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im still pretty new and im pretty lost with these new skill tree changes,with poe planner being down i dont have any idea where to go...can someone help me with the skill tree? thanks in advance! and i am in love with this build,so im glad we didn't take too much of a nerf...all my gear is now "legacy" anyway so i think im okay lol
Holy shit, critcal nerf hit me hard... I was about to have 1,5million Total DPS with all arrows on my barrage... I had 40% crit chance and 348% multiplier. Now with same passives and stuff... I have 30% crit chance and 283% crit multiplier. Now I went down from 970k, to 570... GG...
Pathfinder is DIE!!!!

meh, and i wanted bow character this league :(
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Is this better to use this bow or Death Opus for Red Maps+Guardians? I'm play as Pathfinder
Did initial testing today. Took way too long because I haven't looked at any of the new acts and had to play through all the skill quests etc.

Still a lot of testing to be done in general, did some stuff with my personal setup today and this:

Once I feel comfortable with things I'll cut back on the gearing so I can validate capability with temp league level gear. Atm I still have Legacy Vinktar, so gotta figure out how to incorporate non-Legacy. Will probably go to this belt as soon as I figure it out:

Observations today:

  • Definitely feeling the damage nerfs
  • Definitely feeling the crit nerfs
  • My initial feeling is that whatever is the final tree/gear is, it should include Acuity and Lioneye's Fall + Soul Raker, seem like the way to compensate as much as we can. Multi is precious but we don't get a lot of it
  • Chin Sol is pretty good
  • LA-Chain is pretty good
  • New TS-Pierce is definitely noticeable. If old TS-Pierce was a 100% effectiveness, I feel like we're firing and struggling to hit 80% with the new one
  • Maybe haven't played in a while but Barrage felt weird? Did they change the way the arrows came out?
  • Spell Totem + Ele Weakness = LUL
  • Guardians feel more difficult. Didn't feel much change when I went to test T15
  • Did a Shaper Run, honestly feels about the same as 2.6

I'm pretty rusty from not playing POE in general still.

A couple of videos:

https://plays.tv/s/LNQ4nl43sxZ8 >>> Phoenix

https://plays.tv/s/LNQ4rr8R2-kL >>> Shaper

Need to get back in the hang of things. With the Belt I linked, shouldn't have too many issues with converting to non-Legacy Vinktar. Other than that, still feel like we're in a good spot.

Happy Hunting, everyone.
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when should i go for Lioneys Jewel? Asap or at what point?

when should i go for Lioneys Jewel? Asap or at what point?

If you're playing with Lioneye Glare you need the Jewel so you can get your crit up to reasonable rates earlier.

when should i go for Lioneys Jewel? Asap or at what point?

Really depends imo, don't think it's gonna be so expensive this league so it's just when you got enough passives to make it work. With how Crit is nerfed, we do need more of it... my idea in 3.0+ is due to Power Charges getting hit quite badly, and the fact that Life build never could really sustain them, better to drop it all together. So I prefer Lioneye Jewel, it tops you out.

Did more testing today.

https://plays.tv/s/LNU6txxbSNme >>> Shaper Vid, Chin Sol + Non-Legacy Vinktar

Excuse the random banter, just on Discord with friends


https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.0.0/AAAABAIDAQBeAO4FLQW1BiMILgiJES8UdRUgFf0WvxeWGY4ZtBqNIXYj9iSdJP0mlSpNLOktgy5TMHwx-jWSNj03TDfUOdQ_J0MxRA1HfkrITZJRR1SCVUtaUlsmW69daGHiYlpirGVNbIxuqm9XcFJ07XXLdf1293gZePl7FHvDfXV-3X8rf4B_-4RvhNmGs4bOidOMNo19jX6NgY25jb-VBZrxm42dqp63oJ-hpKOKo--kwqfUqJq0xbVItfK3trvjvTa-p8EzwaDC7MSix53I8Mqp02_TftQj1ELYvdrB3Q3h2-dU6ZjqYutj7T_tg-4O73rxbfaj_W7-uv7I_xD_3g==?accountName=_Saranghaeyo_&characterName=Sarangeul >> Level 95 Tree

Basically trimmed a little bit, got more Crit, and then took Arcane Chemistry for more Flask Charges interaction with this belt:

Should make Non-Legacy Vinktar pretty comfortable.

Note that the video was shot with a +2 LA helm, which means that my TS/Barrage didn't get any helm enchants to help them out.

Feels pretty comfortable. Back to work tomorrow, will test more when I can.

Things are being delayed a shitload because for every new character I reactivate in Standard I have to play through all the quests again.

Pantheon System currently the Physical Damage Reduction one (great synergy since you already got Elemental Flasks) + Reduced Reflected Damage Taken one

Haven't found a Divine Vessel yet

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