[Tool] QuickReply v1.01 - quickly send common messages in chat

Previous thread was deleted because I didn't contact support before publishing this tool. It's all good now, you can see full screencap of conversation in Q/A section below

This tool allows you to quickly send messages and commands in chat. Dozens of common trade and party messages are included by default.

Download latest version 1.01: QuickReply.zip, sources are available on GitHub

Virustotal Scan Info. This tool is written on Delphi XE7, you can always run it from sources, if you not sure. Tested on Windows 7


How to use:
1. Unpack QuickReply.zip and run QuickReply.exe
2. Run game in Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen mode

3. Hold F2 to open QuickReply window

4. Send message in one click!

5. Right click on icon in tray to exit

Need to adjust something?
You can change almost everything by editing Options.xml and Replies.xml located in QuickReply\Path of Exile folder.
This tool is fully customizable and even can be used in other games or programs like Skype, mIRC, etc.
Add your own messages with ease - example

Question and Answers:
Q: Can I be banned for using this tool?
A: Tool doesn't do, and will never do write Path of Exile's memory, change any of Path of Exile's files, inject something into Path of Exile's code, modify the DirectX surface of Path of Exile. Also this tool does not break the "One key - single action" rule. More info from GGG here.
Brian_GGG wrote:
In general, macros are allowed, as long as one key press translates into a single action, and isn't automated/on a timer.
Tool only basically provides nice GUI for already allowed AHK macroses like F5::SendInput {Enter}/hideout{Enter}
I also contacted GGG team about this tool, you can see full screencap of conversation here.

Q: Is it open source?
A: Yes

Q: Will it be updated?
A: Yes

Q: How long it took to write it?
A: Five days

Known Issues:
none so far

How to report bugs:
Please provide the following info: what you think is working wrong, how it is supposed to work and screenshot, if possible.

v1.01 - Added StartingPositionAlign option in Options.xml

v1.0 - Initial release

You can also check my other tools and scripts for Path of Exile:
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Does not work for me. Nothing happens when i hold down f2 key. Playing in windowed fullscreen in directx 11 under Windows 10.

Edit: It works fine now. It was my keyboard that was causing the issue.
What a nice tool. Thanks a lot for this masterpiece of a software.
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