Developer Interview - Jasper - 3D Artist

Looks epic
Good read Jasper, well done!
GGG Gameplay Programmer
Awesome :)
I am glad to see you join the GGG team. I like the fact that you have a genuine enthusiasm for Path of Exile and have grown with the game -seen where it has been and where it has gone. I think the fact that this was concurrent with your formal game art education will give you a great perspective as you apply your creativity to the game.

I am eagerly looking forward to the artistic elements you will bring to Path of Exile. Congrats on joining the GGG team!
PoE Origins - Piety's story
Just beautiful. I wonder what plans for body armour you have in your mind.
Ah! So you're the one responsible for the destruction, and mandatory skin transfer package as a result, of my beloved rat's nest! 😉
When will we see some more 3d art for the old uniques and new meta uniques ?
Especially all the items that now have a fated version, not to mention that weapons and chest armors should have priorities over any other 3d art
YES I support the game, NO I don't agree with many GGG decisions

Lab still sucks balls.

I miss Zana already.
OMG gimmeh that rhoa statue ! :D
IGN: eLguL
Another awesome dude at GGG! Heyho Jazzo; looking forward to all the awesome new MTX and Unique 3D arts :)

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