Ascendancy Enchantments

With the start of the Ascendancy expansion on March 4th, players who complete the Lord's Labyrinth can choose to add a powerful new enchantment to one of their items. Today, we'll reveal some of the enchantments rewarded for completing the Labyrinth on Merciless difficulty.

Enchanting an item replaces any existing implicits, including previous Enchantments. They are always fixed values, so Blessed Orbs will have no effect on them. Though they share the same colours as Master Crafted implicit mods, you can have both on an item.

When you enchant your Gloves in Normal, they gain a triggered "Word" skill. It can't be modified by support gems, but has powerful effects. It can be modified by your item stats and passive tree stats. When you enchant gloves in Cruel difficulty, they gain a triggered "Edict" skill, a more powerful version of the Word skills. In Merciless, your gloves gain "Decree" skills, which are even more powerful versions of the Words and Edicts.

Here are some examples:

Decree of the Grave summons icy floating skull minions that fight for you, similar to the Raging Spirit skill. When their duration ends, the minions explode in an icy burst.

Decree of Fury hurls fiery copies of your weapon or its projectiles in a cone in front of you. The enchantment can hit enemies multiple times, inflicting heavy damage to those closest to you.

Decree of the Tempest charges you with energy. After a few seconds it detonates, dealing lightning spell damage to enemies around you. Position yourself carefully for maximum effect.
Decree of Light deals attack damage to enemies around you and creates Consecrated Ground, healing you and your allies.
When you enchant your Boots, they gain a powerful stat that only applies when you meet certain conditions. Some boot enchantments are weaker but easier to activate, while others are powerful but harder to trigger. When an enchantment says "recently", it refers to the past four seconds. This new wording is also used elsewhere in the game. Here are some examples of boot enchantments:

When you enchant your Helm, you'll gain a bonus that only applies to a specific skill. There are two or three of these skill-specific stats for every player skill, amounting to over 300 in total. Here are a few examples:
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diablofdb wrote:

edit: I have a question about the "on kill" effect on the gloves: are they triggerable by totems and minions?

They're currently not, but we've got a planned rework to some 'on kill' effects that will let specific stats (Including these enchantments) work with them. It wasn't ready for this expansion, but we'd like to make the change as soon as we can!
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TheGriz738 wrote:
Will the enchantment stack with a vaal/corruption effect?

this is also what i want to know

You can't add an enchantment to a corrupted item.
Marikhen wrote:
I have one question regarding the "Adds 44-66 fire damage if you've killed recently" boot mod.

Adds damage to what exactly?

Does it boost only attacks like virtually if not actually every non-weapon "adds damage to spells" mod in the game? Does it boost spells and attacks given that there are no limiters in the statement? What about totems, minions, and degeneration effects? I'd expect yes, no, and no but it does boost the initial, non-DoT damage from things like Fire Trap or Contagion, but the way things in this game are handled you tend to learn quickly to stop making assumptions about the mechanics.

It gets added to Attacks, Spells and Secondary damage.
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