[Tool] Atlas of Build v1.9 - save all build info to a single image

Updated for the War for the Atlas 3.3

This tool allows you to save all build info from a public character profile to a single image. You can check the examples below

Download latest version 1.9: AtlasOfBuild.zip, sources included

Virustotal Scan Info. This script uses the AutoIt engine, you can always run it from sources, if you not sure.
Tested in Chrome 54.0, Opera 39.0 and Firefox 48.0.2, on 1920-1080 screen resolution. Windows 7

Output examples:

How to use:
1. Unpack AtlasOfBuild.zip
2. Run AtlasOfBuild.exe or run it from sources, using AutoIt, if you are an advanced user.
3. Open web page with character inventory on your main monitor. Example link
4. Make sure that system UI and browser page scale is reset to 100%
5. Wait for page to load. Thats including passive tree too!
6. Press F2 and stop moving your mouse - the script will move it. Don't touch your mouse while script is working - it may cause errors.
7. When the script finishes its work, it will open the resulting image in your default image viewing program.
8. If you want to upload the resulting image, I suggest using https://imgpile.com/ or http://gifyu.com/. Don't upload your images to imgur, it can't handle large files and will compress it to this ugliness.

Video guide:
YouTube link

How it works:
This script uses the AutoIt engine to move your mouse cursor over the screen and capture items, gems, tree, etc by analyzing screen info. You can observe this script in action here: YouTube link

Question and Answers:
Q: Can I be banned for using this tool?
A: No, this tool interacts only with your web browser. You don't even need to have the Path of Exile client installed

Q: Is it open source?
A: Yes

Q: Will it be updated?
A: Yes

Q: Does it support Portuguese and Russian languages?
A: Yes. Portuguese language test: Bladefall mine by Cersei, Russian language test: Kinetic Blast by Skyforth

Q: Does it support Garena?
A: Yes, but because of Garena overlay script can't capture some items sometimes: Example link. There's nothing I can do about it. However you can block this overlay by creating custom Adblock rule or something like that.

Q: How long it took to write it?
A: Four days, including testing

Q: How long does it take to capture one build?
A: About four minutes

Known Issues:
  • Garena only: because of Garena overlay script can't capture some items sometimes: Example link. There's nothing I can do about it. However you can block this overlay by creating custom Adblock rule or something like that.
  • If you getting "inventory not found" error and all seems to be right - make sure you whitelist this tool in your antivirus, sometimes it can conflict with antivirus identity protection feature.
    Solution posted by phmn.
  • Fails to capture really long jewels from tree. Like Inspired Learning

How to report bugs:
Please provide the following info: character profile link, character name you want to capture and what you think is working wrong and how it is supposed to work. Also, please provide your browser name and screen resolution. Make sure that the profile link is public, so I can test it.

v1.9 - 21 December 2017
- Added missing shaper and elder uniques

v1.8 - 17 December 2017
- Updated for the War for the Atlas 3.1

v1.7 - 24 August 2017
- Updated for the Fall of Oriath 3.0

v1.6 - 27 Jule 2017
- Updated to support new website graphics

v1.5 - 30 May 2017
- Added support for legacy items
- Better tree traversal

v1.4 - 27 Feb 2017
- Fixed error with tree for level 100 characters with no passive points left

v1.3 - 1 Feb 2017
- Added support for swap slot weapon
- Added warning message about browser page scale
- Fixed incorrect mouse behaviour on systems with non default DPI settings
- Fixed issue with white items

- Fixed Windows 10 crash
- Fixed very rare incorrect gems order in 2L weapons

- Fixed work on main site. More info here
- Adjusted window starting position
- Added URL to this forum thread

- Initial release

You can also check my other tools and scripts for Path of Exile:
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Nice work so far, waiting for the release.
AllanPls - A Poe.Trade-inspired style for the official Path of Exile Trade website (v0.1.2)

Opera 12.17,got error "inventory not found".Same for SRWare Iron.
MasterBLB wrote:
Opera 12.17,got error "inventory not found".Same for SRWare Iron.

I tested it on Opera 39.0, your version 12.17 feels very outdated. Can you give me screenshot how you trying to use it?
Made it work on SRWare Iron,seems passives tree wasn't fully loaded.
Looks cool!
Very cool. I think I'll be using this in the future and will of course link back here to the source. Gotta love these kinds of community contributions. Thanks!
same name in-game
Do not create a picture.
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