[2.2] [End game] The Sundernaut. Tanky/crit juggernaut. Budget 200k dps

thanks for the reply sethbine.

regarding the second part, I realize my multistrike does not target closest mob. I will be standing next to a rare boss. After my initial strike on him, his next multistrike will somehow tend to target some white mob running towards my character even though the rare monster have not died. Of course this is not always but its quite frequent.

Am I missing something?

oops nvm
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How about atziri? Uber? Is the build viable? What kind of adjustments would you need to make?
really loving this build! ty for a great guide!
Hey Bulldozor ,

Really like the guide and looks like it will be great , is there any chance you could help me out with a passive point guide by level as I've never built a character like this before and I'm not sure which way to go first .

Thanks for the awesome guide tho great job :D


Without acuity, should I take vaal pact?

I like to change attacks sometimes when I get bored, is there others that you'd suggest swapping in?
In your opinion would it be worth getting elreon rings and aura nodes and running an extra aura? What passive would you suggest dropping?
Thanks for posting this build. I managed to get to level 96 with it in the FB SC Perandus league, currently rank 3 juggernaut. Enjoyed playing this char much more than my earthquake gladiator in SC Perandus.

@Pirt I would not bother with an extra aura. And, one source of mana leech on gear is enough to sustain sunder on a 6L, usually easiest on gloves, so probably not worth bothering over Elreon rings.

@fantasydreaming I don't have acuity or vaal pact, so I just skip/reroll any physical reflect maps. Reflect rares are pretty manageable with a little care.


EDIT: Gratz to the OP for his number 1 rank juggernaut for the FB SC Perandus league.
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Grats on the win brotha, nice guide as well. Now you got top 3 on one forum post! lol
Hey there!

Thanks a lot guys, i thoroughly enjoyed the competition.

For the Flashback league i ran a different variation of the build due to the lack of availablity of hege's the first few days of the league.
I will be updating the guide with this alternate versions as well as pros / cons.

If anyone has questions about the build you may find it easier to reach me ingame, feel free to message me whereever.

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