Developer Interview - Jasper - 3D Artist

More skull mtxs? Urgh. Ah well.

Good interview regardless!
Awesome stuff, hope we get more of these dev interview's.
enjoyed the read, all the best and keep up the good work ;-)
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Hey Jasper could you bother the progremmers and tell them to let us put as many MTX as we want in the same slot?
I would love to use that cibra with those roses.
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I wish we have a design an mtx option :D
That new monster looks awesome. I really dig this guy's work. Back to the original creepy stuff, more like this plz!!!
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
Wow those helmet mtx's are shweeeet.

This is why i love GGG. Please do more stuff like this. Its nice to see im suppoeting another 22 yr old guy like me chase his dreams. This kinda stuff makes me want to buy MTXs.(im definitely buying those helmet mtx)

Glad youre on the team jasper, youre a talented dude
dlrr wrote:
More skull mtxs? Urgh. Ah well.

Good interview regardless!

Skulls are good.

Nice interview.
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awesome !
Bad Seed
Vektalo wrote:
thanks Jasper, you are the best ^^

He is not best, he is a beast! Nice work.
Alt Art items as League MTX - When?

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