[2.4 Video Guide] Beginners Tanky Infernal Blow Marauder Build [HC/SC]

Is it possible to ascend with berserker for this build?

Hello, is there anybody out there? I need help with my gear and I'm wondering which items I can improve.

Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
So I have a 6l Atziri's Disfavour, and a (non-legacy) Kaom's heart - would they be sufficient for this build? I haven't played very much in the past few years, looking to get back into the game, kind of currency poor at the moment.
is this build still viable for current patch?
Wondering this myself.
I switch to Sunder instead of Infernal Blow.
You are using Sunder with all the gems that are mentioned in the thread? I mean Sunder-Multistrike- Meele Splash- Meele Phys DMG- WED- Added Fire DMG?
Does it work on single targers like bosses? I really like Infernal Blow, but as a secondary skill i`m using Sunder and i cant decide what is better. I`m a new player and i`m not experienced enough to decide.
Wondering if this is still viable as well. I haven't played in 2-3 years, but I used to love this build and was thinking about coming back and play it again. I recall using the keystone bloodmagic on it, but appaently, people have decided to not use it anymore

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