Solaris Mystery Box Soundtrack

Great job Kamil, I love the track on the Solaris Mystery box video.

It made me buy a box for each Perandus challenge I get so far, and I'll continue doing that as long as the box is available. Got a few good deals so far, best Mystery box to date.
Awesome :D thanks for releasing the track
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It's logic that the patch will be done tomorrow not today...The patch includes not only improvements, it include the 1st april's joke too :-))
Thanks GGG and Kamil! Great track!

I'd gladly buy it as an HO background music mtx ;) (yeah I could also press "play" when I want, but that's not the same)

And BTW, the full soundtrack offered with each supporter pack is well worth it! (and: FLAC!)

(the .flac file does not have any metadata embedded (artist and such))
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Noice, 24bits and 48kHz.
Thank you!
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Wait what? People are not using .mp3 anymore? :D I am getting old i guess.
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Thank you for this track (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Thanks for the track, nice! :D
I hope the improvements of the new patch take care of the crashing on my system. (Since the info was about Windows 10 - I am running a Windows 8.1 x64 machine and have issues since 2.2 - Lab has crashed on me at least 4 times, same for using waypoints, 1 in approx 20 causes a freeze - and requires me to close PoE - sidenote, the machine has been Windows 10 for about 2 days before I reverted back to 8.1)

Also, my friend is really loving the 50 skintranfers he got from these boxes! :D

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