{3.0} Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Monster Info...[The Unofficial Minion Wiki]

I've been studied the reliquarian, as a Flame Sentinel user i've been attracted to those casters. They are not fully casters, their pattern change with the distance between them and target and will disapoint you utterly at melee range with their basic attacks. Has a really nice tankiness as their HP are higher than average, coupled with Good Damage. AI feels lazy to me, it's like they need to brace themself before combat.

Observation on abilities :

First of all their fireball:

are BIGGER and looks like they have a bigger explosion and hitbox.
do not pierce, juste multishot, 3 balls
ALWAYS apply burn or more than 90% chances.

They also use some kind of skill that makes lamp falling from the sky... i call it LAMPFALL and seems to be dealing physical damage with added fire damage or not.

It's an AOE, perhaps has a duration, is not used at longrange but more at midrange. Reminds me a lot of a Physical firestorm. The visual effect is : Create a flotting lamp in the air, the lamp wiggles a bit then falls, making an impact with a visible AOE effect.

At melee they'll use basic attacks and this MUST BE AVOIDED.

Since they are week and melee range, i advise to pair them with Good Melee Fire Ghosts. Wiker mans are perfect for to fill this role.

They can both profit from physical damage, fire damage, Burning damage, Hits damage, projectile damage area damage, Fire penetration.

Since we can't really use fast cast or fast attack, minion speed support is really good.
Also is Minion life, and Minion Damage.

I've been Using : Fire penetration, Immolate support, Minion Speed, Minion Damage and Swift affliction as it should benefit Unrighteous Fire, the LAMPFALL(not sure) and burning on their fireballs

Ultimately, the Reliquarian has a perfect harmony with Elder helmets, as they give minion life/ damage and burning damage. They have 100% efficiency with those elder affixes and should become top tier ghost with some work on them.
Question, What happens if a lot of minions with different damages hit the same monsters with poison?
they will reset one with another?

The answer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2084466
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Solaris Champions so far have been one of the best combo of clear, single target and tanking ability for me

You need to use multistrike and faster projectiles with them

Spell echo will get them to double the animate weapons they spawn, but they do not follow the spectres :(

All the attacks they do have some form of fire damage, and they all do good damage.

They pair nicely with one Wickerman, which can allow you to use immolate as a support.

They do spam a lot of fire sparks everywhere if they are far away, so the screen can get really cluttered, and make it hard to see the ground.


Been also trying them together with Lunar Devotees which hang back - their proj spell can shotgun with volley

I think there is OP combo in there somewhere, if only their Ice Golems and animate weapons would follow along,

Elder helmet with Minion damage and conc effect works well with all these spectres, as every single skill they use has some form of AOE.

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So, I found this guys http://poedb.tw/us/mon.php?n=Blackguard+Stalker Blackguard Stalker, they place some traps and TP on enemies with some strange "wand" attack that can use multitrike, I'm still testing, but the damage is more or less equal Kitava's Herald.

Don't let this topic die D;
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Hey guys, i've tried many mobs as spectres but i haven't found anything better than Solar Guards for speed clrearing. My aim is to run under mov. speed flasks with spectres beaing fast enough to clear all around. Currently like 20-30% of mobs are being evaded by my spectres. Any suggestions?
This will be the first build I ran two leagues in a row, achieved 36/40 in Abyss, plan on doing the same for Beast with this build.

Hope to see some updated information for 3.2, even if it is just to mention the changes in ascendancy. I've already got my build planned and ready.
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XEdwardElricX wrote:

Hope to see some updated information for 3.2, even if it is just to mention the changes in ascendancy. I've already got my build planned and ready.

https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Character_class poe wiki already has updated info on ascendancy classes. just scroll down and u'll see all of them.

Anyone able to find Merveil's Chosen or any other mob that can cast Vulnerability?

Wiki lists the Chosen and Diabolist/Necromancer in Upper Prison but I couldn't find/desecrate either.
Omfg......how hard it was to do it normal way.
Hello guys,

after a hiatus i tried summoner again MoM + EEq + Victario/Aegis stuff . Before 3.x I have used Flame sentinels. With 3.x I like the new version of it (Infernal sent.) with its pew pew pew. It seems that GMP does not work with them tho... So is it worthy? Or incereased AoE or Controlled support would be better (if working at all) with them? So far using RS/SEcho/GMP/MDmg/ElFoc/BurnDmg gems. For any suggesting I am open up. With this setup, it looks that Solar guard totally overperform them.

But still would like to ask, if would be probably better idea to run other spectres. I guess for bosses it is TV today, I kinda liked the beach guys with torches before. But would be nice to hear your opinions + gem setups for particular summon skills. Thank you a lot. :)
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