Interview with Composer Kamil Orman-Janowski

Soundtrack in the game is very important to me so maybe someone will bring finally some kind of jukebox in the Hideout? Please ^^

Btw why we can't have some jukebox in hideout? I really wish to change music in my h/o. That could be linked with your digital soundtrack purchased on forum eventually.

Music in the Hideouts is one of these topics, which we analyse currently :)

Kamil, I have a question, what are your favorite plug-ins to use with Cubase? :D

I have no favourite plugin. However I use a lot of kontakt and play for virtual instruments.

Grasz w PoE? Wersja PL soon?? ;)

Grywam, czesciej testowo niz po godzinach ale grywam

Won't you miss your home country? How about your family? I mean you'll probably live for quite a long time in NZ, isn't it?

yes, I hope to stay here for a long time

Thank You for Your comments and amazing feedback. I will do my best to take music to the higher level. 2016 year will be very intense. Stay tuned ;)

music composer
^ More Belly of the Beast stuff. It is a freaking masterpiece. I'd have it in my hideout as a music, if I could. :V

Tak swoją drogą, ciężko było zatrudnić się w GGG? Z tego co czytałem jest dość spory problem z zatrudnieniem się w Nowej Zelandii, ze względu na dość dziwne prawo dot. zatrudniania obcokrajowców.

Pozdrowienia z Polski! :=D
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Świetna robota! A przy okazji jakieś info na temat polskiej wersji językowej? ;)
The Aqueduct music is some of my favorite video game music ever. I'm so glad we get more from this composer!
I would love to see an interview like this with the sound effects designer too. The overall soundscape in PoE is superb.


The amount of information conveyed through sound effects is staggering, and extremely helpful.
Keep up the fantastic work Kamil!

As a sound designer and composer myself I find the compositions, transitions and themes you use to be perfect for the Path of Exile experience. I am curious which programs you use to orchestrate and compose your music, I work almost entirely electronically these days but was wondering if the GGG team and yourself have ever considered full off the floor orchestral recordings for any future pieces down the road. Would love to hear some natural strings, woods, reeds and percussion!

Thanks for the terrific soundtrack!
The adventure is not is within.
I really miss the ending credits with that rock song, which used to be playing after Dominus kill.
There is no dark, it's just absence of light.
Divine Garden and Life in Trentis are both amazing pieces. Highly recommend giving them a listen. Glad to see this amazing composer getting some community limelight.

Świetna robota!
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Why no love for One of my favourites, imho better than belly music. It has more "oomph" and that fantasy epic feeling - something most tracks lack in this game. I mean, they are good but I feel like Kamil was restricted to make a background track instead of really going all out and creating music which can overshadow the location, fight and game itself - music, which will stand up on its own.

PS: Dobra robota kurwa mać, jak PoPiS zdechnie, to wracaj do kraju :)

PS2: Thanks for this topic, actually started to listening on the music on youtube (sorry for not buying tracks :C) for a better experience.
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your music if the best i've heard on videogames, thank you very much for your art

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