[2.3] Ancestral Chieftain - Triple Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker 150K+DPS

invoker232 wrote:
Can we get 4 totems if we use Tukohama fortress??

Well quiver take shield slot so no, you change one for one, but i guess it can be still better option cause of other stats, will try out.
Tukohama's Fortress is basically Skirmish, but designed specifically for this build.

It'll give you the +1 totem, a total of 1258 armor (900+358), 100 life, 40% totem damage, and 25% block chance.

The downside: No auras like Hatred and Herald of Ash, which is pretty big.

Get a Tukohama's Fortress and save it for those extra rippy maps that you can sacrifice the auras for in order to get a shitload of defenses, all while keeping triple totems.
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the blood magic rly ruin this item...

another shield solution
Good build, fairly well rounded. Just had a few issues with it myself, maybe you can help me get why you chose a few things and take a look into a few suggestions here. You have the basis for a VERY OP budget build and I myself am going to start a ancestor chief guy myself after seeing this and playing with the tree some:

1: Facebreakers are great for phys flat dmg, but why abyssus? You are using resolute tech meaning no crits ever. The only reason in that build to use a abyssus would be for the crit multi. A good high armor helm with solid resists and life could be less than 10 chaos and I feel would be more benificial than the abyssus in a flat dmg build. So why Abyssus?

2: http://poeplanner.com/AAQAAN8xPgBtxthYYz38jM_2SF8_FCDvDlBH5FFnm64-xq7E9nKprKpZ83IPZp5Y5SoTWiuj8hDM_od7IPiTGjiQVTwtg1-DzLc-_grYvTWStfJuqmSEBqD5vUrIiq-QEYLke8MaPvIvajtqHtIh8kGCB9l8FHEOPCyneGn2rkrEC2GvbGjy8B-iAASzwGY8Be98n99FRzLR6-58g6eUXl3R_ZrgRZ1TUn31r6cczitQDc3-VPJFOuH-j03jplcxnhzn9zJ82XJsbEYyCScvlG9mVBYLe7MXjM9nuX7GBCbzE6UAAAAAAA==

Not so much of a question here but a suggestion. The tree I linked above has higher base resistances, more life % gain, higher physical dmg, higher armor mitigation, and 41% more totem damage using the same skill points (well 1 more). The duelist nodes while being amazing leave out the highest powered totem node on the tree just above blood magic. The armor and life are actually better in the marauders tree and the movement penalty can be offset with a 3-5 chaos pair of moment boots, atziri's steps or movement skills while remaining unarmed.

3: A belly of the beast would be great for this if you wanted more life, as is I am assuming it checks in at just under 6k which is REALLY good for a life build a belly could ring it in at just under 7, and you can pick a 5L up fairly cheap from poe.trade.

All in all I do think it is a great build. Just add a few bells and whistles for polish bor. Keep it up.
Hey man, i was thinking about a similar build, but! with scion (hierophant + champion for the taunt and the fort) and Bringer of rain instead cuz ur totem would be on the helmet (ofc) and on helmet u got an additional totem so u ended up with 4 totems
the reason for abyssuss instead of a beefy defensive rare is that the flat phys with FB is absolutely amazing for dps boost. you wont find anything that will boost it as much. pretty much a standard helm for any FB style build
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sedateisland wrote:
the reason for abyssuss instead of a beefy defensive rare is that the flat phys with FB is absolutely amazing for dps boost. you wont find anything that will boost it as much. pretty much a standard helm for any FB style build

yep, that's right and it's not fb alone
the combo fb+skirmish makes it high

atm 130k are reached with bleed and poison from a legacy voidheart
and only due to the high flat phys from abyssus

only high-end weapons like starforge can easily have a higher dps output
with only 2 totems

high-end = expensiv and 3 x 130 = 390k tooltip dps on a very high area when dispatched
How much your Totem DPS? I don't know why my DPS with full buff is 30k...All gears of mine is the same of you. Pls help me, Tks
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how did you even get to 30k per totem?? I barely hit the 20k with all buffs.... and i even have 5l belly of the beast

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