[2.3] Ancestral Chieftain - Triple Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker 150K+DPS

please need critics for hc shield warchief chieftain


i beleive longevity of hc char is in takin more hp+prot\dmg nodes
am I r8?
Hey. Looks like a fun build and I'm planning on playing it in the new legacy league, but I'm wondering about that resolute technique. Is it really worth taking? You loose almost +250 crit multi from the gear.

Was thinking if you would have enough accuracy if you remove 2 points from resolute technique and the str + the major dex node, so you get 3 points back and use 2 to get prescision(templar tree) and 2 more to get versatility(Marauder tree)+the accuracy from quiver and you have nice acc roll on one of your rings.

This would leave you at: -10 str, +10 dex,+20 int,10% attack speed,60% acc rating(87% if counting quiver),8% reduced manacost, by using 1 more point.

Or would the accuracy still not be high enough and not worth because no crit strike chance on the tree? Haven't played any melee builds in few years so can't remember what kind of accuracy you need to be efficient.
First build to take me up to T15 maps with kinda budget gear (i think i spent around 20-30c total, most of it being the abyssus) so thank you for making it. Plus i love the look the quiver gives to my character :p thumbs up !

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