[2.4 Video Guide] Beginners Tanky Infernal Blow Marauder Build [HC/SC]

Hi Lifting,

I really enjoy watching your videos and streams. You are a great help to the POE community.

This builds looks like it should easily be able to switched to a Duelist Slayer.

Here is a modified tree:

With the Slayer Nodes of Brutal Fervor, Impact, and Headsman.

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will this build still be useful after friday? i am new and not sure what is changing or how things are being effect by the ascension release.
What do you think about the ascendancy classes?

Would it make sense to skip the armor nodes at the beginning when choosing a Juggernaut for because of the double chest armor? Or would a berserker be better.

Or should I switch over to a Duelist Slayer?
Just wanted to drop past and say I'm loving this build, with the few spare days before Ascendancy I made this character and have leveled up him to around 58, starting to do merciless (though I may just wait for Ascendancy now so I don't burn out.)

It's a really easy and fun to play build and it's very fluid, all of the skills seem to synergize well. Great job LiftingNerdBro and thanks for all of the great content you put out to the community!

A few questions though, some people seem to ignore blood rage, which doesn't seem advised as it's the only way to build frenzy charges at this point? Why would you not take it if you take the frenzy charge nodes and the bandit reward?

Also I've taken Herald of Ash as a small buff rather than Hatred/Anger, running along side the blasphemy/warlord's setup, as I believe auras eat into mana too much for what its worth (having no reduction in reservations.) Is this advised or is it always better to use the aura because of the bigger % added from physical and just deal with the mana issues/use blood magic? There seems to be a few good alternate combinations of gems so I guess whatever works?

With Ascendancy seems like chieftan is probably the best sub-class to pick up although they all seem to have good benefits, but I'm guessing we want more fire damage as has been advised. Has anyone played the duelist setup yet?
Update 2.2
Leveling skill-tree, 25 points:

Leveling skill-tree, 53 points:

Leveling skill-tree, 80 points:

Finished build, Marauder 112 points:
actually i went to pick up the beserker tree, it looked hell of fun to pick up cloked in savagery node and then i wanted to go for crave the slaughter node. i decided to pick this since i dont have a 6l yet for the added fire damage gem and chieftain wont fit me. juggernaut would also fit but i decided for the leech stuff
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Ill update it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :)
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Look forward to the tree update! I will be creating this build on the new season!
any news on this one?
Updated. The build is pretty much the same, just stronger with the Marauder juggernaut class! :)
Weekly build guides: Youtube.com/LiftingNerdBro
Daily live streams: Twitch.tv/LiftingNerdBro
Friendly PoE community: Discord.gg/Lifting

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