot hit the melee target. They can hit other enemies that took splash damage from the melee hit.

What determines if a projectile hits a Frost Wall? Sometimes it passes through (such as using Explosive Arrow), even though the character has no pierce chance. Are Frost Wall segments capable of evading?

Your projectiles cannot interact with your frost wall (as of patch 2.4.0). However, in the case of an enemy Frost Wall, the wall is made of multiple overlapping segments. Since projectiles cannot shotgun, only one projectile from a particular fireing can collide with each segment - this will sometimes allow some through.

Frost Wall segments do not have evasion, but the maximum chance to hit is 95%, so it is theoretically possible to miss one.

How does ignite damage apply to targets hit by multiple explosive arrows at one (eq. stacked on ice nove are a mob pack around bosses).

I ask because i sometimes experience extreme burn damage and others very little.

If i for example stack 5 arrows on the boss and 5 arrows in two separate stacks on an icewall, all in range to hit the boss. Lets say they explode simultaneously, Will ignite damage be calculated from the total 15 arrows or just the stack with the highest damage?

There are not 15 arrows in this example. When you hit an object with an Explosive Arrow, if it already has an explosive arrow, it doesn't add another arrow, it just adds a fuse charge to the object, which will affect the damage of the preexisting arrow when it explodes. The boss has one arrow in it, with 5 total fuse charges. If the other arrows are in other monsters, they also are two single arrows with 5 fuse charges. If they are not suck into any objects, but just hit terrain, then there is no object to add charges to, and so each arrow is individual - in that case there would be 10 arrows in the terrain, each with only a single fuse charge. As you can see, these are two very different cases.

Each arrow explodes entirely separately, and thus ignites separately, from any other arrows. The magnitude of the explosion (and thus any resulting ignite) depends on how many fuse charges were on the exploding object, as described in the skill description.

How does melee damage on full life interact with the ancestral totems?
Does the damage bonus depend on the character's life or the totems' life?

The character's. The support is granting your skill a bonus which is based on your life. The totems are using your skill - they don't have their own skill, which would have a bonus based on their life.

If I have Fireball with 100% chance to ignite, linked with Less Duration, Increased Duration and Rapid Decay, do either of the support gems affect the Fireball or the ignite?

No. Fireball cannot be supported by those support gems (at least, not without including other supports as well), and skill effect duration modfiers do not apply to ailments such as ignite.

I've noticed I can't detonate my mines when I'm silenced. Is this intentional and how does this compare to traps triggering and totems casting their spell when I'm silenced?

The skill "Detonate Mines" is a spell, and you cannot cast it while silenced.

Traps and Totems cannot cast your spells while you are silenced either.

Does flame totem work with projectile weakness? I mostly want to know about pierce chance and increased damage parts.

Flame totem fires projectiles, so the modifier on Projectile Weakness which increased damage taken from projectiles will of course apply. Flame Totem's projectiles already pierce everything, so the modifier on Projectile Weakness that lets projectiles pierce the cursed enemies will not do anything extra in this case.

If I'm using Arc (a non-AoE skill) as an Elementalist, do "% increased radius of area skills" nodes on the tree affect Beacon of Ruin radius?

Yes, although the description of those stats has since changed, in part to make interactions like this more clear.

What does the secondary duration of Frost Bomb do?

The base duration seems to be the time the Frost Bomb lasts until it detonates from my observation.
Is the secondary duration the amount of time the debuff Frost Bomb applies lasts?


From my observation the debuff Frost Bomb applies cannot stack - is my observation correct?

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Does Hypothermia's more damage affect Vortex's DoT?

No. Conditional modifiers cannot apply to DoT, because the condition could change during the DoT.

Rapid Decay: Can you clarify in which cases the gem actually works? I heard rumors that it does not apply to Righteous Fire, since its not technically a duration gem. However it will apply to Righteous Fire if it's linked with Spell Totem, because that makes it duration. Why is this?

You answered your own question here - because it's now a duration skill, and Rapid Decay only supports duration skills.

Follow-up question: does Rapid Decay work if I link it to a bow Skill (lets say Lightning Arrow - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce - Void Manipulation - Rapid Decay) and I use Snakebite to apply poison. Will Rapid Decay (and Void Manipulation for that matter) work with the poison indirectly applied through Snakebite?

Rapid Decay only supports duration skills.

Would Rapid Decay increase a DoT damage caused by Ancestral Warchief?

Assuming it was caused by the skill it's using (which is the supported skill) rather than finding some other weird way to apply a DoT, then yes.

Would Rapid Decay increase a DoT damage caused by Ancestral Warchief?

Yes (assuming it is supporting the Ancestral Warchief skill).

Cluster traps and Multi-traps reduce the damage done when it is tied to the gem even by something such as linking Mirror/Blink Arrow to trap and cluster trap the damage reduction applies to minions and so they do less damage when using either cluster or multi?

But also the reverse side doesn't apply the same way in that the trap damage when tied to a bow minion does not increase the damage.


Why does the Pierce Support gem work with skills that have 100% base pierce chance? Freezing Pulse for example.

Because it's a projectile support, and those are projectile skills. Making this specific interaction more detailed by implementing a specific new skill type for things that inherently pierce is both more trouble than it's worth and less futureproof.

Why does Melee Damage on Full Life not actually scale "melee" damage. It currently only scales Melee "physical" damage. Shouldn't the support be renamed Melee "Physical" Damage on Full Life? Alternatively make it scale all melee damage on full life. It would be really fun and cool to do melee elemental CI attackers.

Support names are indicative in general of what they do. They are explicitly not supposed to be full descriptions of exactly how they work. That's what the stat descriptions on the support are for.

Activation of Blasphemy aura with Cast When Damage Taken, is it actually intended mechanic?

No. Auras should not be triggerable. This will likely be fixed in future, but is not high priority.

I'd like to know which of the following increases the AoE of curses applied by Blasphemy:

a) general AoE nodes (like Amplify)
b) aura AoE nodes (like Leadership) No. Leadership (and other nodes like it) explicitly says it affects "non-Curse Auras". They thus do not affect curse auras.
c) curse AoE nodes (like Hex Master) Yes.
d) the level of the curse gem itself Yes.

I understand Item Rarity Support does affect mines and traps but, does it affect when a mob is killed by poison (caused by Poison Support) from that mine or trap?

Yes. Whenever a skill creates degen, it stores the relevant IIQ/IIR modifiers in that degen so they can be used if that degen gets assigned the kill.

I am playing a trapper relying on Poison. Currently I've linked Item Rarity to my Bear Trap but I am not sure if it works.
As I use Southbound gloves the enemies usually don't die from the trap as such, but from the poison caused by my Poison Support gem. Does rarity still work in this case?

If the poison is being applied by the Bear Trap then it has the Bear Trap's IIQ/IIR modifiers to apply if that degen kills the enemy.

I was faced with such a problem - I wear Cospri's Will and use 2 skills supported by Item Rarity Support (Essence Drain + ... + IR and Abyssal Cry + ... + Void Manipulation + IR) at one point I realized that I have no idea how it works/interact.
I read from Bex_GGG posts

Bex_GGG wrote:
There is no way to decide which degeneration effect killed an enemy, so it picks the one that has been on the monster the longest. If an enemy is affected by Essence Drain, Contagion and Righteous Fire, it will pick whichever one was applied first and check the Rarity of that skill. In other words, if you want to link a degen skill with Item Rarity, ensure you use that skill first.

Bex_GGG wrote:
The effects of the skill will be modified by all of the supports on the attack. It is affected by the relevant supports on the skill, it isn't supported by them. The only things that can be supported are active skills and poison is not a skill.

From this I can conclude that:
If I kill enemy via Abyssal Cry explosion, loot from him will affected by IR gem, right?

Yes, it will be affected by the Item Rarity support that is supporting the Abyssal Cry skill.

If I sweep in a porcupine pack, my Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) has a 1000 damage threshold and the porcupine's spikes deal 900 damage, my CWDT set up will never trigger, or will trigger when I get hit by a second spear?

It will trigger on the second hit, and then reset the skill's damage count.

Note that each skill tracks damage separately (and does not count damage recieved while on cooldown) so it's not technically correct to say the CwDT setup has a damage threshold. The support is separately supporting each individual skill by giving that skill it's own threshold.

I'm already stunned. I'm also hit by hit that will stun me. Can Cast when Stunned proc in that situation?


If traps can hit, why won't Curse on Hit work with them?

Because the skill you used that was linked to Curse on Hit and a Curse threw a trap but never hit anything, and the skill the trap was the trap's only skill, and had no curses to apply. Traps do not have sockets. when you trappify a skill, you're changing that skill to create a trap that will have only that skill, and none of your other ones.

If I use an item like 'Cospri's Will' or 'Voidheart' to cause poison on hit, and link any melee attack skill with Void Manipulation, will Void Manipulation inrease the damage of the poison dot?


How does Remote Mine pick a direction to cast linked Frost Wall if there is no target in the Mine Detonation Radius? Is it random?

Yes, it's random.

Does Hypothermia Support grant additional damage on hit vs target affected by Chilled Ground?

Chilled ground applies Chill, so yes.

Working with the Hypothermia Support and Elemental Focus Support gem on Vortex.

I am using ice golem (if that even matters), and vortex is linked to elemental focus support however I am noticing that monsters that get hit by vortex still "appear" to be getting "chilled".

My question is are these monsters actually chilled? And will Hypothermia Support gem along with the Elemental Focus Support work?

The Vortex skill cannot chill enemies directly when it hits them, but it still places a ground effect which chills enemies standing in it. Because the enemies are bein chilled by the ground effect, not directly by the skill, this is "getting around" the restriction on Elemental Focus.

Does the Slower Projectiles Support Gem and %increased Projectile Damage passive nodes increase the damage of the Explosive Arrow Explosions?

Yes, the explosions deal projectile damage.

What gems without the spell tag benefit from stuff like Added Cold?

Any that hit something for damage. This includes, but is not limited to, all attack skill gems.

I have a bow with 100 Physical damage, local to the weapon. I link Puncture with the Trap Support gem, does the bow damage effect the resulting damage at all?

Traps and mines, just like totems, are using your skills, not their own. This means those skills use your stats, inlcuding your currently equipped weapon in the case of attacks.

I haven't been able to find out how exactly some traps (Blade Sentries, Sawblades, Spinning Blades) deal damage. Specifically, I want to find out whether they deal damage over time or use a rapid sequence of hits.over time).

Those three traps all exclusively deal damage-over-time. None of them can hit.

Along the same lines would auras like Herald of Fire/Hatred have the same effect?

Herald of Fire is not an aura, it's a buff skill.

This buff is on you, so it's stat modifications are applying to your skills, including the one used by the trap. However, Heralds have additional effects when the thing with the buff kills something under specific circumstances, and since the trap doesn't have the actual buff, it can't trigger those.

Hatred is similar - if it's affecting your stats, your skill as used by the trap is affected. The trap itself can't be affected by the aura, and it wouldn't be useful if it could, since that would affect the Trap's offensive stats, that would affect it's own skills (which is doesn't have).

Does Elemental Proliferation apply Item Rarity and Item Quantity?


I was wondering about some poison mechanics. If I link Tornado Shot with the Poison Support gem and Greater Multiple Projectiles, how many poison stacks could theoretically apply? Is it one stack for the whole Tornado Shot hit or is it one stack for each arrow from Tornado Shot that hits the target?

Each hit is independant of other hits, and can apply poison.

Just noticed that the Controlled Destruction support gem is affecting Cyclone which is an attack skill is this working as intended or a bug?

This is correct.

Other question will Controlled Destruction Support gem (Spell, Support) add damage to Summon Raging Spirits gem (Spell, Minion, Duration, Fire)?

Controlled Destruction increses Spell Damage - Raging Spirits do not deal Spell Damage, they only use a melee Attack. You can support the skill, but the only effect it will practically have is reducing the spirits' critical strike chance.

Totems have default Placement Speed 0.6s. Will Less Duration Support reduce it?

No. Totem Placement Speed and Duration are entirely unrelated concepts. That gem will reduce the Totem's duration - how long it can last before it dies.

If i have an attack linked with Slower Projectiles (adding more projectile damage), and i poison on hit from the unique chestpiece, Cospri's Will, would the projectile damage increase also scale the poison damage, just like jewels with projectile damage do, or would it just scale the basic attack, thus scaling the poison damage a little.

Currently yes. This will not be the case in 3.0.0, unless a you have a stat which specifically allows it to apply.

From an older thread several years ago, you said that the 'Trap' support gem works on Minions, like from Mirror Arrow, but that trap passives do not buff the resulting minions' damage. However, does the 'Trap and Mine Damage' support gem work with minions supported by 'Trap'?

Damage from minions hitting things is inherently not trap damage. The support will work with minions in that it grants the minions more Trap and Mine damage, which will benefit them if they use any traps or mines. If they don't, which most minions can't, then they can't deal Trap or Mine damage, and thus can't benefit from that bonus.

On that same note, in this case where you are summoning minions with Trap, would frenzy charges on your character at the time of throwing the trap buff the minions' damage?

No. Frenzy charges on you affect your damage, not your minion's damage.

Can Multistrike ignite on each hit, or is there a limit of one ignite per use of the skill per monster?

Yes, it can.

Does Hatred aura and Added Fire Damage Support gem double dip on stats like trap damage, minion damage, projectile damage, meaning that those stats increase both the physical portion of the hit and the % added cold/fire?

They will apply to the extra damage, but this does not cause double-dipping. The modifier only applies once to each part of the damage.

Also, that damage is not added damage (this matters for things like "Effectiveness of Added Damage" on gems).

Why doesn't Concentrated Effect work with Abyssal Cry?

It does.
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Why is Elemental Overload worded to only work with players and not totems?

It's worded that way because that's what it does, and having the wording say something else would be problematic.

I can tell you how it does work (you need to crit something, so your totems critting something won't cut it, but once active, since totems use your skills, they benefit from it), but not why that decision was made.

How exactly does weapon flat damage interact with passives? Does it calculate from the total weapon damage or from the affix and base weapon damage, and then gets amplified by the weapon mod?

All local modifiers on a weapon contribute to that weapon's damage, which can be seen on the item. This total is what you get as base damage for equipping the weapon, to which your modifiers apply.

If I choose the Shamanistic Fury passive node (24% increased Totem Damage) does that help to counteract the penalty of reduced damage when using Summon Skeletons on a spell totem?

No. The bonus is "increased Totem Damage", and the skeletons are not dealing Totem Damage.

If I use poisoning minions, is the duration of their poison affected by my Increased Duration passive nodes (I would guess no)?
What about by an Increased Duration gem linked to them (I would guess yes)?

Correct on both counts.

Do monsters have passive trees of their own?

No. Monsters do not have passives.

For example, do Undying Grapplers have something like "200% increased life, 100% increased lightning damage" from their tree, and as such the damage they deal with Discharge is at it's highest when Power Charges are being Discharged?

Monster's skills may have such damage modifiers. In addtion, monsters get increased life and damage (among other modifiers) for being magic/rare/unique, and get increased life based on the number of players in the party.

Why don't totem attack and cast speed nodes work with flame/spell totem?

They do. They won't affect cast speed as shown on your character screen, because that can only show the speed your character would use the skill at.

Does Mind over Matter effect status ailment and stuns? E.g. I get hit for 100 damage: is the stun calculated from 100 damage or 70 damage?

You took 100 damage, the stun was calculated on the damage you took. MoM does nothing at all to modify how much damage you take, just where it's taken from.

Does a Jewel socket on the tree count as a passive node?

Technically, yes. I'm not aware of any way in which this could matter.

What is the Minion Instability explosion base radius?


I've noticed that projectile pierce on the tree affects minions. I also remember that Deadeye's +1 projectile worked with minions (I could be wrong on this though).

Neither of those apply to minions.

What other passives work with minions then? I'm specifically interested in Elementalist's Beacon of Ruin.

The only passives which affect minions are passives which explicitly say they affect minions (or those that apply aura-style effects to nearby allies, since your minions are inherently your allies).

Suppose I have Elemental Conflux active, charge Flameblast on a lone mob, that isn't ignited or burning. Flameblast hits and ignites. Does Celestial Punishment increase the initial hit?

No, because you didn't hit an Ignited enemy.

Does it directly increase the ignite damage?


So Celestial Punishment will only increase my damage if I hit an enemy that is already burning?

The enemy needs to be Ignited (or Shocked or Frozen), not just burning. Righteous Fire (among other examples) burns enemies, but does not ignite them.

I was hoping to do an ES based righteous fire build and thought that the regen acquired from Zealot's Oath would be affected by the Recovery Rate modifiers.

However, since I saw a reddit post, I was led to believe my idea won't work.

It will be.

This is because the character panel is showing a value for regeneration, while the modifier applies to all recovery - the game has no value that shows regeneration affected by that modifier, since that modifier isn't applied until all forms of recovery (regeneration, leech, etc) have been summed, and it applies to have value, not to each one separately (this prevents rounding errors).

Are the Ascendancy auras affected by the passive nodes that increase the radius of aura skills?

No, as they are not aura skills.

Have a question about Righteous Fire and Eldrich battery.
Wanted to go Eldrich Battery and Hierophant, but noticed that Sanctuary of Thought adds 25% of mana to max ES. And this ES will affect my RF burning damage taken. Makes this passive kinda useless for RF users. Was this intended? You have andjusted Lab traps damage not to scale with ES covering mana, but did not adjusted RF. Was this intended? Will this issue remains in later patches?

This is correct behaviour and unlikely to change. Not everything is supposed to work well with everything else.

Regarding Elemental Equilibrium. Assuming my previous method is correct. If I have EE (with cold attack dmg) and GMP and I shoot a full stack of 25 into the ice wall and before they blow up I hit the monster with cold EE will:

a.) All arrows blow up simultaneously all getting the benefit of the lowered fire resistance

b.) 1 arrow blows up first and proccing fire EE lowering the damage of all the others.

Only one explosion can benefit from the Elemental Equilibrium debuff. It then applies a new EE debuff with the elements it hit with, which will impeed further explosions.

Right now I have Piercing Shots notable, as well as the 10% at the start of it's wheel.
I also am using the pierce support gem for another 50% pierce. I am also using a corrupted Drillneck (That still has it's regular implicit) for another 10%

30% = Piercing shots
10% = Piercing shots' starting node
50% = Pierce support gem
10% = Drillneck implicit

However every single bow skill says "90% Chance of projectiles piercing"

I cannot find a reason for it to be missing 10% pierce. I personally think its some kind of bugged interaction as I can't figure out any interaction that could cause me to lose only 10%, but I guess if I was directed here it might just exist.

You have 90% chance for Projectiles to pierce, and 10% chance for Arrows to peirce (from Drillneck). All arrows are projectiles, but not all projectiles are arrows, so these are technically separate stats. In practice, all your arrows will have 100% total chance to pierce, and other projectiles will have 90%.

Say I decide to use Elemental Hit with Avatar of Fire.

Presuming (for simplicity) that the hits of Ele Hit are in order Fire -> Cold -> Light, what damage and how much will each hit deal?

Will it be:

1) First hits deals fire; the same base dmg as the gem says, nothing more. Second hit does fire (former cold) at half the value of the cold dmg listed on the gem. Third hit does fire (former light) at half the value of the light dmg listed on the gem.


2) First hit does fire dmg as listed on the gem PLUS half the cold PLUS half the light; and all subsequent hits follow the same logic, dealing the full fire plus half and half of the other elements as fire.

The first one. Elemental Hit only adds one type of damage to each hit, not all three.

If I do not pick up Unstoppable and get Art of the Gladiator instead, does it work the same way? Will I get the movement buff/penalty from Queen of the Forest?

Art of the Gladiator prevents the inherent movement speed penalty from wearing armour items. It does not interact with the explicit mod on Queen of the Forest.

Say I decide to use Elemental Hit with Avatar of Fire.

Presuming (for simplicity) that the hits of Elemental Hit are in order Fire -> Cold -> Light, what damage and how much will each hit deal?

Will it be:

1) First hits deals fire; the same base damage as the gem says, nothing more. Second hit does fire (former cold) at half the value of the cold damage listed on the gem. Third hit does fire (former light) at half the value of the light damage listed on the gem.


2) First hit does fire damage as listed on the gem PLUS half the cold PLUS half the light; and all subsequent hits follow the same logic, dealing the full fire plus half and half of the other elements as fire.

The first one. Elemental Hit only adds one type of damage to each hit, not all three.

Last league, I was playing a Sunblast trapper (100% reduced trap duration), and I wasn't sure if I needed Clever Construction, so I specced out of it and threw some traps on burning ground. They still exploded, so I assumed that I didn't need Clever Construction, and left myself specced out of it. I never had any other problems on that character, but I didn't play him for very much longer.

This league, I'm playing another Sunblast trapper, and I can VERY clearly see my traps dying to almost any ground effect. Was a change made? Was my testing last league done incorrectly?

In 3.0.0, traps were changed to be invulnerable to all damage while arming and while using their skill. This means if they have no duration, they have no point at which they are vulnerable, and they will be unable to die.

Prior to 3.0.0, this depended on how much fire damage per second the burning ground is dealing. If it dealt enough to total 1 damage in the time it takes the trap to arm and start using the skill - which is a small but nonzero amount of time - it would die, and otherwise it would not (or at least not until after the skill has "gone off"). It's possible the burning ground you tested on was weaker than that you faced in practice.

Iron Grip says that the strength bonus to Physical Damage applies to projectiles. Does that mean that it grants projectile damage, or physical projectile damage?

It expands from being a modifiers to melee (attack) physical damage (attack is implied, as melee is attack-specific), to modifying melee and projectile attack physical damage.
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What's the official name for Ascendancy abilities such as Headsman and Paragon of Calamity? They don't seem like Keystones, but they are also more significant than Notables.

Technically, they are Notables, although since you can't socket an Inspired Learning jewel near them, this doesn't matter mechanically. I'm not aware of any other specific name for them.


Are the Slayer's Headsman bonuses to area of effect radius and damage multiplier on kill treated as buffs and will they be scaled by Ichimonji's increased buff effect?

No. Buffs can be identified by having a visible icon with a green border. Anything without that icon or with a different border is not a buff.

Is the Slayer's Headsman passive supposed to prevent on kill effects from curses like Poacher's Mark, Assassin's Mark, and Warlord's Mark?

No. It does not do this and is not intended to. I don't understand why you think it would be?

Relation between Bane of Legends and Endless Hunger in the Slayer tree. Say I do 100% of health in a hit that has 30% health left. Do I get 20% of that 70% overkill or is it 20% of 90% as it culls at 20% health left? Or is it just something entirely different, I don't entirely understand how cull and overkill works.

Overkill and culling (and by extention, the Bane of Legends effect, which is not culling) can fundamentally never interact. Overkill occurs if your hit kills an enemy and dealt more damage than the enemy's remaining life. Culling ocurs if your hit didn't kill an enemy but brought them to below 10% of their maximum life (the Bane of Legends effect is the same, but for 20%). These can't be true at the same time.

If you have Endless Hunger, the Slayer node, and Atziri's acuity; if you leech instantly to full health with Acuity, does the leech that hasn't been happening instantly still continue?


Are bows considered "Two Handed Weapons"? For example do the Slayer's bonuses to "Two Handed Weapons" apply to them? I'm assuming yes, but I ask because Heavy Strike states it works with "Two Handed Weapons" but doesn't work with bows.

Yes, bows are two-handed weapons. They are not two-handed melee weapons, which is a more common thing to see referenced in the passive tree, but as you point out, the Slayer's bonuses are more generic, and thus will apply to bows.


I have taken the Ascendancy Skill node Outmatch and Outlast which grants:

→ 25% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill with Main Hand
→ 25% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill with Off Hand

I am playing an Obliterate wander that scales Chaos damage to get most of my kills, which as a result leads to most of my kills coming by way of either the poison DoT or the Obliteration on death proc. It would seem as though neither of these types of kills result in the kill being credited to my character and thus I do not reliably generate charges.

You are incorrect - those kills are credited to your character. They are, however, inherently not main-hand, nor off-hand kills, which means that passive cannot apply to them.

For Gratuitous Violence: do I get increased damage from sulfur flasks? Is the AoE increased from passives? Do I +1 base crit chance from the Assassin subclass?

Yes, Yes, Yes. The explosions are caused by you and use your stats. The skills are just like any other skills, and you can check them in the character panel to see things apply.

Does the Gladiator's Outlast and Outmatch endurance charge gain trigger on shield themed abilties? Reckoning and shield charge are the only two I can think of at the moment. Or do those count as dealing damage with your actual weapon?

Those skills are both attacks, which are performed with your weapons.

Does IIQ/IIR apply (also from the gems in my attack skill), when I kill mobs with bleeding, but especially when mobs die from Gratuitous Violence?

If a monster dies to the damage from Gratuitous Violence explosions, then it by definition wasn't killed by your attack skill, and can't benefit from IIQ/IIR supports on that skill. It will be affected by such modifiers on your character, but not on a skill that didn't kill it.

Actually I'm testing some Gladiator build and I noticed my melee totems blow up thing with my Gratuitous Violence gladiator ascendancy node. But it specifically says "Bleeding enemies "you" kill explode" I don't even need touch enemy just when my totems kill them they blow up.

This is a known bug with assignment of kills from damage over time. If your totem's damage over time kills an enemy, then it counts as you killing the enemy, not the totem. This is necessary to avoid problems in the case where the totem doesn't exist any more, and the kill can't be assigned. It will be fixed in the long term.

Does the Gladiator's bleed explosion work with minions?

That stat applies to Bleeding enemies you kill. If your minions kill them, then they would need to have that stat to cause the explosion, and I don't believe that's currently possible.

Do both the Gladiator's bleed explosion and Montregul's explosion happen?

In a hyppothetical case where you manage to get a Zombie that has the Gladiator stat, they would both occur, yes.

I was curious about the Gladiator ascendancy node Outmatch and Outlast. It reads:
25% chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill with mainhand
25% chance to gain an endurance charge on kill with offhand

I was curious the relationship between this node and a build that uses a 1H and shield.

Does this node only apply to dual wielding?

The offhand part can only be triggered when dual wielding. The main-hand part can always apply.

Does Outmatch and Outlast work for an ability such as Shield Charge, which uses the shield to do damage?

No. Shield charge does not use the shield to deal damage, it uses the main hand. The shield is thematically responsible for the stun/knockback.

Can the frenzy charge portion of Outmatch and Outlast proc if you are unarmed?

Yes. Unarmed attacks are always technically main-hand.



Also does the poison stack with the ascendancy affixes in the Assassin tree?
Meaning, will the Voidheart affix apply another stack of poison if I already applied poison from the flat % that Noxious strikes gives?

Any given hit either does or does not apply poison. It cannot apply multiple instances of poison.

The Assassin node "Toxic Delivery" notes "Poison Damage you inflict with crits deals 100% more damage", which is obvious in its mechanics, but "Bleeds you inflict on Maimed enemies deals 100% more damage". If you apply Bleed and Poison on the first attack, and Maim on the second, will the bleed from the first hit benefit from the mod?

No. That was not a Bleed you inflicted on a Maimed enemy - you inflicted it on a non-maimed enemy.
More generally, DoT cannot update to account for changes in state.

If you don't crit, and you have Unstable Infusion, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 10% chance to gain a power charge.

-If you don't crit, and you have Unstable Infusion, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 46.8% chance to gain a power charge (because the chance to roll for a power charge is different in each hit).

Each critical strike you get has a 35% chance to generate a power charge, but you can't gain more than one. In theory this should be a 35% chance to gain a charge if you get a crit (i.e. if you get at least one critical strike on A or B), but if you fail that roll, the skill doesn't know it tried, so will re-roll on each subsequent hit - the knowledge that you've already tried to gain a power charge for the crit is only possible if you have the charge. So it will currently keep rolling on each hit.

Is it possible to apply Bleed, Poison and Maim by a single 'lucky' hit if Noxious Strike node is allocated?

Yes, but only if the enemy was already bleeding and poisoned. Noxious Strike cannot apply poison unless you hit a bleeding enemy. If you hit a non-bleeding enemy, and caused them to bleed, you still hit a non-bleeding enemy.

Is it possible to apply Poison (via Poison Support) and Maim with a single hit vs not (previously) poisoned target if Noxious Strike node is allocated?

Yes, but only if the enemy was already bleeding and poisoned. Noxious Strike cannot apply poison unless you hit a bleeding enemy. If you hit a non-bleeding enemy, and caused them to bleed, you still hit a non-bleeding enemy.

I am an Assassin and I am using Noxious Strike and Toxic Delivery. Will the bleeding and poison damage over time still take affect if an enemy is chilled or frozen?

Yes. Freezing or Chilling enemies has no bearing on them being Poisoned or Bleeding, other than the fact that being Frozen will prevent them from voluntarily moving.

Will Assassin's Toxic/Noxious Strike roll once on multistrike or will it roll in each individual strikes?

Each hit.

Is it possible to proc multiple Noxious Strike's triggers (bleed/poison/maim) with a single attack on a previously unaffected enemy? i.e. If I hit a healthy enemy with a regular skill, does it only roll the 30% to bleed and stop, or does it then roll the 40% chance to poison since the enemy is now bleeding.

You did not hit a Bleeding enemy, so that chance to Poison cannot apply.

If I have 50% crit chance and Ambush/Assassinate's 100% more critical strike chance active, would my hit have 100% chance to crit or still get capped at 95%?

95%. The only thing different about that modifier is that it stacks multiplicatively with other modifiers to the same value, rather than additively. It does not remove the cap.

How does Assassin's Ambush interact with spells like Firestorm that roll crit when you cast them? Do spells like these just not benefit from this keystone?

All skills, with very few exceptions, roll crit once, when the skill is used. Firestorm isn't special in this respect, that's just how crit works.

The critical strike chance against some enemies can be higher than against others - in cases such as these, if the skill's crit roll falls between the two, it will crit some enemies but not others.

Does projectile weakness buff the bleeds/poisons caused by the Assassin ascendancy nodes?



Blinding Assault: does the 25% chance to blind on hit proc with traps


How does Saboteur's "Chain reaction" and "Bomb Specialist" interact?
Suppose that I have 10 traps on the ground and one trap triggers, which causes all traps to trigger. Do all traps get the 10*8% damage bonus?

This depends on the traps. The traps don't stop existing until they've finished using their skill. If the skill is one that calcualtes damage at that point, such as Ice Nova, then the traps will be there at the time damage is calcualted, and apply. If they fire projectiles which don't hit anything until after the trap has already gone, then they won't be there when that projectile hits something and calculates it's damage.

Yes. Freezing or Chilling enemies has no bearing on them being Poisoned or Bleeding, other than the fact that being Frozen will prevent them from voluntarily moving.

No. It says it increases your damage, not their damage taken. It would have to say something like "Blinded Enemies take x% increased Damage from you" to be a modifier to damage taken, like the one from Vulnerability.

I'm curious about an interaction with the Saboteur node "Born in the Shadows". Does the 30% increased damage against blinded enemies work like Vulnerability?

No. It says it increases your damage, not their damage taken. It would have to say something like "Blinded Enemies take x% increased Damage from you" to be a modifier to damage taken, like the one from Vulnerability.

The Saboteur node Demolitions Specialist has the following lines:

20% increased Mine Laying Speed if you Detonated Mines Recently
40% increased Damage if you Detonated Mines Recently

Can I take the "you" as an indicator that these won't work with Spell Totem - Detonate Mines?

Yes. If the totem detonated mines, but you didn't, you won't get the bonus.


When I use Freezing Pulse linked with Spell Echo and have the Trickster node Weave the Arcane which gives me "20% chance to Recover Mana on Skill use" will that chance roll once per spell echo or twice?

You only used the skill once, and it repeated. It rolls once per skill use.

Is Shade Form working as intended?

Mechanically, yes.

The passive is clearly written as "20% more evasion chance when not on full Energy Shield", which you knew already.

This is incorrect. The passive says "20% more chance to Evade Attacks while not on full Energy Shield". This may seem pedantic, but given that wording is very specific in some cases, it's not a good idea to use quote marks around something that isn't actually the text used in the game.

My question is in regards to the "Increased Recovery Rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield" on the Trickster node and "Increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate" on the Fur Shawl. Does life/energy shield recovery mean something different to life regeneration?

Yes, those terms are different. Recovery refers to all forms of gaining something. Regeneration is merely one form of Recovery.


How is "8% reduced Elemental Damage Taken while at Maximum Endurance Charges" from the Unrelenting Juggernaut notable calculated? My initial thought was that it just removed a flat 8% from the final damage directed to the character, but it feels a lot more powerful than that in practice (which might just be me imagining things, I admit).

It's just the same as any other modifier to damage taken - it affects damage taken by the character, after all mitigation (resitances, etc). Since it's reduced, it will be additive with other increased/reduced damage taken modfiers, such as Fortify or Shock.

Consider that I am a Juggernaut with Unrelenting, 10 max endurance charges, 0 armor or other mitigation, two Heartbound Loops, Kingsguard, and a lvl 1 cwdt linked to immortal call. I self-cast summon skeletons. In what order do things happen when the skeletons disappear?

I spent some time trying to work out how you intended to gain endurance charges to make any of this matter before working out you have Unflinching as well. In the future, please note that it's really helpful if you explicitly mention everything which matters to the case at hand.

One of your skeletons will expire, dealing you 350 damage, which isn't enough to set off your Immortal Call, which has a threshold of 528 from level 1 CwDT.
You have a chance to gain an endurance charge from Unflinching. If you succeed at that chance, you have a chance to instead gain 10 endurance charges.

The second skeleton expires, later in the same frame unless some really weird shit it happening (i.e. no in-game time has passed).
This deals you another 350 damage, meaning Immortal Call has reached it's damage threshold and triggers.
Depending on the results of the previous chances, at this point you have 0, 1 or 10 Endurance Charges, which will be consumed and modify the duration of Immortal Call.
You gain life from Kingsguard if charges are consumed this was.
You have a chance to gain an endurance charge from Unflinching. If you succeed at that chance, you have a chance to instead gain 10 endurance charges.

You end this process with either 0, 1 or 10 Endurance charges, and an Immortal Call buff. If you have more than zero charges, when they later expire, you'll gain life from Kingsguard.

When wearing Daresso's Defiance and allocating the Unflinching notable, when you are hit (and assuming both effects trigger), do you first gain an Endurance Charge and then lose it, gaining at least 1 second of Onslaught, or do you lose all Endurance Charges, gain Onslaught, and then gain one Endurance Charge?

The former, although you aren't guaranteed at least 1 second of Onslaught in all cases - if your maximum number of Endurance Charges is 0, the initial gaining of a charge will fail, and you won't have any to lose.

I had a few questions about an interaction between Iron Reflexes and some evasion equipment. If I wear Queen of the Forest with the Juggernaut ascendancy passive Unstoppable will my movement speed be at 0% because of the penalty or will it be ~14% and unaffected by the Queen of the Forest's movement penalty.

You have no Evasion Rating due to having converted it all to Armour with Iron Reflexes. Queen of the Forest cannot grant you any movement speed in that situation. It still grants 25% reduced Movement Speed, but this is cancelled out by the Unstoppable node, assuming you don't have any other bonuses to movement speed.


Does the life/mana recovery from the "War Bringer" occur before or after the damage from Scold's Bridle?

Before. If you're on very low life values, you'll gain the life in time for it to be a buffer against Scold's damage.

One thing I've been curious about for a while is how more multipliers stack up together, when from different sources.

Lets say you are a Beserker, and have the 40% more damage from Aspect of Carnage. Then you go ahead and get another 20% more damage from 5 frenzy charges.

Are these two simply added together to make 1.6x damage, or are they multiplied together to result in 1.68x damage?

"More" (and "less") multipliers never add together. They are always mutliplicative.


When totems taunt (Chieftain passive), do they become the target, or does the player (since totems represent players in certain ways)?

The totem is a seperate object from the player. If the totem taunts an enemy, the totem is the taunt target.

Hinekora and instant leech: Chieftain's "Hinekora" node now gives "1% of damage dealt by your totems is leeched to you as life". Does it work with any of the instant leech sources? ( acuity, legacy Vinktar, vaal pact)

Yes. This node does nothing to change how leech applies to you, it just leeches life.

I have some questions about the reflect mechanics for The Chieftain notable Tukohama. This is reflected damage and as such does not benefit from any increases or decreases to player damage. I would guess it doesn't benefit from increases to Totem damage as well.

Correct. Reflected damage is separate from you, it isn't calculated with your stats, so isn't affected by them.

But does Elemental Penetration affect it? I'm pretty sure Flammability should increase its damage, but does Fire Penetration Support do anything to this damage?

No. Reflected damage does not have your offensive stats, so cannot be affected by them.

How about ignite? Can it ignite from Chance to Ignite and can that be affected by Increased Burning Damage supports and passives? Could that ignite Proliferate (Checking the Wiki makes this one seem unlikely as well)?

Reflected damage cannot cause on-hit effects.

How big is the area affected by the Reflect and can it be increased by Support Gems, Gear, or Passives?

The base range is 12. Since it originates from the totem, not you, and is not part of your skill being used by the totem, it will only be affected by the totem's modifiers to area, not yours - currently I don't believe there's any way to give them any such modifiers.

Tukohama, War's Herald node.

1. Totems have 50% of your armour
If I have 1000 base armour, and 200% increased armour from tree. Then I have 3000 armour total.

So. My totems will receive 50%. WIll it be 1000*0.5 = 500 or 3000*0.5 = 1500?

The second. You have 3000 armour, your totems get 50% of that value.

Hinekora, Death's Fury node.

1% fire damage leeched to totem
1% damage to totemer

1. Let's say we take 10% increased life leeched per second from the passive skill tree. Does it mean the totem will leech now 1.1% of fire damage and the totemer will receive as life 1.1% of total damage dealt by totem?


2. Let's say we have life leech gem attached to spell totem gem. This gem gives 2% life leech and 50% increased life leeched
Now totem leechs 1% fire damage and 2% all damage
This 50% increase will be applied only to 2% or to 1% too? Will totem leech (1% fire damage + 3% all damage) or (1.5% fire damage and 3% all damage)?

It applies to all life leech from the supported skill.

What will receive totemer: same 1% total, or 50% from gem will increase it to 1.5



What is the Beacon of Corruption's poison cloud base radius?


I am playing Necromancer with the Ascendandy Key Node "Mistress of Sacrifice" (Offerings target yourself) and I tried the new spell "Spirit Offering" but either it's not working as intended or I am bad at calculating.

My Character has 325 Int which results in 65% bonus ES
Through the skill tree my Character gets 124% bonus ES

So overall 189% ES

My Character has 4784 Maximum Life and Spirit Offering gives 2% Maximum Life as Energy Shield per Corpse (Up to 9 Corpses)

After casting my Character should have

4784 * 0,02 * 9 * (1+ 189/100) = 2488 Energy Shield

This is only correct if you do not have any modifiers to Maximum Life, which I strongly doubt. You get extra base ES from your base Life, and it is affected by modifiers to both ES and Life. Additive modifiers do not apply multiplicatively as you are doing here.
This works the same was as all other "x converted to y"/"gain X as Extra y" mechanics in the game - you get the base amount, and then modifiers to either apply to it.

Backtracking the calculations, I've worked out that you probably have very close to 1785 base life, and 168% increased life (which would result in 4784 total life after rounding).

This means the extra ES you're getting from 9 corpses, which is converted from life, is 321.3 base ES converted from life (1785 * 0.02 * 9), and is then affected by your increased ES and your increased life. 321.3 * (1 + 189/100 + 168/100) = 1468 after rounding, exactly what you're seeing. The maths also works out to give the same value you're getting at 3 corpses.

I was wondering, since Commander of Darkness is worded as
"Auras you Cast grant 10% increased Damage to you and Allies
Auras you Cast grant 5% increased Attack and Cast Speed to you and Allies
You and Allies affected by your Auras have +20% to all Elemental Resistances"
shouldn't the bonus affect a spell totem twice if the aura is defensive?

I thought that theoretically a totem would receive double the bonus, because they are considered allies. For example if I have Discipline on (defense aura), I would receive 5% increased cast speed which would be applied to my totem, and then since my aura also affects my totem it would receive 5% cast speed for a total of 10% increased cast speed.

However, at least based upon the tooltip, this doesn't appear to be the case. When I cast an aura, I receive the buffs, but when I place the totem the tooltip doesn't change even though I'd assumed it would.

Is this intended, or should I be able to "double-dip" with the aura bonuses of Commander of Darkness?

This is correct. The whole reason that "offensive" auras don't apply to Totems in the first place is because they wouldn't benefit from having those stats. The totem is not using it's own skills, it's using your skills, which inherently use your stats - not the totem's stats. Granting increased Damage or Attack Speed to a Totem means it's skills will have those bonuses. But it doesn't have any such skills, and is using your skills, which aren't in any way affected by bonuses on the totems.


Is Beacon of Ruin's (Elementalist's ascendancy perk) radius affected by Increased AoE/Concentrated Effect support gems?

Yes, but the skill needs to be one that can be supported by those gems for them to have any effect.

Does increased AoE from tree affect Beacon of Ruins from Elementalist?

The passive skill applies elemental proliferation to your hits. This is inherently affected by area modifiers.

Does turning on reservation skills, such as Anger, activate the "Mastermind of Discord" node?

Yes. You're using the skill.

I assume Beacon of Ruin and the Elemental Proliferation gem work the same way?


Do two different sources for elemental penetration (like Mastermind of Discord from Elementalist + Lightning Penetration Support gem) stack?


I have two questions about Elemental Conflux and the interaction with Traps. Is it right that when I have the buff the trap will apply the shock, ignite and chill, is this how it supposed to work?

Yes. The trap is using your skill, which has your stats.

And secondly, when I kill something with degen, so like the Southbound gloves trick, you have a skill that poisons and you use the gloves, now the degen will kill it and you receive the Conflux buff, is this supposed to work like it is now?

I'm not sure what part of this you're asking about. Southbond specifically says it prevents your hits from killing enemies, so damage over time, which doesn't hit, can still kill things.


Does Vile Bastion node trigger for my character if my totem gets a kill?


Does Profane Bloom's explosion radius scale with AoE nodes?


1. Does the Occultist Ascendancy node Void Beacon grant an aura that just like the other Ascendancy auras has a base radius of 40?

2. If not what is the radius?

The radius is 60, which is the standard used for all ascendancy auras, not 40.

Does Profane Bloom inherit anything from support gems linked with the skill that caused the corpse(s) to explode, assuming those support gems are compatible with that skill? Namely, item rarity, area and damage modifiers.



I'm deciding on the ranger class, using a Drillneck for the pierce bonus damage. But the problem is that I'm unsure if the Ranger Deadeye passive interacts with Drillneck.

It does.

With the "Projectile damage increased by arrow pierce chance" mod on Drillneck, is there any way to achieve more than 100% increased projectile damage? Same question regarding "critical strike chance increased by arrow pierce chance" node from the Deadeye ascendancy.

No. The chance to pierce cannot be higher than 100%.

If you hit an enemy at 0 units with Powerful Precision (gain 100% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

If you hit an enemy at 20 units with Powerful Precision (gain 25% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

If you hit an enemy at 100 units with Powerful Precision (gain 0% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

Am i correct about the 3rd case?

No, because at 100 units, Powerful Precision grants 18% pierce chance. You're also incorrect about the chance granted at 20 units, which would be 90%.
The third line would be correct if you replaced the distance with 120 units, which is the distance at (and beyond) which Powerful Precision grants no pierce chance.
The pierce chance is 100% up to 10 units away, and scales linearly with distance down to 0 at 120 units away.

Does Deadeye's Powerful Precision "Projectile Critical Strike Chance increased by Arrow Pierce Chance" and "Projectiles have 100% additional chance to Pierce targets at the start of their movement, losing this chance as the projectile travels" interact as expected i.e. you get ~100% incresed crit chance at point blank range?


If so is it implemented in a similar way to Assasins Mark?

No, it's very different from assassin's mark - it's an increase to your critical strike chance, just like it says. Assassin's mark is an addition to the enemy's chance to be critically struck.

Is the range over which the projectiles lose the crit chance same as Point Blank's 1.5x to 0.5x?

No. See this post for more details.

Thus I went for Powerful Precision as my 8th ascendancy, expecting this to work with Lightning Arrow as well. However, the part of "Attack Projectiles return to you after hitting targets" does not trigger. I do however gain 100% increased crit chance from this node.

If the arrow always pierces, it never finishes hitting targets, so can't return. A given projectile can only continue after hitting a target in one way at a time - yours will always pierce, so will never be able to return to you instead.

And in case I did, what would happen if I respec'd into Ricochet, gaining +1 chain together with my 100% pierce chance? Would that even work?

Again, no. A projectile cannot both pierce and chain - since yours will always pierce, they never get to chain.

How does Powerful Precision interact with Tornado Shot? If the initial projectile lands 120 units away, do the secondary projectiles start off with zero chance to pierce or 100% chance to pierce?

The secondary projectiles are all continuations of the original projectile, they have already traveled that distance.


How does Rapid Assault (20% chance to get Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill) and Graceful Assault (10% chance to get Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill) nodes interact? is it separate 20% and 10% chance or single 30% roll?

They are providing the same thing - you get a total 30% chance.


How does Pathfinder Master Surgeon stack with Surgeon's mod on flasks? Is it 30% or two separate rolls? Does it stack at all?

They are separate rolls, although since this question was asked, the chance on Master Surgeon has been changed to 100%.


How does Inevitable Judgement work with damage over time, mainly Vortex, but also Ignite?

It doesn't. Damage over Time inherently cannot crit.

I was wondering if the Ascendancy passive for Inquisitor, Augury of Penitence, "deal 8% less Elemental Damage" mitigates elemental reflect.

On, it is stated that reflect damage hits.

If the reflect rare is hitting me with my reflected damage, it is the rare dealing the elemental damage isn't it?

No. It's your damage being reflected to you, not the monster's.

Two questions about the Sanctify node in the Inquisitor tree and its interactions with Spell Totem.

1) Does the 25% chance to create consecrated ground on kill proc on spell totem kills or just player kills?

You need to get the kill to create the ground.

Since totems count as allies, If both you and your spell totem were on consecrated ground, would it effectively be an 80% increased damage bonus or just 40%?

As noted above, only the bonus on you applies to your skills, regardless of whether you or the totems use them. The totem being in the consecrated ground is of no benefit to it.


I'm using the Ascendant Hierophant node and the 20% chance to gain Power Charge on totemcast seems a bit off? I spam summon totem constantly and rarely get a charge - it seems to be like 1/10 rather than 1/5. I'm just curious if it's working correctly or not, because if it is... I've made a huge mistake ;D

That chance has been changed to 50% since your post, but at both values, it does what it says. It is in the nature of random events that they appear streaky (or rather, it's in the nature of humans that we percieve streakiness and patterns in random events).

Note that if you have a trap or mine summon the totem for you, the trap would get the charge, not you, which would fail because the trap cannot have charges.


Why are all Guardian ascendancy skills considered auras but not actually affected by aura radius (this is important) and effectiveness (makes sense for balancing purposes)?

They are Auras, and would be affected by increased Aura radius, and increased Effect of Auras.
However, you do not have those modifiers. They are not Aura Skills, nor are they Auras you Cast. Thus they can't be affected by increased radius of Aura Skills, or increased effect of non-Curse Auras you Cast.

This could probably be answered with a little testing, but: with the Guardian and Necromancer "Auras You Cast Grant X" notables, are these benefits scaled by increased Effect of Auras you Cast?

Yes. The auras are granting that bonus as part of their effect, so it's affected by things that modify the effect of the auras.

Do any increases in area (either increased AoE, or increased aura effect or anything really) increase the range of "nearby" for the Guardian's Radiant Faith node?

No, because all such modifiers apply to area skills, and auras from passives are not skills.

I'm playing Guardian and with the Unwavering Faith node it says that Auras add 1% physical reduction and .2% Life Regen.

However I use two curses on Blasphemy which states that it turns Curses into Auras. However with this transition it does not add the bonuses from Unwavering Faith for the Blasphemy based curses. Is this intended even though Blasphemy states that it turns Curses into Auras?

It specifically says that the auras grant those bonuses to you and allies. Neither you nor your allies are affected by those curse auras, so they cannot grant stats to you. An aura has to affect you to give you stats.

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If I have the boots enchant "adds x-x fire if you've killed recently", will it affect the Explosive Arrow explosion?

Yes. The damage is not limited to attacks and/or spells, so will apply to all hits of damage.

What are the stats of the minion generated by the "Of Reflection" glove enchantments?

It's a Clone, working the same as ones from Blink/Mirror arrow. Exact stats depend on the level of the skill and are too much detail for me to list here.

For skills on glove enchants: do I get increased damage from sulfur flasks? Is the AoE increased from passives? Do I +1 base crit chance from the Assassin subclass?

Yes, Yes, Yes. The explosions are caused by you and use your stats. The skills are just like any other skills, and you can check them in the character panel to see things apply.

Character (using Voll's Protector, Commandment of Frost enchantment on gloves) perform default attack on undamaged low level mob, rolls crit, do damage equal or higher than 90% mob's life pool (crit strikes have culling strike), kills the mob, triggers 'on kill' enchantment and getting 2 power charges.

Where does 2nd power charge come from? It was definitely Commandment of Frost crit (there were no other mobs around).

Does it mean 'dead' mobs leave targetable 'body' for some time after death, before 'body hit the floor'?

Not for any time, no, but Commandment Of Frost happens during the killing hit - as an on-kill triggered effect, it is part of the process of the monster dying, so the monster hasn't finished dying when the enchantment skill hits it again.

This is on the list to improve long-term, but since it's rare and doesn't cause any real problems, is fairly low priority.

How does Commandment of Winter work?
Unleashes a traveling icy projectile that pulses with cold
Is this the same mechanic as Ball Lightning?

No. Ball Lightning does no pulse, it sends bolts of lightning at specific targets independantly. The "of Winter" skills have a projectile that periodically deals area damage around it as it travels. This is the same mechanic as the pulsing projectiles used by the "Maelstom" monsters.

What is the travel distance limit of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

The skill does not have an specific limit. Projectiles are limited to 150 units by the game, though.

What is the pulse period of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

0.2 seconds

What is the projectile hitbox size of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

2 units radius, although this is only relevant for terrain, since the projectile always pierces.

What is the base projectile speed of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

Roughly 30ish units per second.

What is the base min-max damage and pierce chance of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

This information is available from looking at the skill popup in game.

What is the pvp penalty T constant of the Commandment of Winter's projectile?

It doesn't override this value.

Does IIQ/IIR apply (also from the gems in my attack skill) when I kill mobs with bleeding?


Are we supposed to be able to support skills from glove enchantments?

No. The enchantment triggered skills aren't normal skills - they don't have levels and can't be supported, among other differences.

Does the enchantment on the helmet buff every value of rallying cry? In this example, do 174%, 13.4 and 16% all get buffed by 75%?

Not quite. It increases the value of all the stats granted by the Rallying Cry Buff. However, this buff only grants two stats, not three - "x% increased Damage" and "y Mana regenerated per second". The total amount of increased damage is calculated by the skill when cast, and depends on how many enemies are nearby, but it is only this one total value that is put into the buff, and then increased by the buff effect stat.

In practice this doesn't matter a lot, but does make a difference in terms of where rounding happens.

What's the difference between helm enchants "30% increase Spectral Throw Projectile Speed" and "30% reduced Spectral Throw Projectile Deceleration", especially when used with the Slower Projectile Support gem? Which one would travel farther?

The difference is that one of them affects speed (making the projectile start at a higher speed), while one affects deceleration (meaning the projectile slows down less quickly). Which one makes it get firther before it turns around depends on both the magnitudes of these stats, and what other bonuses you have to the speed of the projectile. There isn't a simple answer.
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Also, does the flat physical damage from Coated Shrapnel jewel(s) count as 'bow physical damage' for Doomfletch and Doomfletch's Prism if you're using a bow skill as a trap/mine

Yes. All damage done with an attack using a bow is bow damage.

Could you please explain how Growing Agony (viper strike threshold jewel) works? Does the per poison mechanic a) increase damage dealt by the player or b) increase damage taken by the enemy? I have the same question regarding The Taming + Emberwake combo.

They both say "increased damage", not "increased damage taken", and that's what they apply to. Anything affecting the damage taken by an entity, rather than damage dealt, says "taken" or "take".

I found a possible bug with Unstable Payload and Zero duration Traps. For the people who do not know If you use a sunblast belt and two Cheap Construction jewels you have zero duration on your traps. This means that after they have armed they trigger and go off.

Unstable payload effect is "x% Chance for Traps to Trigger an additional time". Sunblast's effect is "Traps Trigger at the end of their duration". So our key word here is trigger. Since we have zero duration we know that the moment they are armed they trigger and the jewel should give us a chance to trigger a second time. But it doesn't work.

Unstable payload by it self works if a mob or another player triggers the trap although so i know the problem isn't just the jewel not working.

This is not a bug. After a trap's duration is up, it can't persist, so it can't last long enough to re-arm and wait to trigger again - You only reach the end of your duration once, and then your duration is up and you can't do more. This was discussed in the past and the wording on Unstable Payload is likely to be improved at some point to make it more clear how it works.

Will the unique Static Electricity jewel's additional lightning damage count dex from nodes that aren't just +10 dex nodes?

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Is there any way to definitively distinguish whether a modifier is local or global, if it could reasonably be either?

In general, if a modifier can modify the base behaviour of an item (what a white item of that type would do) then it will be local. There are very few exceptions to this, but they do exist, so the answer to the question is no.

Local modifiers only affect the item, and are self-contained - if the effect cares about the player, it's inherently non-local.

Do you still benefit from "when you take a critical strike" effects if you block said critical strike? For example, Avenger's prefix on flasks.


Do strongbox prefixes have any effect on quantity of items contained?


Would opening a normal strongbox be the same as opening a magic one (with no suffixes) loot wise?

Also no. Magic strongboxes inherently have increased quantity/rarity of items for being magic, but this is unrelated to any prefices they have. Similarly for rares and uniques.

Do "chance to avoid stuns when x" nodes and mods on gear work with block animations?

I mean do you also get a chance to avoid a block animation or does the animation always happen unless stun immune?

You only play a block animation if a hit would have stunned you if not blocked. Since you avoided the stun, the hit would not stun you, and there is no block animtion.

If Nemesis procs with a Mysterious Darkshrine (Your nemeses hunt you: Nemesis is added to the areas within the Labyrinth), then can you chance Headhunter?


When looking and skills and effects that are not gained by skill gems, but some other way, is there a good rule of thumb to know if these are effected by our passives/items/flasks/ascendencies?

Yes, but it's not going to come in the form of some big list of things that work with other things. It comes from understanding the mechanics, which determine all the results. In general, any of your modifier stats apply to anything you do (that is the thing they apply to).

Secondary and/or primary damage DoT's: bleed, poison, burn from applicable skills?

Damage over time is damage.

Is Righteous Fire damage increased by Sulfur flask?

The Sulfur flask provides increased damage.

Is poison damage applied by an attack increased by a Sulfur flask?

This applies.

Is there a reason why I can apply poison with both, attacks & spells, but not bleeding?

Bleeding and Poison are entirely different mechanics with different rules. Bleeding has always been attack-only.

Is there a way to increase the distance my character throws the traps to? Like for projectiles you can use Projectile speed, is there something similar for traps?

No. In addition, you are mistaken about what increased Projectile Speed works. It does not increased the distance projectiles travel in general. There are a very few specific cases of projectiles that "fade out" over time, in which case increasing their speed has a knock-on effect on how far they get before this process completes, but that's all. The effect of increasing projectile speed is just to increase the speed, not the range.

Why do the strongbox affixes that give additional sockets and fully link contained items work together like most players assume they do? As in currently, the added sockets will not be linked by the other modifier.

You are incorrect. The adding sockets stat is processed first, adding sockets to the items. The fully linked stat is processed after that, and links all the sockets the item has, even the additional ones.

However, before everyone starts wasting currency trying to roll this, these two mods can't roll together on the same chest. It would have to be a unique chest with both those mods in order to have both of them.

I'd like a clarification on the damage calculation for skills. The wiki appears to have either removed or buried the information.

Am I understanding it correctly that it goes like:

Net Damage = ([Base Damage * Sum of Increased Damage Modifiers] * Product of More Damage Modifiers)

This part is roughly correct, yes.

* Sum of Debuff Modifiers

Debuff example would be Shocked Ground from Vaal Lit Trap, Vulnerability Curse, Wither Stacks.

This part is not. What you're referring to are modifiers to damage taken, and are entirely separate to modifiers to damage dealt. They are inherently not part of the same calculation.

The result of the first calculation is your damage, this is then mitigated by resistances/armour/etc, to obtain the base damage dealt. These modifiers apply to that value.

They follow the same rules as all modifiers - increased/reduced modifiers of this type are additive, more/less modifiers are multiplicative.

I've seen a lot of different info about whether reflected damage is
affected or not by monster stats/mods and/or map mods, as I understand it I would
guess that it counts as if you hit yourself with all your own stats (accuracy, crit, RT,
penetration, etc) with the reflect percentage applied, and that the enemy you hit
(or any map mod) has no effect in any way. Is that correct?

Reflected damage cannot crit. But you are correct that you're hitting yourself, so it's your own accuracy, etc. Reflected damage cannot be modified by damage modifiers, and cannot cause on-hit effects, including penetration.

How does Increased Attack Damage (from something such as Crown of Eyes) work with The Goddess Unleashed and the new 'Fated' Doomfletch, specifically the mod: Add X% Bow/Sword as Y Element(s)?
If it applies at the end of all the conversions, wouldn't that effectively make it a 'MORE' multiplier?But if it applies to the Physical and then the Fire, wouldn't the effect of Increased Attack Damage be doubled for the Fire and not for the Physical?

These are, as you've correctly noted, conversions. Converted damage (or converted anything) is the thing it's converted to, and is affected by modifiers to it, but it is also affected by modifiers to the thing it used to be. So the fire damage that was converted to physical is affected by increased fire damage, increased physical damage, and increased attack damage, and all of these stack additively, since they're increases.

Context: Basically we can choose a league mod on the Map Device in our hideouts, that opens up and we can chance league specific unique items with an Orb of Chance.

When we meet Zana, or are doing our Zana daily mission, she opens upmaps with the mods of
"4 additional Exiles" or "Beyond monster".

Are those mods the same we get on our map device?

Can I go into Zana's mission map and start Chancing Agate Amulets for Voll's Devotion when I read "4 additional Exiles"?

No. The daily mod only does what it says. It doesn't apply a league.

Since reflect mods reflect damage back to traps and traps have 1 life, does the "Chance for Traps to Trigger an additional time" never occur if a trap kills itself to reflect mobs?

Correct. Dead traps can't trigger.

Do maps have hidden extra mods? Sometimes I see maps with 4 Tormented Spirits or 2+ exiles without any explicit/implicit mods or Zana map device effects attached. If so, do these hidden mods affect IIQ/map drop rates?

Those are generated normally. If you do enough maps, you'll see things like that. They aren't caused by any hidden mods.

When skills are calculated for DPS (or the order which they are triggered for Cast When Damage Taken) does it matter the order the supported skills and the relation they are to the active/triggered gem?

The order of active skills in sockets determines the order they will trigger in if triggered by the same event. It has no effect on dps calculation, and the position of supports never matters.

If so would this example be true:

- linked sockets are R->R->R->R
- using Cast When Damage Taken -> Immortal Call -> Increased Duration -> Molten Shell

- Cast When Damage Taken would trigger Immortal Call first and then Molten Shell with both IC and MS having increased duration applied?

Assuming you take a hit that deals enough damage to trigger each of those skill's thresholds at the same time, yes.

For the longest time people kept saying that a 'bow' tag on a skill meant that it had 'projectile' as an implicit.

This is incorrect, but grounded in truth.

Does that mean that all projectile modifiers apply?

This is extremely incorrect. Gem tags do not indicate which modifiers apply to something. That's not their purpose, nor could they be adequate for that purpose.

Gem tags exist to classify gems into groups, primarily so we can give "+1 to level of socketed TAG gems" and have that mean something. They also help clarify the types of skill, such as which skills are curses.

Bow skills do not get the "Projectile" tag, because they already have the "Bow" tag, which implies they are projectile skills, and makes having the tag redundant.

If you crit, and you have a surgeon flask, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 20% chance to get a flask charge for 1 cast (doesn't matter the amount of hits or enemies).

-If you crit, and you have a surgeon flask, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 20% chance to get a flask charge for each enemy (doesn't matter the amount of hits, but you can get up to 2 flask charges). (I think this is wrong, but to have it covered...)

-If you crit, and you have a surgeon flask, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have 73.8% chance to get a flask charge (the chance to get a flask charge is calculated on each of the 6 hits, but you get a max of 1 charge).

-If you crit, and you have a surgeon flask, A receives 3 hits, B receives 3 hits, you have a 20% chance to get a flask charge for every hit (a minimum of 0 and a max of 6).

Each hit has it's own chance, but you'll only be able to get one, just like the charges.

How does the "attacks can't miss" mod affect crit confirmation rolls?

There is no "attacks can't miss" mod. There's a "hits can't be evaded" mod, and it means evasion does nothing against those hits, including when confirming the crit.

"Immune to Elemental Status Ailments during Flask Effect"

If an ailment was applied before a flask has been used will the ailment effect exist during flask effect duration?

Yes, currently.

So, basically is it possible to be ignited or shocked before and take burn damage over time or extra damage from the shock while having Elemental Status Ailments immunity? Does that immunity mean immunity to 'on hit effect' only?

Yes, currently.

We are currently changing descriptions to better distinguish between granting "immunity to X" and "cannot be affected by X" (shortened to "cannot be Xed" where applicable). Once this change is finished and made live (currently planned as part of 2.4.0, but that could change), gaining immunity to something will remove instances of that thing, in addition to preventing new instances, while "cannot be affected by" will prevent new effects applying, but not remove existing ones. You'll see this in patch notes when it makes it to live.

Enemies you Curse have -15% Chaos Resistance
Does it stack if more than one curse applied?

No. There is one modifier, with a value of -15%, that applies to one set of things - enemies you've cursed. Something either is an enemy you've cursed or is not.

How much damage does a character take per movement skill use while affected by Endless Hazard?

20% of life + 12% of ES (if ES is protecting life).

Can the damage from Endless Hazard be reduced/increased/mitigated/avoided?

It can be mitigated, but not avoided.

What is Endless Hazard's damage type?


If you use Fortify, Sibyl's lament, and the Headsman passive from Slayer, do you achieve 100% reduced damage from physical reflect? Or does fortify only reduces 20% of the 20% left after sibyl's and Headsman.

Those are all reduced modifiers to damage taken, they stack additively. This totals 100% reduced physical reflected damage taken (which will still be additive with other reduced or increased modifiers to damage taken, such as Shock).

What happens if I have a map with multiple bosses like Museum or Arena and I roll the twinned mod on it and corrupt it, can only the "original" bosses drop vaal fragments and vaal gems or all bosses?

All the map bosses can drop those items.

Do map mod bonuses (pack size, rarity, quantity) affect mobs spawned by strongboxes?


I would very much appreciate a clarification on the bloodlines mod. Is there a mechanic that prevents bloodlines mobs from dropping maps?


can reflected damage be reflected back?


Heya Mark do you mind giving a little more Insight in how the xblood Nemesis mod work?

From my experience xblood Nemesis mods are based on the Damage of the mob and not on Life BUT
The Extra elemental mods count lets say for example:

Bandit with Iceblood Nemesis Explosion damage is increased by:
Extra Damage
Extra Fire Damage <-
Extra Lightning Damage <-

If I got it right those 2 buff the Explosion damage and why is that?

The base damage of the explosion is equal to the total attack damage of the monster - what it would deal if it used a default attack (this does not mean the same damage it does if it walks up and hits you, as not all monsters have a default attack, and they may well be using an attack skill with damage modifiers on it).

Do higher tier maps drop more items regardless of affixes? Like does a white t12 map drop more items than a white t7?


When using Multistrike/Spell Echo with a Diamond flask, does the additional roll of the lucky effect happen once for each attack/spell in a set or once for all hits?

It affects the crit roll, which is only made once per skill use.

What happens when the diamond flask runs out before you completed all attacks/casts in a set?

Nothing. The crit roll for the skill was already made.

Do strongboxes (Explosion, Ice Nova, Caustic Cloud, etc.) or totems in maps benefit from "monsters have X% increased AoE" mods?


Similarly, what are the differences in strongbox mods as you level? Ice Nova appears to get increased AoE the higher the monster level, are other mods affected as well?

The monsters summoned and skills used will all match the monster level of the area. What that scaling changes about a skill depends on the skill, but any skill that deals damage probably deals more of it at higher levels.

With Proliferation type effects, does the elemental status get affected by modifiers as it spreads, or does it proliferate with the exact same stats. For instance, with Emberwake, would the burn damage that proliferates be 80% less than the initial burn damage?

Proliferation does not create more ignites that could be modified. There is still only one ignite, it just applies to multiple enemies. Since there is only one ignite, it can't be created with a different calculation to itself, so the answer to your question is no.

Do generic "melee damage" modifiers apply to poison/bleed applied by melee skills?

No. "melee damage" modifiers are not generic - they are inherently attack damage, because melee is a subset of attack. Non-attack melee damage makes no sense in PoE.

If a weapon has a mod "Adds #-# Fire Damage to Spells", do all spell and fire damage modifiers apply to that added damage?

And, in case the spell is projectile-based, would that damage be added to each projectile?

For example if my Incinerate spell gets 30-50 added fire damage from my equipped weapon and I am running with 100% increased spell damage, would each projectile deal now 60-100 extra fire damage?


I've noticed that it is not possible to regenerate to full life when Blood Rage is active, and therefore not possible to gain full-life bonuses or use Melee Damage on Full Life with it.

While you will not actually be consistantly on absolutely full life because you will degen a bit every frame before regening it, it is possible to benefit from those bonuses. The "full life" condition was changed a while ago so that if the amount of life you're recoverying per second is higher than the amount you're losing per second, such that you are hitting full and falling back again each frame, you count as on full life the whole time.

If you regen ES so that your life is never touched, then yes, that also keeps your life full (unless you take some chaos damage).

Will multipliers apply before or after applicable limits?

If I have, for example, high block, and I pick Acrobatics, will it lessen the block after I hit the block limit, or before, aka, could I sort of "overcap" block rate to keep more than 51% with Acrobatics?

Before. If modifiers could modify the value after the cap was applied, they could raise the value above the cap, which would be silly. The cap can only work by being the last step in working out the value of the stat.

How about Spell-Block when generated from regular Block rate, like with Reckless Defense or Gladiator, in interaction with the above?

Applying the cap is the last step in working out the value of the stat, but it is part of that process, not separate to it. Your Block Chance is a capped value, so anything that gets the value of your block chance will get the value after it's fully calculated, including applying the cap. Thus "overcapping" block chance will not cause you to get more spell block chance from it, because the value of your block chance doesn't change.
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Are all Prophecies that are not Map specific available at Level 1?


When in Merciless, does it matter from which act you purchase Prophecies?


How does Navali dole out Prophecies? Is it based on character level, location, etc (Difficulty is a factor, obv.)?

Only character level and difficulty matter.

Are there restrictions regarding some prophecies received from Navali and which ones? I've the feeling some prophecies can only be obtained from a specific act, is it the case?

No. Only character level and difficulty affect which prophecies can be generated for a character.

I have a question regarding a few prophecies, specifically "The Nest" and "Wind and Thunder". The community has had an infernal time finding the required Galvanic Ribbons and Brooding Tarantulas in maps. I was hoping you could confirm that it is possible for these mobs to spawn in maps?

All Prophecies are completable.

Can the strongbox prophecies trigger in Vaults of Atziri?

The map contains a unqiue strongbox, so prophecies that affect opening a strongbox can apply to that, but the map cannot generate additional strongboxes, so the prophecy that creates extra strongboxes in a map can't trigger there.

Hi Mark, does the triple reputation from A Gracious Master prophecy stack with the 250% reputation of a daily mission? If so, does it amount to 450% or 750% reputation?

Yes. 450%.

I have an alternate art Kaom's Sign still in a remove-only stash tab from a long time ago. What happens to that alt-art ring if I run it through the prophecy that upgrades Kaom's Sign to Kaom's Way? Is the original item directly updated with the new mods, or is your original item replaced with the new item with equivalent stats to the old one (essentially meaning that the art on the previous item would be lost)?

Is it possible to have an alternate art Kaom's Way, is really what this question boils down to?

Those prophecies do not create an entirely new item, but modify properties of the existing item. However, the visual identity of that item, which includes it's 2d and 3d art, is one of the properties that can change, and for that reason, in addition to some technical stuff, alt-art uniques cannot become fated uniques.

Fated Connections
You will create a fully-linked six-socket item using only Jeweller's Orbs.

I understand I need to use Jeweller's Orbs to make a six link, but it does not say I cannot use a master to do that, I used master's crafting mechanism to make a six socket armour and it did not make a six linked item.

Giving orbs to a master in exchange for them doing something for you is not using those orbs.
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