Solaris Mystery Box Soundtrack

Thank you for sharing the sountrack extra! And I love BotW so thanks for bringing that back too!
Melody is nice, but the sound? Come on, guys. Take a real guitar player next time and a better amp simulation for more awesomeness. :)
Build of the Week HYYYPPEEEEEEE
Good music, good work Kamil!
"What's do you what?" - Kira of the Maraketh
Woot Woot BoTW!

Suggestiong on what build to do first: *cough* totally not made by me, what are you talking about?*cough*

(Ice nova Bitterdream, so pretty nicely unique :D)
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Great Job Kamil, this track really combines a lot of what I like about your work and puts it all together! Thanks for releasing this GGG!

I think this music is quite good.
Honestly I never really listen to POE regular music because it puts me to sleep.. Lab is a step up, but still nothing that really holds my attention.
If POE had like a metal cover version then I would listen to that much more often.
Thanks a lot for this track, it's great work !

That would be an insane soundtrack for the "Uber labyrinth" if it's released (we'd like to get those lvl 75 Enchantments!).
here is the thing :F**K YOU ARE THE BEST GAME DEV EVER,,like even if the game was shit ,,(we both know its a perfect game), having the developers of the game interacting with the community , and taking notes about the feed back , makes the community happy ,, makes us feel like we matter and its not just about the money ... cheers GGG guys , u are the best :)
yea i spent 495 (50 dollars) points buying these boxes in thoughts that i could got something from the golden armor but all waht i got was sadness and 3x alabaster boots,thats how it works right ? amazing bussines...NEVER AGAIN !
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