Mechanical Questions Thread

Hi Mark,

I am curious as to get some clarification on a few mechanics, mostly brought on by 3.0 and the introduction of the Pantheon system.

1) Does reflected damage you take count as taking a "hit" in all cases?

2) Does damage you cause to yourself via reflect proc "Savage Hit" in case of the Berserker?

3) If the reflect damage is caused by a skill which chains, such as Magma Orb, do you thus avoid the reflected damage when you have "Avoid projectiles that have chained" from the Soul of Lunaris?

4) Similar to #3, if reflect damage is caused by an area-based spell or skill, does the Soul of Solaris "20% chance to take 50% less area damage from hits" apply to that reflected damage?

how do ailment mechanics interact with gems and other effects that rely on "killing"

for example the onslaught gem grants onslaught "on dealing a killing blow" does this include deaths caused by ailments (poison, burning, etc) caused by that hit?

another example would be ice bite gem, grants frenzy charges "on killing a frozen enemy" this description seems a little more vague would that include frozen enemies killed by poison or burn damage?

Hi question about scorching Ray interacting with patient reaper. Is it supposed to not trigger the 70% Mana and life regeneration. If so why is that so? The skill is a DoT so I figured it would proc it.
Hi question about scorching Ray interacting with patient reaper. Is it supposed to not trigger the 70% Mana and life regeneration. If so why is that so? The skill is a DoT so I figured it would proc it.
I have an idea for 100% automatic immortal call uptime.

1. Romira's banquet to gain a power charge on non critical strike plus resolute techniques, so you always gain a power charge on hit.
2. Voll's devotion to gain an endurance charge whenever a power charge is consumed.
3. Tulfall or Malachai's Loop to loose all power charges when reaching maximum (so you can always gain power charges).
4. 2 powerlessness jewels to set maximum power charges to 1. Therefore, you're always gaining and then losing a power charge on hit, and thus always gaining an endurance charge on hit. You'll need 4 powerlessness jewels if you choose to use Malachai's loop.
4. A channeling spell that can hit 8 times within 3 seconds (I don't think this is hard to achieve).
5. Cast while channeling immortal call.


After the 3 second cooldown of immortal call, you'll have enough endurance charges to boost its effective time to 3 seconds again when cast while channeling will next trigger it. So that's 100% automatic uptime of immortal call.

This is just an idea, but does it seem sound?

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Ornuth wrote:
Hi question about scorching Ray interacting with patient reaper. Is it supposed to not trigger the 70% Mana and life regeneration. If so why is that so? The skill is a DoT so I figured it would proc it.

Recovery Rate doesn't show up on the Character sheet for Regen, but it works fine.

TripleSmile wrote:
1.1 Spell totem casting Dark pact would calculate damage based on totem life?
2.1 Would [x% More Damage] work with a Spell Totem + Dark Pact setup?
2.2 Hits define damage of Ailments (Poison), if it says "with Hits and Ailments" does it mean it would make initial hit bigger which would make higher damage Ailment which would be then scaled by another multiplier overall granting (1-1.95)^2 multi on damage output?

3 Does hit multiplier with poison stacks on enemies from Vile Toxins Support make initial hits generate higher damage Ailments? (does it scale both the hit and the damage over time (we are excluding more poison multiplier here))?

1. Yes.
2.1. Yes.
2.2. No. Poison is based on Base Damage, not total Damage. Only flat values count.
3. No, same as 2.2.
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Hello, i would like to know why chieftain ascendancy Tukohama, War's Herald + Eye of Innocence necklace interaction has been changed.

You showcased this build on your youtube channel awhile back in a video called: Build of the Week S06E08: russellhentz's Ranged Attack Totem Tactical Nuke

In 3.0 a totem igniting an enemy does not proc the ascendancy reflect like it used to, effectively making the build useless. Is this an intended change?

The build was awesome, not the best or the fastest, but fun to play and i really would like to see it work once again.
Hello! I would like receive answers to questions regarding the new skill Charged Dash. I researched for them, but did non find anything. So the questions are:
1. In the character screen, when i chose the skill, it says i do 5.24 attacks per second, but how to understand how many attacks i really do within one use (une use is one second or more?)? I understand it can differ, but how many attacks i do at maximum distance?
2. Does it make sense to maximize the attack speed as much as possible hoping to get more attacks per use?
3. How to calculate the area of effect of the skill? With other skills it is much easier, since you see the animation. However, here i just see the specters and not the real AoE.
4. How much the AoE increases at maximum distance?
5. How much can the attacks overlap? Can i get like 3, 4 overlaps, or only 2? Does it make sense to use increased area of effect support hoping on more overlaps? And on the other hand does it make sense to swap increased area of effect support with the concentrated effect support versus single-target enemy?

Looking for answers, thank you in advance :)
Guys i have a problem with changing instances once i tre to portal to town or switch a map i crash
is there somthing that i can adjust to make things better ,i ve deleted the game and install it again and nothing
Pls help i love the game and i invested a lot of time and money

I have a cast while channeling question.

Let's say I have 2 trigger spells, so cwc will cycle between the two. But one of the spells has a cooldown. Will cwc skip over that spell while it's on cooldown and try to cast the next spell, or will it not skip over it and simply do nothing for that current trigger?


I got a piece of equipment with the right links to test it on my own. It turns out it will skip over the skill on cool down and cast the other skill, in case anyone was wondering.
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