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Hello, I noticed you made a few recent changes to public character profile display. For example - this link, you can see empty character inventory below equipped items, and this inventory is always empty for every profile I tried to open, so I assume it is a bug:

Is it intentional change or you simply confused public profile display plugin with plugin for personal user characters? Because before that update I was able to see items from my inventory only on my characters:

Another thing - Garena still uses previous plugin version, without inventory slots - example link.

This is important for me because I am developing this tool and it's broken on main site now, but working fine on Garena. Please let me know if its intentional changes and I need to rewrite some parts of my code or this changes were made by mistake. Thanks.
Last bumped on Sep 5, 2016, 2:40:41 AM
It shouldn't be showing the inventory bag slots, and will be fixed.
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