Developer Interview - Jasper - 3D Artist

Congratulations Jasper, your art has always amazed me when I've seen it, and in continuation of that trend, those helmet MTX look gruesomely awesome too.
Keep up the good work.

Any chance we can get an idea of how many different projects (in the game) you work on at the same time, and if you draw inspiration from any unusual aspects.
So the evil incarnate behind some of the 1 billion particles 3d models that clog the game is named Jasper. :D
Extremely nice high poly models, however, I would love to know the vertice count on each and rendering cost after textured and imported.

(edited) Just checked some sources, that center model with roses and ivy would bring appx 900.00 usd on market BTW !!! Ya got some skillzzzz !!!
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cool read.

ps I want pillar of the caged god 3d art asap (not the race reward)
That Necromancer is still... stunning.

Is that Ivy with rose blossoms? Oh well, variety rules :)
Will those mtx include the skull or the actual character head? (I'd prefer the latter, although it's a lot harder to do)

Edit regarding the steampunk head:
(I like if things *could* be real ;))
Those gears look like the eye-thingy could be rotated. In order to do that, it has to extend a bit to the front, to get past the eyebrows. You could add a simple gaiter/pipecollar(?) to the tube, as if there would be some mechanical stuff inside.

Architekturkritik, die man tatsächlich sieht!

Farin Urlaub
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Next 1k$ supporter to include irl Rhoa? *hopeful*
Stay metal. Never settle.

Lips. Hips. Dips.
Archwizard wrote:
dlrr wrote:
More skull mtxs? Urgh. Ah well.

Good interview regardless!

Skulls are good.

Nice interview.

Too much of a good thing though...

Then again, if they added a full skeleton armour mtx set, i'd buy every single skull! :D
I would love to see updated character models for the classes so many things are starting to look really great in this game, but I feel like they haven't had a chance to catch up even though they are what you look at most often.
What a humble and hard working person Jasper is. He patiently achieved his dream step by step.

Always amazing reading these reminders that GGG was and still is a "made by gamers" company
Congrats on getting your dream job. You knew what you wanted, you are good at it, you pursued it, and your hard work paid off.

If it wasn't about money or jobs, but just doing what you really like, would you rather do digital or "hands on"?

I'm horrible when it comes to art. I'm more the engineering type, with straight lines and geometric patterns. I'm also an old timer who used drafting instruments back in the day. Then when CAD came along it was too easy to take a trial-and-error approach. I never thought the designs were as good with CAD as they were when we had to plan everything in detail ahead of time.

Personally I miss drafting by hand. It was relaxing and satisfying. Doing an auxiliary view with CAD just feels like cheating. :) The finesse is just not there.

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