Interview with Composer Kamil Orman-Janowski

PyknoR wrote:
Quick Q Kamil. What DAW do you use? I couldn't quite make out from the picture.

Cubase 8.5
music composer
Sapherica wrote:
is he the autor of the action's nightmare soundtrack?

when i run that map is the only moment when i turn off my own music

No, that would be Andrew_GGG.

I actually bought the axiom supporter pack because of that track. It's by far one of my favorite songs in any game. :)

Edit: @KamilOrmanJanowski: Belly of the Beast track is phenomenal also! I hate playing act 4 but when I get to that zone the music really puts me in the mood. :D
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Qiox wrote:

Saxarona wrote:
AFAIK, Dried Lake and Belly of the Beast are from Russel Walder.

Kamil did The Imperial Gardens, Sceptre of God, Daresso's Dream and a bunch of others; these are my favs.

Yeah, fixed it now.

Hey Chris, after shamefully exposing my ignorance in the Facebook post (as Kamil himself proved me wrong) I found out the tags for the Extended Digital Soundtrack (provided via Digital Downloads if you're a supporter) are WRONG.

The track for The Belly of the Beast is being tagged as if it were from Russel Walder instead. You may want to check your tags in the download section, guys.

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The soundtrack for the Belly of the Beast is absolutely amazing, I'm glad to see that you hired the man behind it and I'm sure there will be suiting music for the upcoming content!
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music in poe is amazing My favorite is music during Piety fight
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Thanks for that. I really like the PoE soundtrack. Unfortunately after many years of this game I play with the music turned off. This happens in every game.. except WoW which has entire soundtracks per zone - with a corporate budget to match.

GGG, kinda miss these fluff staff profiles that you used to do, including, imo, the mandatory desk shot.
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Welcome to NZ, Kamil.

Eager to hear some of the older tracks refreshed.
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Nice interview, I love the music in almost every zone.
Belly o/t Beast is my favorite.

It must be nice to move to NZ (although u probably miss family and friends in PL, NZ is one of the nicest countries in the world.
Not just nature, also the people and their attitude/view of life)
Thanks for the fantastic soundtrack. I'm proud of the fact that it is done by the guy from Poland.

Soundtrack in the game is very important to me so maybe someone will bring finally some kind of jukebox in the Hideout? Please ^^
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Good luck with your new life in New Zealand Kamil ! Thanks for all the contributions to POE :)
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