Ascendancy Enchantments

Sadhu wrote:
mirrored items can be enchants?

Rory wrote:
diablofdb wrote:

edit: I have a question about the "on kill" effect on the gloves: are they triggerable by totems and minions?

They're currently not, but we've got a planned rework to some 'on kill' effects that will let specific stats (Including these enchantments) work with them. It wasn't ready for this expansion, but we'd like to make the change as soon as we can!

That's a little disappointing. Really hope there's at least a few useful glove mods for totem users on launch.
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Oh my, every single gem has an multiple possible enchantments? Sick !
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Enchantments are going to lead to plenty of sleepless nights...
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Now these are worth fighting for! :-D
Sadhu wrote:
Sadhu wrote:
mirrored items can be enchants?


Nah, mirrored/corrupted items can't be enchanted. Bex confirmed on reddit.
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Holy SQWEEEEeeee
What happens on vaal enchanted items ?
"Enchanting an item replaces any existing implicits, including previous Enchantments"

I preffer corruptions on gloves and boots than those enchants that are shown so far ...


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