Interview with Composer Kamil Orman-Janowski

Kagari wrote:
I guess my favorite is the dried lake one. So powerful and it fits well with the sad/grey design of the area.

AFAIK, Dried Lake is from Russel Walder.

Kamil did The Imperial Gardens, Sceptre of God, Daresso's Dream and a bunch of others; The Belly of the beast is my fav.
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Quick Q Kamil. What DAW do you use? I couldn't quite make out from the picture.
I will write something here when I can think of something clever and amusing.
I'm in love with the highgate music. Nice to see a face of the person who made this awesome track.
While I really like Act 3X and Act 4 music, my favorite track is still Adgio Hutchings' Solaris Temple. Welcome to the team, Kamil, I can't wait to hear what lies on the Path ahead.
Thank this man for his hard work. I like this game music.
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Awesome that the company has grown to this point.
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Hideout Theme music MTX incoming!!
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the music for acton's nightmare is my favorite. It is ... very fitting.
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Qiox wrote:
Fun fact:

1st thing I do when I install and run any game for the 1st time is go into the options and disable the music. I don't think I've ever heard more than a few seconds of music in any game. The reason is quite simple. I don't hear any music track playing when I'm walking down the street so why should one be playing in a game? It just makes no sense to me. The last thing I want when I play a game is to hear music. It totally destroys immersion.

Therefore, feel free to save some money GGG and fire him!

Dumbest comment ever made.

Saxarona wrote:
AFAIK, Dried Lake and Belly of the Beast are from Russel Walder.

Kamil did The Imperial Gardens, Sceptre of God, Daresso's Dream and a bunch of others; these are my favs.

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