Solaris Mystery Box Soundtrack

To download the soundtrack, click your preferred file type: .ogg or .flac

By the way, we'd like to bring the Build of the Week series back soon! In order to do this, we need to receive more build guide submissions from the community. If you'd like to submit your build, just post a build guide for your character on the appropriate class forum on our website. We don't have any specific criteria but we'd definitely like to showcase some awesome builds that focus on making the most out of the new Ascendancy classes. Your build doesn't have the do the most damage or have the fastest clear speed, it is more important to have a dynamic combinations of skills, items, builds and game mechanics.

In other news, we plan to release the 2.2.1e patch tomorrow. While it's small patch, the memory-related performance improvements that it includes should have a big effect. There's more to come!
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