Ascendancy Enchantments

Wow 300, the grind will never end... Good thing I love roguelikes :D
Do we know how the enchanting process will work?

I'm curious as to whether we'll be able to see the enchantment before we commit to it.

Also, can we repeatedly clear the labyrinth to keep trying for new enchantments? Or is it limited to one shot per difficulty per character? If so, can we overwrite an enchantment we don't like with a new one on the same piece of gear?
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My brain just melted into a mush of hype. It's a miracle I can still type.
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so do we get to chose what enchant we apply or is it random
such a nice temporary buffs and sooo much more to farm lol
Keep up the awesome works dudes!
Those helm enchants will be fun to try to craft the perfect skill-specific helm :D
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Enchantments remind me of Diablo 2s Ormus chest

precise skill oriented buff

me like it
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As a totem user all of the on hit and on kill effects for gloves = :(

Also, the helmet grind seems excessive.
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I don't get it though. There are a lot of enchantments you say, but are they random? If so, that's quite costly, since you only get 3 enchantments, one at the end of the Labyrinth. Unless ofcourse, you can farm the Labyrinth to just to farm the enchantments, but not the points to level the Ascendency classes.

Could you elaborate more please?

Thanks in advance!
very nice

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