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Is there a maximum range I need to be within of monsters killed (by me) to gain experience?

Yes. Experience for a kill is assigned to players within range, regardless of whether any of those players are the ones which killed it.

For example, do monsters dying to degen when I'm already several screens away still grant experience no matter what?

If you're actually getting "several screens away" before they die, they probably aren't dying at all, since time stops passing for things outside the player's wake range.

How exactly does taunt operate on a monster? Does it mean the next hit will be directed towards the taunter? Or all hits over the duration of the taunt?

While taunted, a monster's AI cannot consider any object as a potential target except the taunter.

Is there a Taunt cooldown period?

Previously, some unique monsters (act bosses and map bosses) that were taunted gained immunity to further taunts for 9 seconds. This was removed as part of the 2.3.0 Taunt rework. There is now no such mechanic used.

Do monsters have Taunt resistance/Taunt duration modifiers/Taunt break mechanics? Does this differ by monster category?

No. The only effect of this type was the taunt immunity when taunted, which was removed in 2.3.0.

Is there radius limitation on the Taunt effect? I.e. does the taunter have to be within a certain distance for the taunted monster to target the taunter?

No. However, if the taunter is outside the monster's aggro radius, they're an invalid target, meaning the monster has no targets to choose from (since objects that aren't the taunter can't be targeted).

Do the new taunt mechanics where others take reduced damage applies to Stone Golem and Decoy Totem? ie. If they taunt, do I take the 10% less damage?

Yes, from the taunted enemies.

How is the target priority of enemy monsters determined when there is no taunt involved? Like for instance when there are 3 people entering a room with monsters, how do they monsters decide who to attack? Is it fully deterministic or does it use "randomness" to choose target?

Depends on the monster's AI.

Does the taunt from other sources besides players (Stone Golem, for example) also apply the less damage taken? Meaning that if my Golem taunts a mob, I'll take 10% less damage from that mob?


In my Cast on Last Breath build I have no idea why my mana cost is as it is... care to explain how I reach 669 mana there?

You've made two errors I can see in your post - you list a mulitplier of 150% for WED support, when the actual value is 140%, and you treat Reduced Mana support as having a 75% mana multiplier, which it does not - it has no mana multiplier, but aplies the stat "reduced mana cost" to supported skills. Being a reduction, this is additive with the "increased mana cost" from your jewels.

The mana multipliers total to a 942% total multiplier, to the base cost of 15. This then has a 375% increased applied (400% increased from jewels - 75% reduced from RM support), giving the total of 699. (Note that each step of this process uses integer maths, so any fractional parts are discarded).

There are a few cases which are not straight forward such as all minion skills. They say they are spells but are not affected by spell damage. Why aren't minions affected by spell damage when they have the spell tag?

Minions do not "have the spell tag". Minion spell gems have the spell tag, because they are spells. They deal no damage.

There is a fundamental difference between your Raise Zombie spell (which is a spell cast by you that creates a minion and no damage (but would be affected by spell damage modifiers if it did), and the Zombie's Melee attack (which is a attack, not a spell, not used by you, that deals attack damage because it's an attack).

The damage of the Zombie's melee attack is not the damage of the Raise Zombie spell, and is pretty much entirely unrelated to it.

Why can't on-block effects be triggered by blocking reflect?

Reflect can't trigger anything. It does not trigger any on-hit effects, of which on-block effects are a subset.

What methods of mitigation apply to Thorns damage? Is it similar to Reflect where anything that mitigates your own attack will also mitigate it's reflected damage, or is that magical damage type that can't be blocked or dodged?

Reflect surely counts as a Hit for purposes of Armor, but does Thorns count for that as well?

I have no idea what you're talking about, sorry. There is no "Thorns" damage in PoE.

In what order does reflect damage and leech apply?

Leech first, then reflect.

If it's "reflect -> damage", can you hit 0 life and then immediately leech back up?

If it happened in that order, that would not be possible - you'd die. That's why it doesn't happen in that order.

I still do not fully understand the order of damages...
I do not mind doing the math myself I just do not know the order of operations.

Base damage is worked out by taking the base damage of the skill, plus any relevant additional damage.

Conversion (extra X damage as Y is a form of conversion) all happens before modifiers. Converted damage will continue to be converted to new types if you have more conversion stats - if you have some physical as cold and some cold as fire, you'll have some of your physical damage as fire (via cold).

Damage can be affected by any modifiers which could apply to any of the types it was converted through. So that fire damage that was cold damage that was physical damage, is affected by any modifiers which would apply to physical damage, or to cold damage, or to fire damage. No modifier can apply to the same damage twice.

Is there some technical limitation that stops degen/regen from being applied in the same step? Right now if you use Blood Rage you sit just below full always.

Taking 10 damage and healing 10 damage each frame is inherently different from taking no damage. Each needs to be processed and can trigger different things (ES recharge inhibition, for example). The functions that apply degen can't apply regen, and vice versa.

I heard that monsters do have some amount of base armor, even without the blue "Armored" mod. Is that true?


Could we know how high is it?

Not really. That depends on all kinds of factors. If I tried to list armour values for every monster at each level they could spawn at, the list would be out of date before I finished it.

Does any type of a monster have some kind of % increased armor, so that for example, the 300-350 additional base armor it gets from a Skullhead if it's raised as a Spectre is in reality something more?

Not inherently, no.

I'm wondering why the change to spell totem damage reduction is not applying to Ranged attack totem?

Because they are different gems with different balance.

If totems, traps and mines aren't counted as "You/You've" why is it that I get corrupting blood stacks when killing corrupted bloodlines monsters with my mines?

Because of a known issue where degen kills from temporary objects need to be assigned to you since the traps/mines/totems might not exist at the time the kill occurs. This will be fixed in the long term.

If the logic is as we've been told before where the totem/trap/mine is the entity doing the killing and not you why is the Assassin's "Poison you inflict with critical strikes..." exempt from this as opposed to Chieftain's "Gain 20% of physical damage as fire if you've killed recently"?

The first is affecting your skills, and your totems use your skills, not their own. The second is checking state about your character (whether you've killed recently or not).

On-kill and on-hit descriptions are planned for a rework to make them more clear in the medium term, but other things have more priority at the moment.

I am aware that reducing duration of dots (poison, bleed) does not strictly increase damage as its per second.

On that note though, suppose poison was reduced to 0.69 seconds, would it just do 69% of a tick damage?

Damage over time does not "tick" in the way you describe. It's constantly occuring. A poison dealing 100 damage per second for 0.69 seconds will deal 69 total damage, just like a car driving at 100km per hour for 0.69 hours will end up 69km from where it started.

If I get buffed in any way ie Rallying Cry, power or frenzy charges, phase run, etc, do the totems get the damage increase at the same time I do? Or do I have to recreate the totems for them to have the damage increase?

Totems are using your skills. Your skills benefit from the bonus when you do.

Does Shock "50% increased damage taken" also increase secondary damage of ignite/poison/bleed?

Damage taken modifiers affect all damage taken, including from damage over time. However, that damage is not secondary damage.

If I have "double armor and a body armor with 1000 armor" or "A body armor with 2000 armor", it's the same thing, right?

Yes. It doubles the amount of armour the item grants, which is then modified by your global modifiers to armour.

From my testing it seems like [Mine Trigger Radius] does not affect certain skills which target enemies, such as a mine that throws a trap, or a mine that casts Arc, or Lightning Warp. Is this normal/intended, or a bug?

All skills that the mine targets enemies with are affected by the mine trigger radius. Note that this is a maximum - it won't let the mine target an enemy that's within the mine trigger radius but outside the range of the skill (the same is true of trap trigger radius).

Is linking via fuses deterministic (ie. runs based off an algorithm where the individual fuses have a hidden variable) or is it random (some sort of random function)?

Since I know there are some people who'll jump in and accusme me of lying if I'm not specific, they're psuedorandom. For all practical purposes, they're random, but computers don't do "true" randomness.

Elemental conversion follows a specific order and can't go backwards or it'll result in a loop. Would it be possible to implement a "conversion flag" so you could convert backwards in the order, then have the game check if the damage had already been converted once it hits whatever the source damage type was?

Probably not, although I don't have a full logical proof of this.

Practically, definitely not - the amount of extra processing added to common stat calculations by that would be unreasonable, if it were possible.

Is there an inherent limit to the number of enemies a skill can hit? There was recently a thread about this on Reddit and it made me wonder if this is just part of the engine.

There is not one limit that applies to all skills, but there is generally a requirement that skill have a limit for technical reasons (as well as potential balance and or performance reasons) to the number of simultaneous hits that can occur.

Is there a technical limit to DPS?

There is a technical limit to the visible DPS on a skill popup, due to that being stored in an integer variable.

There is a technical limit on the amount of damage a given hit can deal (same dealio), but to my knowledge not a technical limit on the number of times you could hit a target in a second, so I do not believe there's a technical limit on actual DPS dealt to a specific enemy.

There is definitely a mechanical limit to DPS, because there are limits on how high the values of stats you can obtain from passives/gear/etc. There is some theoretical "best DPS" build that could exist with perfect gear, that would have more DPS than any other actually possible build. This limit is significantly below where any technical limitation would occur on actual damage.

What is the base trap/mine trigger radius?

The base Trap Trigger radius is 10. The base Mine targeting radius is 60.

Can a monster give the Punishment buff to the player with reflect?

No. The buff is only granted to things they hit with melee attacks.

When you cast a single firestorm and deal 3 hits to the monsters A and B...
-If you crit, you crit A & B (no assassin's mark).

This is both backwards and incomplete.

If you critically strike either A or B, then you count as having crit with the skill (not the other way around). The crit roll being the same for the whole skill means that if your chance to crit against both A and B is the same, you'll crit both or niether, but Assassin's Mark is not the only thing that could cause such a difference. Any conditional or enemy-specific crit chance modifier could do this.

What category of items are jewels and flasks if they're not "equippable items"?

Outside of their item classes, which are just jewels and flasks, they're items. There isn't any other category.

Is there any rule of thumb what's the actual range of 'nearby enemies'?

No. "Nearby" is specifically (and only) meant to indicate that there is a range on an effect, not anything about what that range is.

If a monster is effected by poison damage over some time and suffers additional damage due to a curse (projectile weakness/vulnerability/..). Does this change immediately when the curse ends?


Let's say a character has 1 maximum Energy Shield, 10% ES regen per second and can't recharge energy shied (at all) will it regenerate full (1) ES over 10 seconds?


Let's say a character has 1 maximum Energy Shield and 20% Energy Shield Recharge per second, will it recharge 1 ES over 5 seconds after ES recharge delay expired?


Which order used to apply on hit effects, specially Bleed, Poison, Maim?

Arbitrary and with no mechanical consequence.

Can Reflected Physical Damage be blocked/dodged?

Yes, if the triggering damage was dodgeable/blockable.

Is it affected by pvp damage reduction?


User-side it looks like if slow or 'long life' projectile was created outside of 'some' range from the character the projectile 'become invisible'. Under what circumstances would hostile projectiles not display on client?

Entities that are too far from any player are "asleep" and take no actions. Entities that are outside this sleep range of your player specifically, do not exist on your client (but may still be awake if in range of a different player. The exception to this is other players, who are always awake. If another player fires a projectile while outside your sleep range, it may not be able to create the projectile on your client.

This is unlikely to cause any actual mechanical effect, due to projectiles being unable to travel as far as the sleep range.

How long does the knockback action take? If it moves a character on 4 units, does it take into account the character's movement speed or is 'knockback speed' a sort of constant?

Knockback speed is constant, and is 37.5 units/s.

Is knockback's 'animation duration' affected by the Temporal Chains? Hinder? Maim?

Knockback does not involve any animations at all. In addition, Hinder and Maim only affect movement speed, they are not slow effects like Temporal Chains.

If a bleeding character takes 100 physical damage over time per second while standing still and 600 physical damage over time per second while moving, how much damage will the character take over 3 seconds if it will be knocked back 3 times during that period?

This can be worked out from the above info for a "perfect" case if you want, but in practice will vary because things have to be placed at an integer position, so angles change how far exactly things actually move (And thus how long they're moving for, since speed is constant).

How does Daresso fight work?
Which of his attacks are spells and what part of them can be dodged? Are the Blade tornadoes spells or some physical DoT that can't be evaded or dodged?

Daresso himself uses 6 skills (technically 8, but 3 are are strafe/jump moves in different directions that deal no damage, so we can safely ignore those three for this discussion).

His enrage skill is automatic - he uses it each time a quarter of his life is removed. It grants him a buff increasing attack speed that lasts a short duraiton, except for the last time he uses it, in which case the duration is infinite.

The "clones" skill is an attack projectle skill that spawns the projectiles from locations around the player with a short delay. The projectiles look like icy clones of daresso, but are regular attack projectiles in all respects.

His attack combo/triple strike is a single target melee attack skill that does three sequential hits. The final hit has a percentage of physical damage as extra cold damage. This attack is currently bugged in a way that skips the evasion/dodge check. This will be fixed in future. Interestingly, Double Strike has a similar bug, but only on the second hit.

His reave skill is similar to the player Reave, but does three waves per skill, rather than one, increasing radius each time. 100% of the physical damage of this attack is converted to cold, and this skill has Resolute Technique (always hit, never crit).

His charge skill is a modified Whirling Blades. It's pretty much just like the player version.

He also has the default melee attack, just like most things do.

In addition to the above, there's one skill that isn't used by Daresso himself, but happens around him (similar to the skills that can cast around the player from shrines), which is the Sword Clouds. These are a spell that repeatedly hits anything in their area for physical damage. This spell cannot stun.

So only one spell (Sword Clouds) deals damage (which avoids evasion due to being a spell), one attack (reave) always hits (but can be dodged) via RT, and one attack (triple strike) is bugged and currently ignores evasion/dodge as a result of that bug.

This is a lot of information that took a lot of time to compile. I may have to skip questions in future that are too broad and ask the questioner to be more specific, in order to be able to get to other people's questions faster.

Can you clarify how the three types of charges actually do affect enemies and minions?

By default, all monsters have a maximum of 3 for each charge type, and the following stats:
15% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
15% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge
5% increased Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge
4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge
15% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
+15% to all Elemental Resistances per Endurance Charge
200% increased Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge

Could you clarify in what order conversion happens if you have more than 100% conversion from one type of damage to several other damage types? If you use a lightning skill with both Call of the Brotherhood and Voltaxic Rift equipped, will you end up with 50% cold and 50% chaos (seems logical to me as cold is "before" chaos in the damage conversion chain) or would you end up with 40% cold and 60% chaos.

Neither. Conversion from the skill itself (such as the modifiers on the Lightning Strike or Cold to Fire gems) always takes precidence and happens first, but that's not relevant here, so both these modifiers are happening at the same priority, trying to convert 110% of your lightning damage to other types. Since there's actually only 100% of the lightning damage to go around, we just squash them both equally until they fit.
Since 110 / 1.1 = 100, we end up with 50 / 1.1 = 45% converted to cold, and 60 / 1.1 = 55% converted to chaos.

The wiki says Brooding Tarantula spawns in a Haku side area. Would that count as "in a map" if the Haku mission was from a map?


On a more general level, what are the mechanics behind which monsters appear in a map?

This is a complicated, in-depth topic that's outside my area of expertise and about which I don't know how much information we can give out. As such, I'm afraid such a broad question is outside the scope of this thread.

Does IIQ/IIR apply (also from the gems in my attack skill) when I kill mobs with bleeding?


How does the "Reduced Attribute Requirements" work with +flat attribute requirement?

As is standard in PoE, flat additions to a value are done before percentage increases/reducitons.

So I know things like "Power Charge On Critical Support" and "Smashing Strikes" can only give a maximum of 1 charge per cast or attack, even though the cast or attack has multiple hits or is supported by Spell Echo/Multistrike.

But is the chance to gain a charge rolled multiple times?

Yes. Unless it's successful, it doesn't know it's already tried, since that information is stored in the resulting charge.

What is the definition of "attacked recently" and "cast recently". What I would like to know is can a standard attack from a wand count towards "attacked recently"?

Yes, the default attack is just as much an attack as any other.

Do the attacks and spells need to hit a target for them to count towards "recently"?

No, you only need to peform the action. You can shift-attack the air with a melee weapon and you still attacked. And plenty of spells you can cast don't hit enemies anyway.
Using Warcries will not count, as they are neither attacks, nor spells. Additionally, you need to use the skill - triggered skills aren't used, and won't count as you having attacked/cast recently.

With Forsaken Masters release we were given info on the chance to find masters - 20% in the wild and 50% in maps iirc. So what about map trials? I've finally managed to get 6/6 but only because of global 820. The chance seems to be 5-10% maximum with the number of maps I've ran.

Also, does the tier of map have any effect on the chance to find them? Or the size of the map? I ran many, many dunes because they're the smallest map to explore and try to find a trial in. I however most notably remember finding them in higher tier maps, or zana areas.

I've been told it's a 10% chance.

Can you still leech him during his "immortal reflect phase"? If no, then it's an insta-rip even if I have instant leech and just store the map somewhere.

I've asked around, an no-one is sure which boss you're asking about here. If you're referring to Izaro, who becomes effectively "immortal" when he reaches a life threshold but does not reflect, then the answer is yes.
If you're referring to Atziri, who does have a reflect phase, but is not immune during it (and would likely not appreciate being called "him"), the answer is also yes.

What is the amount of increased damage taken applied by a sentinel of that type, and can the effect stack if within multiple areas applying the same debuff?

Assuming you're talking about the "Endless Pain" Sentinel traps in the labyrinth, those apply 50% increased damage taken.

Is the monster accuracy on the wiki correct (


Does the character sheet still stop increasing the level of enemies assumed for these sorts of calculations(also, which level)?

The character panel, for stats which are calculating an estimate against an average monster of your level, will use a monster of level 84 if your level is higher than that.

What percentage of the monster pool is made up of guest monsters?

It currently depends on difficulty, and I can't say yet what exactly will change with that in 3.0.0. Maps are 80% guest monsters, unless they have the "increased monster variety" mod.

What is the least used combat mechanic? (or is this too broad a question?)

That's both too broad, and not really a mechanical question. I don't know much about usage data.

Line of sight is required for many AoE skills to deal damage... This seems disjointed to me when a skill visually impacts an enemy but deals no damage. Is this required mechanically or is it a design decision?

It's mechanically necessary in order to meet the basic design requirement that you can't freely murder things on the other side of walls which have no way to get back at you.

I've seen two instances where someone say that Mark once confirmed, that support gems don't scale effects (like poison) added by items/ascendancies.

That is definitely not the case. If a skill applies poison, that poison was applied by that skill. Where the stat came from that allowed it to do so has no bearing on that.

I assume beacon of destruction and the prolif gem work the same way?


Can the frenzy charge portion proc if you are unarmed?

Yes. Unarmed attacks are always technically main-hand.

Is there any general way of figuring out the order when things happen "at the same time"?

Experiementation or asking.

I've noticed I can't detonate my mines when I'm silenced. Is this intentional and how does this compare to traps triggering and totems casting their spell when I'm silenced?

The skill "Detonate Mines" is a spell, and you cannot cast it while silenced.
Traps and Totems cannot cast your spells while you are silenced either.

Another question: Is Izaro in his final stage considered "low life"?

He starts the third phase fight at 40% of his maximum life. Low life is defined as being below 35%. Thus he is not on low life for that whole section of the fight, but will likely be for most of it.
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Are there any plans to improve the mini map? It's essentially a wireframe of the level so it is technically accurate, but is at times hard to interpret. This one's not so much mechanics but still heavily affects gameplay (without being balance related).

I have no idea about this.

Was it a conscious decision to prevent on-evade and on-dodge triggers when implementing those systems?

No. Those are impossible as a consequence of other important decisions, not a decision to make them impossible.
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